Pleasurable Collaboration: Venus Trine Mars

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Venus Trine Mars Synastry : Pleasurable Collaboration’ by Britney Taylor

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The Venus trine Mars in Synastry aspect is a gentle and harmonious exchange that adds compatibility and a natural flow to the relationship, allowing for easy collaboration, acceptance, and gradual development of sexual attraction between the individuals.

Key Insights

  • Venus trine Mars in Synastry is a gentle and harmonious aspect that adds compatibility to a relationship.
  • The exchange between Venus and Mars is smooth and natural, creating a great chemistry and easy flow.
  • Both individuals may become more passive in this relationship, with the Venus person naturally going along with the Mars person's lead.
  • The trine aspect doesn't create an immediate intense sexual attraction but rather a gradual realization of compatibility over time.
  • The Venus person feels turned on by the Mars person's energy, while the Mars person appreciates the Venus person's natural alignment.
  • Both individuals may be willing to please the other and go along with things easily, even if it doesn't align with their true desires.
  • The compatibility in this aspect can be too easy for some people, potentially leading to boredom for more active or assertive types.
  • This aspect is great for creative collaborations and teamwork, providing a flowing expression of each person's energies.
  • The Mars person naturally takes the lead, but there is no fighting over roles since both individuals know when to switch between active and passive.
  • The aspect is compatible for all types of relationships, particularly in love relationships where it creates steady compatibility.
  • Positive aspects between Venus and Mars indicate getting along, finding pleasure, and accepting each other's primal sides.
  • The trine aspect removes the sense of shame or rejection regarding sexual desires and allows for a free expression of love and sexuality.
  • The compatibility is influenced by the element (fire, water, air, or earth) and the houses in which Venus and Mars are placed.
  • This aspect is underrated because it is easy and not necessarily a captivating force, but it ensures sexual compatibility and getting along.
  • Over time, sparks of attraction and compatibility can develop and strengthen in this aspect.
  • The square aspect may have intense initial sparks but may reveal incompatibility, while the trine aspect builds sexual attraction gradually.
  • The speaker will cover all Venus Mars aspects and also the Venus Mars aspect in the composite chart.

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Hey loves, it’s Britt doing my Venus Mars Synastry aspect series, and in this video, I’m going to talk about what it means to have the trine between Venus and Mars in Synastry. So if your Venus is trine with someone’s Mars or vice versa.

This might be my favorite aspect of them all, although I do like all the aspects. This is probably the gentlest aspect where it’s actually so smooth and harmonious, the exchange here between Venus and Mars when they’re in trine, that you might not even notice it right away.

So this is one of the ones that really can add a level of compatibility that shows over time, where naturally, you just have a great chemistry, and the Venus person naturally goes with the Mars person’s lead in a very flowing way. They can naturally become a bit more passive in this relationship, but they both can. It can switch too, but with this one, I feel like the Venus person especially can really enjoy the Mars person’s advances or just their general energy, and then they naturally want to be like a follower, like a “me too, okay let’s go.” Like the Mars person says, “yeah let’s do this,” and the Venus person says, “wow, that would be great, that would feel great.”

So there’s just like this natural easy flow here when we have Venus, Mars, and trine. And yeah, like so much so that it’s not like the conjunction where you see each other from across the crowded room, right? I always say that, and you’re like, “oh my god, I need to just like attack this person in a sexual way.” It’s not like that with the trine. It’s more like if there’s already a relationship happening for whatever reason, as you’re interacting with them, you more and more realize like, “wow, I really enjoy this interaction.”

The Mars person feels very turned on by the Venus person and how the Venus person just naturally goes with what they are directing, and then the Venus person feels so much pleasure in the Mars person, like they just could eat them. But it’s not like that, it’s like a delicious dance here when we have this aspect.

And you know the only thing about it that could be negative here is that they both so naturally want to please the other and like you could become too passive with this one or you could naturally go along with something that maybe that wasn’t really what you wanted, but it just felt so good in the moment that you just went along with it, right?

And the other thing, like with this one is you’re very similar and you know sometimes when we’re too similar with someone or there’s this easy flow that’s just so easy for some people like that are more Aryan or Martian or Plutonian types, this could be maybe more boring than the square. Like maybe those types of people would prefer the square, the conjunction, the opposition between Venus and Mars because there’s more tension. Like if this like if they were all the aspects were a dance, this one would be like an easy, flowing slow dance or whatever, and then like the square would be like one of those, I don’t know, crazy active dances where the ones going putting her over his head and like it’s just like wow. But this one is a more easy flow, right? And so like sometimes when charts are too easy, people get bored, right? So that’s like, that would be the only negative. And maybe the other negative being that we go along with things too easily with this person because it just feels so good, it just flows. I mean, they’re, their Mars is activating your Venus, and you just want to go along with it because wow, that’s a turn-on. And then the Mars person is like, wow, that Venus person, they’ll do anything I say, and like, and so it can be too passive or too easy, right? Because it doesn’t bring up the aggressive instincts of Mars like it in the other aspects where the Mars person fully dominates or asserts over the Venus person, it’s more gentle, and it’s more just like a noticeable feeling inside where the Mars person is like, “wow, I think the Venus person could be exactly what I need sexually, but this is such a pleasant interaction, I’m not going to just act on them in that way until I know it’s, you know, other things are going on that it’s safe,” right? So, the trine doesn’t create that, like acting out of character as much like some of the other aspects would where the people just get really aggressive and like, yeah, it doesn’t create that buzz as the other aspects, it’s just a gentle easy flow. It’s great for like a creative collaboration, you really work well together if this is a business relationship. The energies flow really well, and you can accomplish a lot, and you’re really compatible creatively. You can both express yourself better together, like the Mars person can be a better version of their Mars, and the Venus person can be a better version of their Venus. And you can look at the sign in the house placement of each, you know, natal Venus and Mars, and that’s really getting up; they’re getting an easy flowing expression that they wouldn’t have without this relationship, this aspect.

So, it’s a great creative collaboration. Like that could even be the title of this video. I probably won’t put that as the title because I’ll think of something more fun and exciting, but it, it is that. It’s a creative collaboration, and that keyword, collaboration, is really a big part of it here when we have Venus Mars and trine. This is a collaboration. This is a team effort. Naturally, one person will take the passive role, and the other person will take the active role, and there will be no fighting over that. There will be no fighting over who’s who, right? That we can see in the square or even the conjunction at times. This one, we naturally know when to take the lead and when to not. And so, like it is kind of like a dance, right? Where we have a great chemistry, we have a great flow with the person, and we naturally, because with dancing, like one person’s more active, one person’s passive, it’s like the natural masculine-feminine energies, right? And that could be, and it doesn’t matter who’s who in this one so much, it’s like, I mean the Mars person is going to be naturally more of the dominant one, but like with this one, we so easily will just kind of switch and go with the flow here. It’s, it’s a very easy, harmonious one, and really good for all types of relationships. Really good for a love relationship, of course, because it’s just that steady compatibility and that ability to get along. Like Venus is a big part of getting along with someone. Like if our Venus is making harmonious aspects to someone in someone’s chart, we want to get along with them because we love them, we find pleasure in them, we find them valuable. And then when someone is making positive aspects to our Mars, we feel like we can be ourselves, we feel like we can express that natural primal side of us and be accepted. So the Mars person really feels like, you know, they can be themselves. And if it is a sexual relationship, the Mars person gets a pretty good intuitive sense that the Venus person could be exactly what they need sexually. And then it’s both ways, but especially the Mars person is feeling the more sexual response and feeling like they will be understood, they won’t be rejected, right? Like, so when we have difficult Mars aspects, there’s like a feeling of like that our desires and our instinctual sexual energy is going to be shamed or shut down by the other person. And when we have this aspect, we don’t have that sense. We know that we are the same there because the element and you want to look at the element like, so is it fire? Then we both know that our sexuality and our love expression is like this fiery burst of enthusiasm. Is it water? We both know that we can emotionally and intuitively be there and be receptive to each other. Is it air? Great flow, great communication, ideas being generated, you know, a more mental sexuality. Or is it earth? Practical, down-to-earth, we both are solid for each other, we’re both loving like that. So you look at the element, you look at the houses, you look at the natal states of each Venus and Mars here, the Venus person, the Mars person, and that’s where they’re getting a really easy and flow happening here. And a creative collaboration, which is, um, yeah, a really good aspect to have, underrated. Underrated aspect because it’s so easy, and like, yeah, it’s not the one you’re not gonna just be pulled to each other because of this. Like maybe there’s something else going on, like some Pluto stuff or whatever, that will pull you together. But then if you have this, you can be sure that you are sexually compatible, and you are able to get along because you naturally can either put your own ego aside or yeah, you have that flow between selfishness and receptiveness. And you can really get along with this one, so it’s a good one to have.

And yeah, I’m gonna do all of the Venus Mars aspects, and then I’ll do Venus Mars in the composite chart too as my first composite chart aspects because I know you guys requested that. And yeah, I’d love to hear your experiences with this one, and I do offer one-on-one sessions. My links are below, and yeah, love you guys

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Venus Trine Mars Synastry : Pleasurable Collaboration’ by Britney Taylor