No Interview Remote Jobs: Get Started Today!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘5 No Interview Remote Jobs You Can Start Today’ by Shane Hummus

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Five remote jobs: study participant, UX testing, survey caller, live chat agent, research studies; pros: flexibility, experience, earn money; cons: limited availability, communication skills, variable compensation; opportunities rated 7-9 out of 10.

Key Insights

  • The video presents five remote jobs that one can start today without the need for interviews or resumes.
  • The first job is being a study participant on, where individuals can get paid $10 to $50 per research study they complete.
  • The second job is UX testing with, where individuals can earn $5 to $90 for evaluating user experiences of different websites.
  • The third job is being a survey caller on ShiftSmart, conducting political surveys and earning around $10 per hour, with potential for bonuses.
  • The fourth job is working as a live chat agent for The Chat Shop, providing chat support for businesses and earning approximately $10 per hour.
  • The fifth job is participating in research studies on Prolific, where individuals get compensated for their opinions, but it is not a full-time income option.
  • The pros of these jobs include flexible work schedules, gaining experience, and earning money from home.
  • The cons mentioned include limited availability, the need for good communication skills, and the potential variability of compensation.

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I found five no-interview remote jobs that you can start today. And the best thing about these is you can make up to twelve hundred dollars per month.

1. Study Participant at You can be interviewed about a study and get paid for your time. For example, you can participate in food studies that take about an hour and pay $125 or studies about content collaboration software that take five minutes and pay $10. The platform pays about $10 to $50 per research study. To succeed as an interview participant, you need good communication skills, the ability to provide constructive feedback, and quality control abilities. Sign up, create a profile, apply for the studies that interest you, and follow the instructions given. Pros include gaining quality control experience, helping improve products, and good pay considering the time spent. Limited availability is a con, especially when starting. Rating: 8/10 opportunity score.

2. UX Testing with This job involves evaluating user experiences of websites. You can earn $5 to $90 per test. The pros include a flexible schedule, earning money by sharing opinions, and using it as experience for user experience or user interface jobs. Cons include varying work availability and the need to provide quality feedback to maintain a good standing. Rating: 8/10 opportunity score.

3. Survey Caller at ShiftSmart: This job involves conducting phone interviews for survey purposes, primarily focused on political surveys. You can earn about $10 per hour, with potential for bonuses. While there is no formal interview process or resume submission, you need to be comfortable with cold calling, possess strong communication and persuasion skills, and adapt to call variations. Visit their website, sign up, complete onboarding materials, and start accepting survey assignments. Pros include no formal interviews, collecting data for future resume use, and a flexible schedule. Cons involve handling rejection, requiring strong communication and persuasion skills, and variable compensation based on calls. Rating: 9/10 opportunity score.

4. Live Chat Agent at The Chat Shop: This job involves providing live chat support for businesses, interacting with customers in real-time. You earn about $10 per hour with payments every 15 days. Skills required include excellent written communication, problem-solving, and empathy for customers. Visit their website, explore job openings, and submit an application. Pros include a flexible remote job, entry-level experience with customers, training, and a range of industry clients. Cons may include handling multiple chats simultaneously, variable work hours based on clients. Rating: 9/10 opportunity score.

5. Survey Participant at Prolific: You can participate in research studies and get compensated for your opinions and time. Although not a full-time income, it offers well-compensated studies. With an average of about $12 per hour, you can contribute to various scientific research studies. Pros include the opportunity to contribute to research, flexible work, and a wide variety of studies. Cons include limited study availability and potential delays in payment processing. Rating: 7/10 opportunity score.

Check out an in-depth video about the 21 highest paying remote jobs for more details.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘5 No Interview Remote Jobs You Can Start Today’ by Shane Hummus