Patrick Bet David’s $25M Dream Home

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Inside Patrick Bet-David’s $25 Million Dream Home’ by Valuetainment

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A tour of a resort-like house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with art pieces, spacious rooms, waterfront backyard, and upcoming events.

Key Insights

  • The video is a tour of a house located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • The house took two and a half years to plan and build, and it has a resort-like feel.
  • The house is designed for entertaining and can accommodate large parties.
  • The tour showcases various art pieces, including works by Peter Tunney and Mr. Brainwash.
  • The backyard has a fire pit, a club room, a gym, and a jacuzzi.
  • The office space is bright and well-lit, with a view of the water.
  • The master bedroom has a balcony with an ocean view and a spacious closet.
  • The bathroom features a unique bathtub with water coming from the top.
  • The backyard has a large waterfront area with 810 feet of water frontage.
  • There is a cabana, a miniature golf course, and a 165-foot dock for yachts.
  • The video mentions a business event and a birthday party planned at the house.
  • The tour concludes with a mention of a new Ferrari that the owner bought.

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I’m Patrick Bedeva, welcome to the great state of Florida. Today I’m going to give you a sneak peek, a private tour of the house. Come on in. This gives you a glimpse of what Fort Lauderdale, Florida looks like. Take a look at this, unbelievable. I think we are ready.

This is a Four Seasons inspired property, it took two and a half years to draw the plan and then two and a half years to build it out. And it feels like a resort. It’s a home, it’s an entertaining home, it gave me a feeling of both. The first time we saw this, I said, I wanted to kind of hold myself back to my wife. I’m like, listen, we don’t act too excited in front of the realtor. I walked us in. This is our house. I love this place.

Anyways, art pieces, I got a few art pieces. This is by Peter Tunney. This is custom made specifically for me. It’s what we stand for as a family, lead, respect, improve, love. Right behind you is a Mr. Brainwash piece over here. Mr. Brainwash was a protege of Banksy. Every time he does one of these pieces, I think the Banksy logo is somewhere in there. I can’t find it in this one. But I love his work. I love what he does.

Obviously, when we entertain, you open this up, you can fit, you know, we’ve entertained a lot of people. Matter of fact, we’re preparing right now for a big party. You’ll see on the other side of the tent being put together for my birthday party. We can have 100, 200, 300, 500 people here to entertain. On this side, the dining room, wine, champagne, drinks, humidor on the other side.

I saw this piece here by Mr. Brainwash when we were in San Francisco. There’s so many different things that he has in here. But again, I fell in love with this piece. On this side, you’ll see a piece by a Brazilian artist. This was a piece I bought in Miami from a art gallery. It’s Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher, two people I respect a lot. His documentary I probably watched 100 times. Matter of fact, she watched this here. Baby, can you tell everybody your name? What’s your name? Senna is your name? Senna is her name. She’s named after his last name.

This piece here, I love this piece. It was a debate between this or Peter Tunney being in the front. Peter Tunney won because he’s a close friend, and I love the fact that it’s a custom piece. But this is done by a former hedge fund manager. My brain is kind of like this, because he’s got all these mathematical formulas, and then he’s got words next to it, hustle, lust, need, trust, dream, like the dark, the positive, the imagined, and then he’s got a musical quote here.

One of the things we like about this house is the fact that once you entertain people, you got a lot of different areas. I’ll show you back here in a minute. But this area I want to focus on, by the way, you’re going to hear that sound nonstop, boats coming by, they’re flying here. First night we bought this place, I sat right here, it was 2.30 in the morning, 3 o’clock in the morning. I’m having a cigar. I’m laying out, just looking out and thinking about the last 20 years. The best conversations are when you’re talking to yourself and reflecting about how life’s been, because your life is your life. It was a very interesting moment for me.

Anyways, there’s a fire pit in the middle, so you can do marshmallow, you can do drinks, you can have a glass of whiskey with cigars, and you’re having conversations here. This place I like because we’ll sit out here, we’ll have a nice conversation, club room is right there, this whole thing opens up, and when we open this whole thing up, people are watching sports, some people are watching movies, someone’s having a drink at the bar, conversations at the bar.

This place is very special, let me explain why. You’ll go in the jacuzzi, and I’m hanging out in the jacuzzi with the kids, after the jacuzzi’s done, you take the stairs, you go upstairs, shower’s there, bedroom’s there, the office is right here. So if I want to come out and go straight to the office, I come right here, relax, re-do business, and if I need to go back upstairs, I take the stairs back up there. Very neat touch. This right here is the gym. Okay, exercising has obviously been a big part of my life, trainer will come here early, we’ll have a great workout here.

One thing you will see is you’ll see Lego all over the place in the house. This has not been opened. The reason why you see this everywhere is because kids, when we go to the store and they want to buy Lego, I buy it for them, but each one of them, they have to read a certain amount of books to open it. This is a big one. This is 40 books. So once they read the 40 books, we’re going to open this one here with Batman.

So now that you’ve seen the gym, let me show you the club room and then we’ll take a look at the office. Come on in. So one of the great things about here is, we can entertain and have 30, 40 people here. You

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Inside Patrick Bet-David’s $25 Million Dream Home’ by Valuetainment