Pepe 2.0: What happened?

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘PEPE 2.0 SUSPENDED: THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED!’ by Jake Gagain

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Pepe 2.0 Twitter account suspended, reason unknown, gained attention in crypto space, similar accounts suspended before, strong community with $15M market cap, positive growth, suspension possibly due to mass reports, likely to get account back, not a scam, seeking opinions on buying/waiting.

Key Insights

  • The Pepe 2.0 Twitter account has been officially suspended.
  • The account gained a lot of attention in the crypto space.
  • The exact reason for the suspension is unknown.
  • Similar cryptocurrency accounts have been suspended before.
  • Pepe 2.0 had a strong community with 10,000 holders and a $15 million market cap.
  • The token had good messaging and effective marketing.
  • The chart for Pepe 2.0 showed positive growth.
  • Twitter may have suspended the account due to mass reports or automated bot replies.
  • The speaker believes Pepe 2.0 will likely get their Twitter account back.
  • The speaker does not think Pepe 2.0 is a scam.
  • The speaker asks for opinions on the situation and whether people are buying or waiting for the Twitter account to come back.

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All right, guys, we have some breaking news here regarding the Pepe 2.0 account. Obviously Pepe, the number one meme coin out right now. Pepe 2.0, kind of a spinoff, gained a lot of attention in the crypto space last week. That account is now suspended, officially suspended. I reported it first. I said, “What happened to the Pepe 2.0 account?” You guys can already see 30,000 views. So a lot of people are interested in this conversation. Now we don’t know exactly what happened. Twitter doesn’t just go out and make a post saying, “Hey, we suspended it for this reason.” But we do have some reasons to believe it’s similar to what we’ve seen from other cryptocurrency accounts going on. You can see it is still suspended. This happened about 12 hours ago. Rodney also reported crypto journey. Shout out to my guy, Rodney. He said, “Pepe 2.0 is trending. People are wondering what the heck happened to the Pepe account.” Before I give my thoughts on what happened, let’s take a look at the chart. Because actually, the chart’s not looking too bad. Full transparency, I don’t own any Pepe 2.0. I’ve covered it. I’ve talked about it. It has a pretty strong community. And I do like the 2.0 meta, but I don’t actually own any yet. Maybe this is my time to buy. I like to buy in the FUD events. But this token went all the way up to around a 25 plus million dollar market cap in three days, which, as you guys know, is very, very unheard of. 10,000 holders. They had good messaging, right? Pepe 2.0 had really good message. Said, “Hey, if you miss Pepe, jump on the train and get on Pepe 2.0,” which obviously was effective marketing. 10,000 holders in, I think it was like three or four days. $880,000 in liquidity and a $15 million market cap. But just look at the buys and sells. I mean, $6 million in volume for a token that’s seven days old is absolutely unheard of. Now, if you guys don’t remember, we recently saw this happen with “Explain This Bob.” Bob tweeted something out about, and for those that don’t know what “Explain This Bob” is, guys, this was an account that essentially used automated responses. So if I tweeted, “What’s the next gem?” someone would say, “Add ‘Explain This Bob.’ What is it?” And they would respond to that. So Elon Musk actually responded to the “Explain This Bob” tweet saying, “This looks like a crypto scam account. If so, it will be suspended.” Now, “Explain This Bob” was suspended. We also see that Pepe 2.0 was suspended as well. Was Pepe 2.0 using an automated bot to do replies? I don’t know. What it could be is that, that they did the same thing as “Explain This Bob,” which is an automated bot that’s going to use replies and Elon Musk and team suspends it. Or Pepe 2.0, which this could be very, very true, guys, Pepe 2.0 could have got it reported enough times that it got taken down. And sometimes on Twitter, I’ve seen that, it happened to my YouTube account, and it happens all the time. Twitter, it’s not like there’s people that are working at Twitter, right? Like they use AI, they use technology. So if Pepe 2.0 gets 100,000 people saying, “Report this for scamming, report this for something,” Twitter will take it down until they review it. So I’m confident, unless they were using bots, I mean, “Explain This Bob” still hasn’t got their Twitter account back. But I’m confident that Pepe 2.0 will get their Twitter account back. Like I said, I wasn’t following every tweet that they did, but it didn’t seem like they were doing anything wrong. I don’t think it’s a scam, right? It’s sitting at a $15 million market cap, like it hasn’t rug pulled. And even tokens that rug pulled, Elon Musk and Twitter still leaves up there. So if I had to guess, guys, it would probably be because they had mass reports for Pepe 2.0. What do you guys think about this? Are you upset with Elon Musk? Do you think it is a scam? It deserves to be off the internet, deserves to be off Twitter. And here it is, guys, $15.62 million market cap. Are you guys buying? Do you own any Pepe 2.0? Let me know in the comments. I’ll be following this story very, very closely. Is this a good buying opportunity for Pepe 2.0? Or are you waiting for the Twitter account to come back? Let me know in the comments, guys. Make sure to hit that thumbs up and subscribe to the YouTube channel. We’ll see you on the next episode.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘PEPE 2.0 SUSPENDED: THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED!’ by Jake Gagain