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“Nier Automata, an action RPG with stunning graphics and a post-apocalyptic storyline, features a wide variety of weapons with unique skills, allowing for versatile and strategic gameplay, while certain weapons offer shop discounts, specific weapons like “Emile’s Head” are considered more of a collector’s item than actual weapons; fan favorites include the Phoenix weapons and Beast Lord, although Low Tier weapons do not stand out; Mid Tier weapons can be combined with others for powerful combos, and Top Tier weapons are highly versatile and useful for the hardest difficulties, such as the deadly Iron Pipe, mob destroyer Type 3 Blade, and enemy-immobilizing Type 40 Blade; the Virtuous Contract and Treaty provide a strong combo with high attack speed and Holy Blessing skill; other notable weapons include the Spear of the Usurper, Virtuous Treaty, and Demon’s Cry; the best weapon combos depend on playstyle and chip setup, while the speaker shares their own favorite combo and encourages viewers to subscribe and enjoy the game.”

Key Insights

  • Nier Automata is considered one of the greatest games ever made, an action RPG.
  • The game has stunning graphics, a post-apocalyptic storyline, and an intuitive battle system.
  • The game features a wide variety of weapons with two unique skills each.
  • Certain weapons offer shop discounts but lack consistent damage output.
  • "Emile's Head" is more of a collector's item than a weapon.
  • The Low Tier weapons don't stand out, despite having fan favorites like the Phoenix weapons and Beast Lord.
  • Mid Tier weapons have multiple uses and can be paired with other weapons for combos.
  • The top tier weapons are highly versatile and useful for the hardest difficulties.
  • The Iron Pipe is deadly with crit plus and high stun abilities.
  • The Type 3 Blade is a mob destroyer with endurance up and finish blast skills.
  • The Type 40 Blade immobilizes enemies and deals heavy damage with energy charge skill.
  • Virtuous Contract and Treaty are one of the best combos in the game, with high attack speed and Holy Blessing skill.
  • Spear of the Usurper is the only spear that made it past the low tier, with the skill Turncoat.
  • Virtuous Treaty is deadly as a primary or secondary weapon with high attack speed and Holy Blessing.
  • Demon's Cry is a versatile gauntlet weapon with Devil's Hatred skill for shockwaves.
  • Best weapon combos depend on playstyle and chip setup, but Demon's Cry with Type 3 Blade, Virtuous Contract with Virtuous Treaty, and Iron Pipe with Spear of the Usurper are recommended.
  • The speaker shares their own favorite weapon combo.
  • The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe and enjoy the game.

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Hello everyone and welcome to Who is Best, or in this case, What is Best? Today we will be examining one of the greatest games ever made, Nier Automata.

Nier Automata is an action RPG with stunning graphics, an ultra-strange post-apocalyptic storyline, and one of the most intuitive and entertaining battle systems ever created. This is mostly due to the insane variety of weapons at your disposal. Swords, greatswords, spears, gauntlets, even a rusty old pipe. Each weapon has two unique skills, and if that wasn’t enough, you can equip two of these awesome weapons, which allows for never-ending combos.

Today we will be examining these weapons and, as is the norm around here, placing them in tier lists. And don’t forget to stick around to the end of the list to hear the best weapon combos for your playthrough.

Now this is going to be tricky. The game devs at Platinum Games knew what they were doing. This game is incredibly balanced, and with the right setup, you could play through the hardest difficulty with the weakest weapons and still be a god. With that being said, we’re all about shattering dreams and making weebs cry, so let’s get to the list.

Now because there are 40 different weapons in this game, we are going to be doing this in groups. I will delve into individual weapons once we hit the top tier and god tier, but to get us started, let’s look at the crap tier. The crap tier is made up of 9 weapons, all of which serve really only one purpose.

– Eura Issue Blade
– Machine Sword
– Machine Axe
– Machine Spear
– Machine Heads

These weapons are all used primarily for shop discounts. Sure, the machine weapons have a kill meter that increases in damage as you defeat enemies, but there are still plenty of better options for you to choose from that hand out more consistent damage. The final weapon in the crap tier is also one of the last you get. Emile’s Head is more of a collector’s item than a weapon. Its insanity skill calls out attacks as you fight, which is… low tier.

Pretty much half of the weapons land on this tier, not because they’re bad, but because they have a hard time standing out from the rest. There are plenty of fan favorites on this list, like the Phoenix weapons which heal you as you attack, or the Beast Lord from the original Nier. I’m sure that some fans are going to be angry to find them here, but in the end, there are better single blades and combos past this tier. With that being said, here is the low tier.

– Beast Bane
– Phoenix Dagger
– Cruel Oath
– Iron Will
– Beast Lord
– Phoenix Sword
– Cruel Blood Oath
– Phoenix Lance
– Beast Curse
– Dragoon Lance
– Type 3 Lance
– Virtuous Dignity
– Cruel Arrogance
– Type 3 Fists
– Type 40 Fists
– Virtuous Grief
– Cruel Lament

Now if you haven’t quit out of this video yet, why don’t you hit the subscribe button for more tier lists. Also, follow me on Twitter at LowCloudAint. Now let’s get back to the list.

Mid tier. Now we are moving into weapons that don’t just have one good use, but multiple uses. Faith is a fast moving sword that can be paired with another small sword like Virtuous Treaty to make a never-ending combo that heals you. Fang of the Twins paired with Cypress Stick can do some insane damage. Really, you can’t go wrong with these weapons, so here they are.

– Faith
– Fang of the Twins
– Cypress Stick
– Type 3 Fists
– Ancient Overlord
– Angel’s Folly
– the Engine Blade from Final Fantasy XV

Now we are into the most important weapons of the game. Every weapon here can serve multiple roles and can easily get you through the hardest difficulties, so without further ado, I give you the top tier.

– Iron Pipe: This short sword has crit plus and high stun abilities, making it an extremely deadly weapon. This is a great companion to any weapon combo imaginable.
– Type 3 Blade: A mob destroyer. Endurance Up gives you a significant defense boost, while Finish Blast makes an explosion every time you defeat an enemy.
– Type 40 Blade: Easily the coolest looking weapon in the game. This great sword boasts a high attack stat as well as a stun plus ability. It also has the Type 40 unique skill Energy Charge, which increases your damage after not being used for a few seconds.
– Virtuous Contract: The first weapon you get. It is one of the best small swords in the game. It has higher attack speeds and the virtuous unique skill Holy Blessing, which increases attack when you are at full HP.
– God Tier: There are three specific weapons in God Tier. They are indispensable in very hard difficulty.
– Spear of the Usurper: The only spear that made it past the low tier. It attacks ahead and has the skill Turncoat, which has a chance of turning an enemy over to your side, causing it to attack its fellow machines.
– Virtuous Treaty: High attack speed and the Holy Blessing skill make it deadly as a primary or secondary weapon.
– Demon’s Cry: This gauntlet has attack speed up and the skill Devil’s Hatred, which adds a shockwave after defeating an enemy.

As for the best weapon combos in the game, it depends heavily on playstyle and chip setup. But overall, there are three ideal setups.

1. Demon’s Cry as the primary weapon with Type 3 Blade as the secondary. This setup will annihilate mobs of enemies with shockwaves and provide increased defense and speed.
2. The original Virtuous setup with Virtuous Contract and Virtuous Treaty. As long as you keep your HP full, this setup will have the most damage output in the game, ideal for boss battles.
3. The Iron Pipe and Spear of the Usurper. Though an odd pairing, this versatile setup can take down bosses with critical hits or brainwash mobs to do your bidding.

And there’s my list. Let me know what your weapon combos are. When I beat the game the first time, I used Faith and Virtuous Contract. I loved how I literally never stopped attacking and healed all the while. But that’s enough about this. Please just enjoy watching the gorgeous Babe 2B as you subscribe.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Which is the Best Weapon in Nier Automata?’ by LOCLOUDANE RPG