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This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Virtual Vending Machine | Amazon Affiliate Virtual Vending Machine’ by iMotion Media

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
Virtual vending machines sell items via QR codes on a TV screen, linking to an e-commerce platform, delivering products after purchase and possibly using an Amazon affiliate link, benefiting businesses with long waiting times, requiring basic Photoshop skills, and no inventory.

Key Insights

  • Virtual vending machines allow selling items through QR codes displayed on a TV screen.
  • Traditional vending machines have limitations in size and carrying capacity.
  • QR codes are linked to an e-commerce platform where clients can make purchases.
  • After the purchase, the product is drop-shipped directly to the client's door.
  • The item sold can be linked to an Amazon affiliate link to collect a percentage of the sale.
  • Finding safe high-traffic locations to install TV screens is crucial for success.
  • Businesses with long lineups or dwell times can benefit from this solution.
  • Basic Photoshop skills are sufficient to set up a virtual store quickly.
  • No inventory is needed as products are drop-shipped upon each sale.
  • The solution can be resold as a service to others.

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Launch your very own digital signage virtual vending machine.

Vending machines use money or credit cards to sell items to clients who wish to buy a product right away. But traditional vending machines are limited by size to what can be sold in two ways. They are not big enough to carry a lot of merchandise, and they can’t carry large items that will take up too much space.

A virtual vending machine utilizes QR codes included with each item, where clients can buy anything directly from your screen, pay for it, and the item will be drop-shipped directly to their door.

How does it work?

Simply find high-traffic locations and install a TV. Then upload products you wish to sell via our signage software to your TV. Each item will have a QR code which will be linked to an e-commerce platform. Then the client will complete the purchase the same way they would from any online store. You will receive the funds and then ship the product directly to the client. You can also link the item to your Amazon affiliate link and collect your percentage on the entire sale.

The key is finding safe high-traffic locations where you can place TV screens and monetize them. You can also supply stores who wish to make quicker sales within their establishment by using this solution. Great for businesses with long lineups or have long dwelling times, like laundromats where someone can spend an hour shopping from your virtual vending machine while waiting.

Anyone with basic Photoshop skills can set up a virtual store quick and easily. No inventory to carry, simply drop-ship after each sale you get. Set up your network of virtual vending machines and start monetizing or resell the solution as a service.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Virtual Vending Machine | Amazon Affiliate Virtual Vending Machine’ by iMotion Media