Penis Pump Reviews: My 60-Day Journey and Wife’s Reaction

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘I Used a P* NIS Pump for 60 Days: My Results & Wife’s Reaction’ by alpha m.

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
The speaker had positive results using the Bathmate pump.

Key Insights

  • The speaker used a penis pump called Bathmate for 60 days and is giving an update on the results.
  • They had always felt insecure about the size of their genitalia and wanted to try the pump to increase its size.
  • The Bathmate pumps are reported to work by pulling extra blood into the chambers of the genitalia, resulting in stretching and increased size over time.
  • The speaker started with the Hydro model and progressed to the Hydro Max and Hydro Extreme models, noting increasing suction and better results.
  • They experienced mild bruising and swelling initially due to overuse, but learned to take it slower and use caution.
  • After consistent use, the speaker saw a significant increase in size, thickness, and length.
  • They gained an inch and a quarter in circumference and about three-quarters of an inch in length after 60 days.
  • In addition to size improvements, they also lasted longer during sexual activity and experienced firmer erections.
  • The speaker highly recommends the Bathmate pumps and believes they can change the lives of those who are insecure or wish to increase their size.
  • They advise starting slow, being careful, and following the recommended usage guidelines.
  • The Bathmate pumps are not a toy and should be approached responsibly.
  • The speaker suggests using the Hydro Extreme model for the best results.
  • They provide a special link for a discount and mention a 60-day money-back guarantee offered by Bathmate.
  • Regular use of the pump is necessary to maintain the gains achieved, similar to working out muscles in a gym.
  • The speaker plans to continue using the pump twice a week for maintenance and enjoyment.
  • They emphasize that the Bathmate pump is worth the investment for the confidence and satisfaction it provides.

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Alright honey, it’s been 60 days. What do you think of uh, what happened? It’s crazy. It is bigger like significantly It works it works it works like crazy. Yeah, is it too big? No, is it good? It’s perfect. I thought I thought I was perfect before I’m perfect now Okay, so would you recommend this to somebody out there who wants a bigger one or is insecure about the size? Yeah, if you’re insecure about it, there are things you can do. Why not try? Why not? Why not? Yeah Yeah, it’s crazy. Isn’t it? It’s nutso. It’s nutso You like it? Yes. Do you love it? Oh my god. You want more? It’s so great. It’s so great Yeah, that’s what you were saying last night What would you say is the biggest difference Big and girthy. Yeah, it’s like somebody else’s wiener Aaron, honey. Yeah You love me, but it kind of is is it like that’s weird. That’s weird. I’m just saying You have to admit it kind of it’s still your wiener But just bigger You love it You love it Big papa no big daddy Big sausage All right, I love you All right, gentlemen, so let’s talk about it It’s been officially 60 days since I started my PE journey and I wanted to come on today and basically give you a size update Tell you what i’ve actually seen after 60 days of consistent use I also need to give you a warning before you actually start using This product that I really feel like I didn’t do a great job on last time. I started talking about this So if you guys missed the first video I did talking about I started using a penis pump for 30 days I’m going to link to that video down below long story short I wanted to see if I could make my my my big out bigger because i’ve always struggled with insecurity When it comes to the size of my junk right every time i’d be with a woman i’d be weird about it I’d be insecure. I’d always be wondering even if she’s like, oh, no, it’s fine I’ve always been like insecure and wearing that like in the back of her head. She wishes it was bigger, right? Even my wife i’ve been with her for a really long time and I always think about okay I wonder if her ex-boyfriends were big like I think about that stuff and I know that i’m probably not alone And so a lot of the videos that i’ve done over the years talking about how to make it bigger Were really lifestyle modifications, right? Take l-arginine lose body fat stop smoking Don’t drink alcohol, right and all those things are great to maximize your potential But I wanted to see if these pumps that i’ve been hearing so much about actually worked or if they’re bullshit Because I think when it comes to the size of your wiener, right? There’s a lot of stuff out there that plays to your insecurity because I know that There are a lot of us out there that are definitely insecure about our size And so I started doing the research right looking at all these different PE forums. I went to reddit I went all over the place to really do my research and the product that I kept coming back to was bathmate Lots of people talking about it. Lots of people reporting amazing benefits And so I decided to actually order a bathmate. I went on I ordered the hydro extreme Which is their top of the line. I placed my order and i’m all excited But then I get an email from mike over at bathmate He’s like, hey, I just saw your order come in your name and we are huge fans of your alpha m youtube channel Would you mind if we actually sent you the other two versions? And if you try it and you actually like it, we would be happy to sponsor a video I said hell yeah, i’ll take all the penis pumps you want to send me, right? I’ll try whatever and so he also gave me a link guys. I’m gonna have a special link down below It’s bathmate slash alpha If you go through our special link You’re actually going to get a discount on whichever pump you decide to actually try the other thing I just want to mention they offer a 60 day money back guarantee No questions asked if you’re not happy after 60 days You can get your money back which means for me. It was a huge no-brainer So I get the pumps and I was literally like a kid at christmas. I was so excited to break into them I also told my wife. Hey, i’m gonna be getting a pump and I want to see if I can make my wiener bigger She’s like you don’t need to i’m like no it’s not about needing to it’s about wanting to i’m gonna do it for me And she totally gets it because you know I and she are both firm believers that if there’s something that you can do that’s gonna make you feel better and more confident You should do it My wife is a boob job, right? And it was because she wasn’t happy with the size of her boobs and so she got it and now we both are happy And apparently we’re both happy because i’ve got a bigger wiener 60 days after using this product So anyway, I decided to start at the low end and work my way up and that was with the hydro You take it in

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘I Used a P* NIS Pump for 60 Days: My Results & Wife’s Reaction’ by alpha m.