Notability Vs Goodnotes: 2023 Updates Comparison

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Goodnotes 6 vs. Notability (Which is better after the 2023 updates?)’ by Paperlike

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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GoodNotes 6 has a redesigned UI with a powerful search tool, AI writing aids, flashcards maker, and collaborative editing, making it a more complete and affordable note-taking app than Notability, which is simpler and more focused on quick note creation.

Key Insights

  • GoodNotes and Notability have released important updates, prompting a revisit of the comparison between the two note-taking apps.
  • GoodNotes 6 has a redesigned UI with a sidebar that includes features like search, shared documents, bookmarked note pages, and an in-app marketplace for templates and stickers.
  • Notability's UI remains similar to previous versions, with folders on the left sidebar and notes displayed on the right. It offers better access to dividers, folders, and documents on the sidebar.
  • Notability has a better search tool but it's only available with a subscription, while GoodNotes 6 provides a powerful search tool on both free and paid versions.
  • Notability is more focused on quick and simple note creation, while GoodNotes 6 offers more options and customization for organization and note creation.
  • Both apps have robust toolkits with similar tools, but Notability has unique features like a pressure-sensitive pencil tool and a tape tool, while GoodNotes 6 offers AI-powered writing aids.
  • GoodNotes 6 has unique features like flashcards maker, interactive exam practice, and AI math assistant.
  • Notability requires a subscription for iCloud sync and backup, whereas GoodNotes offers backup options without the need for a subscription.
  • GoodNotes allows collaborative editing and real-time collaboration, which is not available in Notability.
  • GoodNotes 6 offers a free trial and can be purchased with a one-time payment or via a subscription model. Notability has a free plan with limitations and a subscription plan.
  • GoodNotes 6 provides more affordability and clarity in terms of features and pricing compared to Notability.
  • GoodNotes 6 is considered more complete and offers a better overall experience, while Notability is simpler and more practical for quick note-taking.
  • Note: This transcript is very long, and some details may have been missed.

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Earlier this year, I reviewed GoodNotes and Notability and compared them to determine which one was better at that time. GoodNotes 5 ended up winning that tight battle. Today, I want to revisit this ongoing war as both apps have released significant updates. Firstly, both apps have redesigned their user interfaces (UIs) to make it easier to find and navigate through your notes. However, some things remained the same. GoodNotes 6’s UI is displayed as a list or grid and hasn’t changed much, but they have introduced a new sidebar. Notability, on the other hand, has stayed true to itself with folders on the left sidebar and notes displayed on the right.

When it comes to navigation, GoodNotes 6 requires you to open a folder to access specific notes. However, you can use the sidebar to quickly access shared or bookmarked documents. Notability’s sidebar offers better access to dividers, folders, and documents. Notability Plus users have even more sections available, such as shared, recent, favorite, and unfiled notes. GoodNotes 6 offers a powerful search tool on both the free and paid versions, whereas Notability’s search tool is only available with a subscription.

In terms of organization, Notability allows you to create folders and easily drag and drop notes between them. You can also add dividers to keep your workspace organized. GoodNotes offers even more options for organization, allowing nested folders within folders. GoodNotes 6 also has a robust search tool that can read typed and handwritten notes. Notability also has similar capabilities but requires a subscription.

Note creation is easy in both apps, with Notability providing a fast and simple process. GoodNotes 6 offers more customization and organizational features. Templates are available in both apps, but Notability offers a wider range. GoodNotes 6 also allows for custom themes, including page size adjustments, background and foreground color changes. Both apps offer robust toolkits, including pen, highlighter, eraser, lasso, and text box tools. Notability’s pencil tool

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Goodnotes 6 vs. Notability (Which is better after the 2023 updates?)’ by Paperlike