OSRS Spindel: A Complete Guide with Tips & Tricks

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Spindel – A Complete IN-DEPTH Guide (+Tips & Tricks) – OSRS’ by Tellacon

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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New boss, Spindle, in Web Chasm cave; beware PvP, bring few valuables, pay entry fee, use teleport, kill boss for peek option, dodge attacks, kill spiderlings, use melee weapons or Crow’s Bow, predictable pattern, potential for valuable loot and pet.

Key Insights

  • Spindle is a new wilderness boss in the game.
  • The boss is a solo encounter in a singles plus area where other players can attack you while fighting it.
  • PK skill prevention should be turned on and only bring 3-4 valuable items to avoid losing them.
  • Spindle is located in a cave called the Web Chasm, which can be reached from the east of Ferrox.
  • A one-click teleport is recommended when in the wilderness.
  • It costs 50,000 gp to enter the boss lair, but the fee decreases by 10,000 gp for each kill. After 5 kills, entry is free.
  • The cave entrance has a peek option, which becomes usable after killing the boss 20 times.
  • The boss fight has 4 phases: 2 ranged phases and 2 magic phases.
  • Spindle has two special attacks: a mage special attack and a ranged special attack.
  • The web attack drains run energy and causes damage, while the ranged attack spawns spiderlings that drain prayer points.
  • Spindle attacks with all three combat styles: magic, ranged, and melee.
  • The boss moves location after each phase change but only by a small distance.
  • Dodge the web attack by running three tiles away from the second projectile.
  • Killing spiderlings quickly is important. Melee weapons like Vigorous Chain Mace are viable and deal more damage.
  • Using a Crow's Bow is effective for a chill and relaxed fight.
  • No specific tips or tricks given, but the boss is simple with a predictable pattern.
  • Spindle has the potential to drop valuable loot and an attractive pet.
  • The speaker apologizes for any video or audio issues and plans to make more guides on wilderness bosses in the future.

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Hello everyone and welcome to my Spindle guide, one of the new wilderness bosses with the new update. Now Spindle is the singles plus solo version of Venenatis, which is the multi-boss found later on in the wilderness. Now I’ve had some real-life issues, including a broken computer, so my entire setup has changed. So if anyone notices any disparities in video quality, audio quality, or anything like that, please let me know in the comments because I need to fix them as soon as possible. Anyways, on to the guide.

Now, as stated, Spindle is a one-on-one boss encounter that is in a singles plus area in the wilderness, which means other players can attack you while you’re killing the boss. So to make sure you don’t lose anything valuable, make sure your PK skill prevention is on and only take 3-4 valuable items.

Spindle is located in a new cave, I believe called the Web Chasm, which is up here, and to get there, I’m just going to be running up from the east of Ferrox. So let’s go do that now. I’d also recommend a one-click teleport whenever you’re in the wilderness, so bear that in mind.

As you can see, when you get here, there will be a new cave entrance right here. Now, my energy is a little low, so I would recommend bringing a stamina. I just totally forgot. Now, there are a couple of things to go over just before we get into the boss, and that is if you right-click the cave entrance, there is a check fee option. And this is because it costs 50,000 GP to get into the boss lair. However, every kill you get reduces your next boss kill lair payout by 10,000. So if you kill 5 bosses and die to a PK’er, you can then enter the cave for free because you got 5 kills. If you got 3 kills, you’d still have to pay 20k. You can pay this from the bank, so you don’t have to bring any coins with you. As well as that, there is a peek option, but as you can see in my chat box, you cannot actually use this until you have killed the boss 20 times. So assuming you’ve killed the boss 20 times, you can peek on here and see how many people are in the cave.

Now let’s get into the boss fight. This is a good time to show if someone’s in your world, they can attack you when someone else is attacking it, you just can’t attack back. But to get out, you simply exit the cave at this end, and you are straight back where you started. And we’ve finally found a world.

Now, this is a very simple fight. It’s a 4 phase fight, and them cycles repeat themselves. We’ll go over the cycles a little bit later on, but for now, we need to go over two of its attacks. The Spindle has two special attacks. One is a mage special attack, and one is a ranged special attack.

The magic special attack is an attack that causes web to come on the floor, and if you stand in it, you take 3 damage per tick, and you get 10 run energy drain per tick. So if you don’t bring stamina pots and you are unlucky enough to fall into this trap before a PKer comes, you are not getting away. So bringing a stamina pot is highly recommended.

Its ranged special attack spawns two spiderlings, and these can be killed very easily. Every fight so far, I have always killed them in one hit. I’m not sure if that’s 100% of the time, but they are very easy to kill regardless. These spiderlings don’t hit much, but if they do get on you, they will drain prayer points with every hit, so be wary and kill them as soon as possible.

Now we understand these two special attacks, let’s move on to the actual fight and the phases within. This spell will attack with all three attack styles. It has a magic attack that looks like this, a ranged attack which looks like this, and a melee attack which looks like this. Now, if you are ranging the boss, it will never melee you unless you get into melee distance, which is just one tile for this boss, it seems. But if you are using a vigorous chain mace or another crush weapon, you will obviously get meleeed.

Now, the fight has four phases. It will always start with range, and it will do two range phases, then two magic phases. On the first ranged phase, it will spawn spiderlings, and on the first magic phase, it will spawn the webs. On the second range and second magic phase, all it does is attack you, so it’s very, very easy. On the first phase, the ranged special phase, Spindle will spawn spiderlings on basically the first attack, so make sure you are ready to kill them. However, on the magic special phase, the web attack comes on the third attack. So when it swaps over to magic, its first and second attack is just a magic attack, and its third attack is a magic attack with the webs. You’ll see this as two projectiles.

If you see the second projectile, run about three tiles away, and you will dodge the web completely. It is worth noting the web will stick around for about two phases, which means don’t stand in it or you will be in for some trouble.

Now, whenever Spindle goes to a new phase, it will actually physically move location. Sometimes it only moves a tile, and it will go into the same location, but it will always move a little bit so you will be able to see when it’s changing. Each phase is generally four attacks, so the ranged special phase comes, and then there’s four ranged attacks, and then it will move location, and then another four ranged attacks, and then it will move location and then it will do four magic attacks, but on the third, it will spawn webs, and then it will move location, and then it will do four magic attacks. Rinse and repeat.

Let’s show a full example kill in real time because it is a quick fight, and we’ll go through every single thing that we’ve just discussed. First things first, you wait for Spindle to spawn. When it spawns, you put on Protect from Range and Rigor or Eagle Eye, whatever you’ve got, and you attack the boss. Now on its first attack, it’ll spawn two spiderlings, so you have to deal with them as soon as possible, and then get straight back on the boss. After around four range hits, it’ll move location, and then it’ll do four more ranged hits. When it moves again, it’ll swap to a magic attack, so make sure to swap to Protect from Magic as soon as possible because sometimes it can be very quick. On the third attack, as you can see, it throws out an extra projectile. Now you have to run to avoid that, and then when it moves, it’ll do four more magic attacks, and then it’ll repeat.

So when it moves again, it’ll do a ranged attack and spawn spiderlings, which again, kill as soon as possible, and then it’ll move location again and do four ranged attacks. As you can see, it only moved one tile that time, so do be wary of that. Attack number four, and then it’s going to move again and do magic. And on the third hit, again, watch where my mouse is, it will throw an extra projectile, and you just move out of the way. Then it’ll move location and do four magic attacks. Then it’ll move location and do four ranged attacks with spawning spiderlings again. And it is just as easy as that, rinse and repeat until the boss is dead, and then you wait around and repeat.

When doing this boss properly, you’re going to take zero damage. But this is not the end of the guide because there are a couple of things I’d like to go over. Firstly, if you want a quick way to kill the spiderlings, you can bring a multi-hit attack like a Venator bow, chinchompers, or a barrage, but it’s not really worth it because you kill them really quick anyway before they even get to you. You’ll speed up your kills by maybe three ticks, but it is an option.

Next, if you are doing a melee method, obviously I do not showcase it in this video, but if I stand next to Spindle with the bow equipped, you can see how the melee functions. If you stand next to the boss on any phase, it will melee you, whether it’s the ranged phase or the mage phase. If you are next to it, it will attack you with melee. Because of this, a vigorous chain mace and other melee weapons are actually viable and probably more damage than the crow’s bow. The thing that you’ve got to be wary of is the magic attack, so if you’re not counting the phases properly, its third attack will still do the webs on the first magic phase, and it’s still being called a magic phase, even though it will be meleeing you. So it’ll be the third melee attack in that case, so you do have to watch

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Spindel – A Complete IN-DEPTH Guide (+Tips & Tricks) – OSRS’ by Tellacon