Overwatch 2 Updates: Every Season 8 Hero Change

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Overwatch 2 – EVERY HERO CHANGE for Season 8’ by KarQ

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Season 8 introduces Mauga as the new tank with various hero changes, bug fixes, new game mode, and event.

Key Insights

  • Season 8 with Mauga as the new tank is arriving on December 5th.
  • Maximum ultimate charge preserved on hero swap is reduced from 25% to 15% to impact player behavior and counter swap advantage.
  • Doomfist's meteor strike ultimate receives a significant buff, regenerating 75 health per second and increased ultimate cost by 16%.
  • Junker Queen's scattergun spread is reduced by 8% for better effectiveness at range against small targets.
  • Mauga's base health is reduced from 500 to 350 but replaced with 150 armor. Several improvements made to his abilities, including increased damage, reduced spread, increased ammo, and reduced movement speed penalty.
  • Ramatra receives changes to his projectile size, damage, and base health to improve the balance between his forms.
  • Sigma's experimental barrier regeneration rate is reduced from 100 to 85 for more opportunities to attack him directly.
  • Winston's Tesla Cannon weapon now ignores armor damage reduction, making him more effective against tanks.
  • Mei's Endothermic Blaster's maximum ammo is reduced from 150 to 120 to limit continuous slowing of enemy targets.
  • Soldier 76's Biotic Field cooldown is increased from 15 to 18 seconds to create longer periods of vulnerability.
  • Sombra's EMP ability lockout duration is increased from 1.5 to 3 seconds, while damage is reduced from 30% to 25% of current health.
  • Torbjorn's Overload provides increased over health from 75 to 100, reverting a previous health decrease.
  • Tracer's damage is increased from 5.5 to 6 per bullet, returning to her original damage values.
  • Baptiste's Biotic Launcher primary fire ammo is reduced from 45 to 36 to limit his sustained damage output.
  • Brig's whip shot damage is reduced from 80 to 70 to balance her offense after being the best performing support hero.
  • Kiriko receives improvements to healing Ofuda projectile speed and adjustments to invulnerability duration and healing explosion.
  • Mercy's activating Valkyrie no longer disconnects Caduceus' staff from its target for smoother gameplay.
  • Bug fixes are implemented, including Sombra's virus through Baptiste's amplification matrix.
  • New reticle settings are added to various heroes with multiple weapons.
  • Holiday decorations are added to maps Pariso, New Queen Street, and Watchpoint Gibraltar.
  • New PvPvE game mode Battle of the Beasts 4v4 is introduced.
  • Winter Wonderland 2023 event with challenges and holiday skins begins on December 19th.
  • New Hero Mastery courses are available starting from January 2nd, 2024.
  • Free cosmetic drops are available on the stream at twitch.tv/carq.

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Season 8 with Mauga as the new tank is here on December 5th, but we have the patch notes a day early. Come to my stream at twitch.tv/carg for your season 8 drops and get the Echo skin for the supporter streamer program, and let’s jump into the changes for the holiday season.

Let’s start with an overall game update. They’re changing the maximum ultimate charge preserved on hero swap from 25% to 15%. It’s a big change. The devs comment that swapping heroes is fundamental to the gameplay of Overwatch, and this ultimate charge refund mechanic has done a great job of decreasing friction there. It has helped matches feel less one-sided as it functions as a soft comeback mechanic. However, it has also helped reinforce the perception that it’s almost always an advantage to counter swap upon dying, which ideally isn’t always true and requires some consideration due to how powerful ultimate abilities can be. We are reducing the amount of ult charge preserved by a significant amount in order to see if the increased cost of switching meaningfully impacts player behavior while retaining the benefits the mechanic provides.

Moving on to hero patch notes, we have tanks. Doomfist, his meteor strike ultimate now regenerates 75 health per second while in the air. You can stay in the air for a maximum of 4 seconds, so you can recover up to 300hp now. That’s a huge buff to it. However, the ultimate cost will be increased by 16%. The devs comment that one of the most effective uses for an ultimate ability like meteor strike is to save it as an escape in order to grab a health pack instead of using it against his foes. Doomfist will now recover health during the targeting phase so that it can be used more offensively.

For Junker Queen, the scattergun’s spread will be reduced by 8%. The devs comment that tightening the spread on Junker Queen’s scattergun will make it more effective at ranges against small targets and give her slightly more teamfight presence before fully committing to getting in close to the enemy team.

Mauga is here, and he was playable about a month ago, and people playtested him for about 3 days over the Blizzcon weekend, and they found out he was kinda weak. So they’ve already buffed him a significant amount. Let’s go through him. First, his base health is being reduced from 500 to 350, but instead is being replaced with 150 armor, so that goes from 0 to 150. His head hit volume, basically the hitbox around his head, is also reduced by 15%, which makes it harder for enemies to headshot you. His passive, Berserker, the overhealth conversion rate is being increased from 40% to 50%.

For the incendiary and volatile chainguns, the spread for firing both guns is being reduced by 15%. The fire rate multiplier for firing both guns at the same time is being reduced from 25% to 0%. The damage per shot is being increased from 4.5 to 5. The damage falloff range is increased from 25 to 30 meters, that means your damage won’t start scaling down until further away. The maximum ammo is also being increased from 300 to 350, and his movement speed penalty is being reduced from 20% to 15% per gun. That’s a buff, it means you can move a little bit quicker while firing. Overrun can no longer be interrupted by hack, and the damage reduction while running is increased from 30% to 50%. Finally, for his cardiac overdrive ability, the lifesteal is being increased from 60 to 70%. The devs said that we’ve got a lot of constructive feedback from players when Mauga was available to try during his free preview weekend, so we’ve adjusted his kit for his official launch to give him the ability to last longer in a fight.

For Ramatra, they’re replacing 100 of his base white health to 100 armor instead. His Void Accelerator projectile size is being increased from .075 to .10 meters. It’s thicker, it means it’s easier to hit, and its damage is being increased from 4.5 to 5 per projectile. The devs comment that Ramatra is quite powerful during his Nemesis form, though his base Omnic form may be too easy to ignore for a tank hero. We’re adding some power there to even out the tradeoffs between the two forms, with the Omnic form having better ranged damage while Nemesis form’s pummel can pierce enemy defenses.

Sigma, a slight nerf here to his experimental barrier, where the regeneration rate is being reduced from 100 to 85 health per second. The devs comment that Sigma has very effective defensive options between his Experimental Barrier and Kinetic Grasp. The barrier regeneration is being reduced in order to create more opportunity to attack Sigma directly.

For Winston, his Tesla Cannon weapon now ignores armor damage reduction. The devs comment that this is a special property for the Tesla Cannon intended to increase Winston’s effectiveness against other tanks with large armor health pools. He still won’t specialize in dealing with tanks since his singular target damage output is low, but it will be less of an extreme disadvantage.

Onto the DPS, for Mei, her Endothermic Blaster maximum ammo is being reduced from 150 to 120. The devs comment that we’re reducing the max ammo to limit how long Mei is able to continuously slow an enemy target now that the primary fire deals more damage. Good nerfs.

Soldier 76, the Biotic Field cooldown is being increased from 15 to 18 seconds. The devs comment that Soldier’s self-sustainability is potent and makes him difficult to deal with while he’s in its area. Rather than reduce its raw healing output again, we’re increasing the amount of time between consecutive uses to open up longer periods of vulnerability.

For Sombra, the EMP, big buff here where the ability lockout duration, aka the silencing part, is increased from 1.5 to 3 seconds before you can use anything. The damage is being reduced though from 30% to 25% of current health. The devs comment that the 1.5-second lockout duration originally didn’t feel impactful enough for an ultimate ability, but generally, EMP is more interesting and effective when it’s focused on the disabling aspect rather than the damage.

For Torbjorn, his Overload, the overhealth that he gets from it, is being increased from 75 to 100. The devs comment that the health decrease on Overload severely impacted Torb’s overall effectiveness, so we’re reverting that change.

For Tracer, her damage is being increased from 5.5 to 6 per bullet. The devs comment that the damage value has been changed a few times over the course of Overwatch 2 and is now back to Tracer’s original damage. It was previously adjusted due to a couple of bugs, with the pulse pistol falloff range and spread being much better than they should have.

To support, Baptiste, the Biotic Launcher primary fire ammo is being reduced from 45 to 36. That means he’s going from 15 shots to 12 shots because you shoot 3-round bursts. Quick maths. The devs comment that Baptiste has a high amount of sustained damage in addition to his various survival tools. We would prefer to keep his long cooldown abilities feeling impactful, so we’re going to be pulling back on some of his damage potential here.

Brig! The whip shot damage is being reduced from 80 to 70. The devs comment that Brig ended up being the best performing support hero in the game by a fair margin since the last patch. It’s likely a result of more than just the damage breakpoint change she received, but it was a significant increase to her offense, so we’re reverting it and will continue to evaluate further.

For Kiriko, the healing Ofuda projectile speed is being increased from 14 to 18 meters per second. The Protection Suzu invulnerability duration itself is being reduced from 0.85 to 0.65 seconds. However, the healing explosion is being increased from 40 to 80 health. The change from a few seasons ago meant that if you Suzu’d while under a negative status effect, you would heal another 30 HP, so that means your healing explosion is 80 health normally and can go up to 110 health if you Suzu a burn, poison, or an anti-nade. The devs comment that reducing the Protection Suzu invulnerability time further will help it feel less

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Overwatch 2 – EVERY HERO CHANGE for Season 8’ by KarQ