Nintendo Direct September 2023 Recap: Everything Shown

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Nintendo Direct and Sony State of Play discussed, Nintendo Direct featured exciting games including Splatoon 3 expansion, Mario vs Donkey Kong co-op game, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Horizon Chase 2, Super Crazy Rhythm Castle, Spy Anya Operation Memories, Super Mario RPG Remake, Another Code Recollection, Princess Peach Showtime, Saga Emerald Beyond, Tomb Raider Remastered, Detective Pikachu Returns, Trombone Champ, Battle Crush, Wartales, Contra Operation Galuga, Unicorn Overlord, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, Nintendo Museum construction, upcoming amiibos, F-Zero 99 surprise release, League of Legends spin-offs, WarioWare Move It, Eiyuden Chronicle 100 Heroes, Eastward expansion, Wargroove 2, Dave the Diver, Mario 8 Deluxe DLC, Among Us Mushroom Jungle map, and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door remake.

Key Insights

  • Nintendo Direct and Sony State of Play discussed in the video
  • Recap of games mentioned in the Nintendo Direct:
  • Splatoon 3 expansion called Side Order, with single-player content
  • New Mario vs Donkey Kong game with co-op gameplay
  • Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, a 2.5D return to form for the franchise
  • Horizon Chase 2 with improved features but previous issues
  • Super Crazy Rhythm Castle, a 4-player co-op rhythm game from Konami
  • Spy Anya Operation Memories, a cozy slice-of-life game based on an anime/manga
  • Super Mario RPG Remake with post-game features
  • Another Code Recollection, a remake of Trace Memory adventure game
  • Princess Peach Showtime with various gameplay styles
  • Saga Emerald Beyond, a new entry in Square Enix's long-running series
  • Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered with updated graphics and controls
  • Detective Pikachu Returns with special abilities from other Pokémon
  • Trombone Champ on Switch with multiplayer and motion controls
  • Battle Crush, a new upcoming MOBA
  • Wartales, a tactical RPG with 4-player co-op
  • Contra Operation Galuga, a reimagining of the original Contra game
  • Unicorn Overlord, a tactical RPG with gorgeous artwork
  • Luigi's Mansion 2 HD, a co-op remake with improved multiplayer
  • Nintendo Museum finishing construction by March 2023
  • Several upcoming amiibos, including Zelda, Ganondorf, Sora
  • F-Zero 99 surprise release as an online battle royale version of F-Zero
  • Two League of Legends spin-off games: Brandle Tale, Song of Nunu
  • WarioWare Move It, a motion-controlled WarioWare game
  • Eiyuden Chronicle 100 Heroes, spiritual successor to Suikoden
  • Eastward paid expansion called Octopia
  • Wargroove 2, a sequel to the competitive strategy game
  • Dave the Diver releasing on Switch
  • Mario 8 Deluxe final DLC wave with new characters and tracks
  • Among Us getting a new Mushroom Jungle map called The Fungal
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door remake announced for next year
  • Overall positive review of the Nintendo Direct, highlighting various exciting games

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Transcript Format:
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– The description of each game will be indented.
– The date of release will be mentioned at the end of each game description.

Here’s the formatted transcript:

– Splatoon 3 expansion called Side Order: Another look at the upcoming Splatoon 3 expansion. The expansion adds more single-player content. Coming out next spring.

– Mario vs Donkey Kong game: A new Mario vs Donkey Kong puzzle platformer game with co-op mode. Releasing on February 16th.

– Prince of Persia The Lost Crown: A 2.5D return to form for the franchise. Release date is January 18th.

– Horizon Chase 2: A sequel to the original game with improved graphics. Available now.

– Super Crazy Rhythm Castle: A quirky 4-player co-op adventure rhythm game with mini-games and classic Konami music. Launching on November 14th.

– Spy Anya Operation Memories: Based on popular anime Spy Family. A cozy slice-of-life game where you do mundane tasks. Coming out next year.

– Super Mario RPG Remake: Includes post-game features, stronger bosses, and more challenge. Releasing on November 17th.

– Another Code Recollection: Remake of the cult classic Trace Memory with sequel. Available on January 19th.

– Princess Peach Showtime: A game with different gameplay styles and various super suits for Peach. Launching on March 22nd.

– Saga Emerald Beyond: A new entry in the long-running Square Enix series with cool characters and combat. Coming out next year.

– Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered: Classic trilogy with revamped graphics and updated gameplay. Releasing on Valentine’s Day [February 14th].

– Detective Pikachu Returns: Gameplay reveals using other Pokémon’s abilities to solve cases. Launching on October 6th.

– Trombone Champ: 4-player multiplayer modes with motion control options. Available now.

– Battle Crush: Upcoming MOBA with 30-player online battles. Launching next spring with a closed beta test happening next month.

– Wartales: Tactical RPG with 4-player co-op support. It’s already available on Switch.

– Contra Operation Galuga: Reimagining of the original Contra game with new stages, weapons, characters, and co-op mode. Coming out early next year.

– Unicorn Overlord: A gorgeous tactical RPG from Vanillaware and Atlus. Launching on March 8th.

– Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD: Remake of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon with co-op for up to 4 players. Release date next summer.

– Nintendo Museum: Brief update on the upcoming museum finishing construction by March next year.

– Upcoming Amiibos: Zelda and Ganondorf from Tears of the Kingdom on November 3rd. Noah and Mio from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on January 19th. Sora from Smash Ultimate coming next year.

– F-Zero 99: Online 99 player battle royale version of F-Zero based on the SNES game. Available now for Nintendo Switch Online members.

– League of Legends spin-off games: Brandle Tale, cozy game with crafting and city building mechanics, coming next year. Song of Nunu, 3D action platforming adventure game, releasing on November 1st.

– WarioWare Move It: A new WarioWare game with an emphasis on motion control. Launching on November 3rd.

– Eiyuden Chronicle 100 Heroes: Spiritual successor to Suikoden with a graphical and gameplay style similar to the first two Suikoden games. Releasing on April 23rd.

– Eastward Octopia Expansion: Paid expansion for Eastward, a cozy farming game. Release date this holiday season.

– Wargroove 2: A console exclusive sequel to Wargroove, a competitor to Advance Wars. Coming out on October 5th.

– Dave the Diver: Indie game coming to Switch on October 26th.

– Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC: Final wave includes new track and additional characters. Available this holiday season.

– Among Us Fungal Map: Free Mushroom Jungle map update releasing in October.

– Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Remake: Remake of the beloved GameCube game, no release date announced yet.

– Overall thoughts: Solid Nintendo Direct with new game announcements, no Switch 2 news. Exciting lineup to look forward to.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Everything Shown At The Nintendo Direct September 2023 Recap’ by DadDude