Nsp File Dumping Guide for Ryujinx and Yuzu: Transfer Switch Files to PC

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to dump .XCI and .NSP Switch files onto PC for Ryujinx or Yuzu’ by Zonic101

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
Video demonstrates PC installation of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with updates.

Key Insights

  • The video demonstrates how to install XCI and game update files for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on PC.
  • The tutorial assumes that the viewer has already installed Atmosphere and Hakate on their Nintendo Switch.
  • The tutorial starts by explaining how to access the Nintendo Switch's SD card without removing it from the console.
  • Lockpick RCM and Switch dump tools are recommended for downloading and dumping necessary files.
  • The process involves rebooting the Nintendo Switch and using Hakate home menu, USB tools, and SD card options.
  • Goldleaf is installed on the Switch for exporting firmware and updates.
  • The tutorial covers exporting updates, creating firmware folders, compressing files, and storing them safely.
  • Zudig tool is used for installing drivers, and NXADTRW POC is opened on the Switch for dumping the base game and DLC content.
  • The PC dump tool is utilized to extract game dumps and create folders for easy organization.
  • Ryujinx files are created for Ultimate, including firmware, keys, and DLC.
  • The tutorial concludes by summarizing the steps and providing a farewell message.
  • Please note that these bullet points are based solely on the provided transcript, and I cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information.

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Hello, my name is Onyx101, and today I’m going to be teaching you guys how to install XCI and game update files for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on PC. The reason why I’m demonstrating this tutorial is because I left this part out of the RyuJinx installation tutorial because the video would be too long. I thought this would be its own separate tutorial as a whole different thing because it would be too complicated to learn in one video. So without further ado, let’s get started.

If you have followed my Nintendo Switch modding guide, you will have Atmosphere and Hakate installed. First, you’re going to want to hold R on the top right of your Joy-Con and press A when opening a game. Next, you’re going to see your homebrew menu, and you’re going to want to click on USB file transfer. Once you do that, your PC should detect your Nintendo Switch when it’s plugged in.

So we’re going to open the SD card. We have access to our Nintendo Switch’s SD card without taking it out of the Switch. Now, first off, we’re going to go to the bootloader folder and the payloads folder. We’re going to download the Lockpick RCM link in the description and copy it here. Back on the SD card, we’re going to open Switch, go up a folder, and download the second link in the description, the Switch dump tool. We’re going to dump this in here. Once it’s in, inside this folder will be the NRO. Once that is done, we can head over to the Switch and press plus to exit. Then we can click on reboot to payload.

Once we do that, we’re going to hit negative. Once we are on the home menu of Hakate, we’re going to click payloads, and then we’re going to click Lockpick RCM. Once we do that, you’re going to see this very colorful menu. Once you hit the power button on your Switch, it’ll do its thing. And once it’s done, it’ll say something around like this. Once you’re done, you can hit power again and use the volume minus key to go down and click the power button to pick reboot to Hakate. Once that’s done, you will be rebooted back into this menu.

Once you are here in the Hakate home menu, you’re going to want to go to tools, USB tools, and SD card. Once you are here, we can now actually support huge files now. Now we’re going to install Goldleaf into our Switch folder, and also a link in the description. Once we have Goldleaf installed, we can exit Hakate. We’re going to go to the home page, payloads, fuse.bin. Once your Nintendo Switch is connected to the USB and everything else, you’re going to want to open Goldleaf on your Switch. You’re going to want to scroll down until you see console and Goldleaf settings. And then after that, you’re going to want to see firmware and updates. And once you’re there, you’re going to click export update. And then you’re going to click directory. And you just wait for this green bar to finish uploading.

Now that the firmware is done dumping, you can go to USB file transfer and control and for a new window, go to Switch, SD card, Switch, Goldleaf, export, update, 603. And then we’re going to go into our files and make a folder called firmware. See all of these, put them in here, and wait for this to finish up. Once it’s finished, we’re going to control A, right-click, send to compressed zip folder. Once it’s done, we can rename this to firmware 16.0.whatever version you’re on.zip. You can delete the rest since you don’t need it anymore. After that, we’re going to just put this somewhere else for safekeeping, for example, inside the Goldleaf folder.

Once you have finished dumping all of your Goldleaf firmware, we’re going to be opening Zudig. Yes. And now on your Switch, you are going to go into a game, hold R, click A. And then once you’re in the homebrew menu, we’re going to scroll to the right and open up NXADTRW POC. And once it’s there, we’re going to see three options, but we don’t do anything yet. So first, we’re going to click options, list all devices, scroll this menu down, pick this word. We’re going to go over here and click the dropdown twice. Make sure it says Lib USB-K. Doesn’t matter what version, as long as it’s higher than this. I don’t have time to make this video. And click install driver. Don’t worry about my dogs. Now that it says our driver is successfully installed, we’re going to hit close. We’re going to hit close. And now on your Switch, you’re going to see the options of game card menu, user title menu, and system titles menu. First off, we’re going to dump our main base game. So go to game card menu, and then you’re going to see a whole lot of stuff. So next, you’re going to want to scroll all the way to the bottom and switch from your SD card to USB host. And once you do that, you’re going to want to go back up to game card XCI and wait.

Now on PC, you’re going to want to open PC dump tool, also linked in the description inside their Discord. I know that’s kind of crappy of them, but still, just go to their Discord, click the second link out below the Discord link, and it’ll take you directly to the download. We’re going to open this program. We’re going to click start server. There we go. It’s been detected. Back on your switch, we’re going to hit okay on the XCI, and now you’re going to see a menu where it says start XCI dump, and then go to start XCI dump. And if you’d look on your PC, you can see that the entire game dump is being extracted to your desktop.

Now that this is done, we can see that on our desktop, the NX dump tool folder should be here, and a game card folder should be here, and you have your base game set. And if you expand it, it should say V1 or V0. You can remove all this mumbo jumbo name nonsense. You can just name it that. And we’re going to back up a folder, go back to the dump tool. Now on switch, you’re going to see a button that says press any button to continue. Press it. We’re going to back up a folder. We’re going to back up a folder again, user titles menu, scroll down to where it says Smash Brothers, NSP dump options, dump update, and scroll all the way to the bottom, change output storage to PC, and then start NSP dump.

This should be fairly quick considering it’s a smaller file compared to Ultimate’s large 14 gigabyte folder. But if it does take a little longer, then you might as well just scroll on TikTok because why not? So that’s exactly what I’m actually going to do. I’ll see you guys in about two minutes. Now that the dump is finished, we can now go into NX dump tool, NSP. There we go. We got our update. We can rename this as well. I’m going to name this SSBUupdate. And now we can go back to the USB tool and hit B to go back up a folder, click on dump DLC, and you’re going to see all of your DLC lined up in an option between one and whatever number. You can fast scroll with the back trigger and you can lightly scroll with the front triggers. So since I haven’t dumped on my PC yet, I’m going to start dumping now.

And that was quick. So I’m just going to keep clicking R and A, R and A, and dang, I already lost track of how many. Fastest method I just discovered is pressing the trigger twice and then A. And final one. There we go. Now we can back out, back out again, back out again, back out again, and press plus to exit. We are fully done extracting our game dump for every single DLC that I currently own,

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to dump .XCI and .NSP Switch files onto PC for Ryujinx or Yuzu’ by Zonic101