Pandabuy: Honest Review

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘PANDABUY – My Honest Review’ by Jb1kenoby

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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James and Nick unbox fake products from PandaBuy, including Jordan shoes, discussing their quality, and express interest in recommendations for further purchases.

Key Insights

  • The video features a YouTuber named James and his daughter's boyfriend, Nick, who tells James about a company called PandaBuy that sells fake products from China.
  • James spent £200 on a box from PandaBuy, his first ever delivery from them.
  • They unbox various items, including Nike socks, a Carhartt bag, and two pairs of Jordan 4 shoes.
  • They discuss the quality of the items, noting that the socks feel thinner than usual but are still good, and the Carhartt bag looks almost identical to the real one.
  • The main highlight of the unboxing is the two pairs of Jordan 4 shoes, one in Metallic Red and the other in Military Black.
  • Both pairs of shoes are fake, but they closely resemble the real ones, with minor differences in details like stitching and label placement.
  • James is satisfied with the purchase and plans to wear the fake shoes as his daily shoes, as they are much cheaper than the authentic ones.
  • They mention supporting a local shoe store called 99 Vintage in Winchester, where James buys his shoes if he can't get them at retail.
  • They clarify that they don't endorse buying fake products and emphasize that selling fakes as real is a scam.
  • They ask for recommendations from viewers about what else they should consider buying from PandaBuy.

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[00:00:00] Hello YouTube and welcome back to the channel. Now, I have Nick with me. For anyone who doesn’t know who Nick is, Nick’s actually dating my youngest daughter Leila.
[00:00:14] But he told me about this company called PandaBuy and they seem to be all over TikTok where you can get fake stuff from China. That’s right, innit?
[00:00:24] Yeah, I actually got this Barcelona top from there. So, we have my very first delivery and the reason Nick’s with me is because he’s turned me into even more of a sneak ahead than I used to be. I don’t know what you’re laughing for, it’s the cost of my fortune. So, if this box is shit, I blame him. I’ll try and get my £200 back.
[00:00:48] So, I spent £200 on this box from PandaBuy and it’s my first ever delivery from them. I don’t know what to expect. Nick’s had stuff before, so he’s…
[00:00:59] But, let’s get into the first… Actually, everything’s separately packaged.
[00:01:05] Right, so the thing Nick’s waiting to see is the two big boxes that I got, which we will… Which is that one and that one. Should we say these are the last?
[00:01:17] Yes, because we’ve got a few other little bits. It does look very dodgy, but let’s see when we open it. So, should we open this one first?
[00:01:26] Any ideas what it is? I’ve got a feeling it might be the socks. That might be the thing that they were…
[00:01:32] Yeah, this might be it. Probably are. So… What do you reckon? Socks.
[00:01:36] So, I got some Nike socks. In fact, I’ve got five pairs of white sport socks. From the package, they look quite good. We seem to go through lots and lots of socks, because either Layla steals mine, Mary steals mine… Another dog eats them. Or Kylo has a fascination with them. But I’ll tell you one thing. They’re branded. They’ve got a little silver staple holding them together, but they feel really… You wouldn’t think. It’s a bit thinner than the usual ones, but at the end of the day…
[00:02:08] I think they were… You’d only tell if you were sniffing them up close, so… I can’t remember how much they cost. I think they were less than £5 for five pairs.
[00:02:19] Yeah, exactly. And then… I ordered a few pairs of socks, because we go through sport socks a lot. Really quickly in this household. Especially with Kylo, so I’m glad he hasn’t noticed. Especially with Kylo, so I’m glad he hasn’t noticed. But I’m actually opening socks, because he’ll be here stealing them. So these are… They’ve got My Cloud Fashion written on them. I thought I ordered more than one pair. But obviously not. So these are a slightly longer sock for when I’m wearing trousers. I see what you mean, they are a little bit thinner. But they still feel really nice. I’m wearing summer right now, so you don’t need the thicker socks.
[00:03:01] No. Plus, to be fair, with the type of shoes I’ve started wearing recently… It’s nice to have a slightly thinner sock.
[00:03:09] Is this more socks? I think it is. I think it’s black socks. Because obviously when I’ve got the Funders… And occasionally when I’m wearing the Crafts, it makes more sense to be wearing black socks.
[00:03:20] So yeah, exactly the same as the sport socks, I’ve just got them in black. I’ve got three pairs of them. That’s… Essential.
[00:03:30] Yeah, the essential parts. But they were really cheap. I’ll leave a link in the description to everything I’ve bought. I’ll even leave a link to the website. Because it’s not easy finding stuff, you have to look at spreadsheets. But I believe this should be the bag I ordered. You have to do your research before you buy stuff, because otherwise you don’t know what you’re going to get.
[00:04:00] Well, you showed me this bag, you and Leyla showed me this bag in size when we were in Southampton.
[00:04:05] Yeah, I did, yeah. And I quite liked it. And it’s a Carhartt bag. And this is the exact bag you showed me. So this is one that Leyla wanted.
[00:04:15] Yeah, well, I bought the wrong one. So Nick’s already got… Well, Nick ordered the wrong bag, apparently. It’s quite nice, small, little… Go hiking.
[00:04:28] Go hiking. It feels… The weirdest thing is, is… It feels exactly the same as the one… There is no difference. There is no difference. Even the tags… I wouldn’t think this is…
[00:04:39] Yeah, everything looks good. Maybe a little bit of the stitching, or the label. I don’t know if it’s meant to be grey, but… Overall, it looks quite good. It does look really good. It feels good, too. And I think that cost me… £3? And the real one’s like £3, isn’t it?
[00:04:57] Yeah. Yeah, because we were in society the other week, when they showed me. And then it was like, oh, Nick’s ordered me this one, but it’s slightly different.
[00:05:06] Yeah

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘PANDABUY – My Honest Review’ by Jb1kenoby