Overwatch 2: Official Season 9 Patch Notes Leaked!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Official Season 9 Patch Notes LEAKED! Overwatch 2’ by NoobHunter

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Overwatch’s biggest patch brings hero changes, reactions, gameplay highlights, and more.

Key Insights

  • Biggest patch ever in Overwatch
  • Changes and updates to various heroes
  • Reactions and opinions on the changes
  • Gameplay moments and highlights
  • Encouragement to read the patch notes in the description
  • Victory and defeat reactions
  • Interactions and banter between players
  • Humorous moments and funny commentary
  • Request for subscriptions and promotion of Twitch channel

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Welcome back to the Ordeal, this is Overwatch. What do you mean trolling? Bro, this is gonna be the biggest patch ever. Fuck you, Spell. Look how many changes there are. I missed a game? Oh. GG. GG. Do you think the DPS spell stacks? No, no, no, no, it doesn’t. Okay, okay, I was actually thinking if Orisa’s spear is bigger, like, this game is over. Cause it’s just too much. I mean, it’s already fucking… I can’t say. And when you get hit into a wall, you just die. Pharah, 250. Reaper, 300. Sojourn, 250. Uh, Soldier, 250. Sombra, 250. Symmetra, shields increased, so 275. Torb, 300. Tracer, 175. Widow, 200. So she only got 25. Uh, Ana, 250. Bap, 250. Travel time, predict that weapons that are shotguns, such as Roadhog scrap guns, or have a high rate of fire, such as your Mantra’s Void Accelerator, have been increased. Pharah’s rocket has been increased. Okay, so Pharah can shoot faster now. For the, they like hard reworked Pharah. Like, there goes Hanzo’s identity, man. I’ve played this hero for fucking seven. Nah, nah. No, no, no, no, no, man. What’d I tell you about this dev team, bro? Oh my god, my rush was ass. I got drones, I got drones. Yo, get this fucking bitch. Oh! Yeah, check the link below if you guys wanna read all the patch notes. Oh my god, get fucked. Yo, Suka Blyat is popping off. Kurwa, Suka. Don’t die, Junkrat. If you die, Junkrat, I will castrate you. Why, why? Okay. Oh, Let me see. Hehe! No! Whoa. You traced that ability. That’s unfortunate. Heh. You’re a joke. You’re a joke. You’re a joke. They have a chance. They literally don’t have a chance. What? Interesting. What are you giving me? Oh, so lucky. Haha! Can I boop someone here? Oh! No way. No Ana, please. Okay. Okay. I got two. That was one fight where I did this to six. You know what I’m saying? Like, I pulled my arms out. No, it’s like six. Not close. You know what I’m saying? Six. It’s like, that was you for one fight. Okay, kill the Zigg then. Kill the Zigg. Why is this, why is Hunter just screaming? Did you just hear? Yeah, you heard that, right? Pussies are really scary. Maybe that’s because you’ve never seen one. I have seen my mom’s. Okay, Lil. No, I don’t need it. I don’t punch but I will. Bruh. Those players are always so weird, man. Team, stop left. Stop saying I’m one. I might die, just die. Team, Mei’s one. Nice. Winnable still. Yeah. No, no, no. We win, we win, we win. Oh, okay. It’s just a support. It’s just a… What did I just say? Look at this spot. I mean, I’ve seen it before, but… You’re dead. Genji, Genji. Oh, there’s no way. It’s a… Okay. Wow, they patched this one. I didn’t know they did it. No! No! No. Oh my god! My D! Holy fuck! And you need to stop speaking preferably indefinitely. Dude, what’s your deal? Watch this. I gotta fucking roll out here. Oh my goodness. I’m cracked. I’m actually cracked. Junkrat training. Solid smack. Bruh. Oh, what the fuck? What the fuck? Okay, I got it. We’re one. I got D. I got mech, I got mech, I got mech. She’s up top. Fuck! For a sweet 16. Oh, we used so much. Bop. Bro. Why is she TP’ing on me? Kiriko TP’ed on him. Died. Yoink. Nice, GGs. Oh my god. Genji main plays Kiriko for the first time. What happen next will shock you. Okay. Whoa, let’s fucking go. That’s pretty smart. Instead of looting the Sojourn, goes for the Ana. Because Sojourn dies anyway. No, no. Get back. Oh. Come on. Come on. Yes, yes, yes. Okay, okay. Come on. Oh. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh, what is this angle? He’s not gonna die against Genji main. Can you even shoot anybody? Turn around, turn around, turn around. No, you can protect yourself from a headshot. Oh, oh my god. What are you doing? Oh, hell no, bro. Oh, what the hell? Yes, you have never hit top 500. Never, ever. You have had it. I have played with flats. I have played with Kefri. Again, you don’t even understand. Who gives a shit to play with me right now? Who gives a shit? Who gives a shit? You probably watch their videos. You’re slow. He’s played with Kefri. He’s played with flats. He’s the GOAT. Fucking granny. Come here, fucking dumbass mom. Come here. Come here, bitch. But like, stop it. I am the tank. I’m playing Kiriko. I am the tank. I don’t wanna hear it. Damn, man. Fuck you, Echo. Fuck you, too. Uh-oh. Uh-oh, uh-oh. Oh, no. I got him. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Oh, no. Would have been a good play, but yeah. Oh my God. That one made me cream. Can you nano me? Oh. What the fuck is happening? They trans, they trans. Okay. Ew. Wait. Okay, Knight through trans. Let’s go. Wait. Okay, holy shit. What up, motherfuckers? Mercy dead, Mercy dead, Mercy dead. Oh, Bastion dead, Bastion dead. Hanzo dead. Hanzo dead. Lucio dead. Rein dead. Reinhardt dead. He’s so happy. He’s so happy. Oh, man. What the fuck is he doing? Oh, no. No way. Nice, big, big, big. I’m on Mercy, Mercy, Mercy. Mercy first, Mercy first. Oh my God, I’m here. Oh my God. Oh my fucking God. I antied him. I antied him. You can kill him. He’s down. Holy shit. No way. Fucking. Nice. Did you guys know that Noob Hunters viewers are not subbed? Subscribe now. I hate you, Batman. Batman. Guy sucked his fucking teeth. How do I lose to Sleepy and Painbrite, bro? Bro, look at our Lucio. Our Lucio’s not trying to win. Our Lucio is the mind control by the Joker. Oh, shit. Actual Batman. Oh, I got to play the game. Let’s go, man. Let’s go. Let’s go. No! Anyway, that’s for me, boys and girls. Don’t forget to follow my Twitch link down below and I’ll see you guys later with another one.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Official Season 9 Patch Notes LEAKED! Overwatch 2’ by NoobHunter