Pleiadian Starseeds: A Message for All

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘A Message to All STARSEEDS from THE PLEIADIANS!’ by Will Caminada

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The Pleiadians emphasize love, expansion, fun, and gratitude in life.

Key Insights

  • The video is a channeled message from the Pleiadians.
  • The Pleiadians emphasize the importance of loving and embracing the human experience.
  • They encourage starseeds to shine their light and expand their consciousness in order to become a pathway of light for others.
  • Practicing shifting awareness from the mind to the heart is recommended, using techniques like breathing, chanting, and connecting with nature.
  • The Pleiadians emphasize the importance of having fun, not taking oneself too seriously, and enjoying life's moments.
  • They urge starseeds to embrace all aspects of their being, both physical and spiritual.
  • The video concludes with gratitude, encouragement to comment and share the message, and information about the channel's other platforms.

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Hello beautiful soul, welcome to my podcast or my YouTube channel. I’m your host and guide Will Kamenada and I’m here to help you awaken, heal and expand your consciousness.

Today I am bringing a channeled message from the Pleiadians and I’m doing something slightly different this time because I actually captured the transmission as I channeled them in my breath work practice. So you may notice that the quality of the recording is not as high quality as most of my meditations or channeled messages. You may hear me tuning in with some breaths and sounds and a slightly funny voice. And I believe you will be able to actually feel the high frequency of the transmission because it was captured at the time of it.

Whenever I channel the Pleiadians and I actually sound out or speak out loud, it’s super high frequency and always an overall uplifting vibration. So this is a message to all starseeds living on 3D earth and consciously shifting their consciousness into 5D. And as a Pleiadian myself, I recognize that sometimes living in a still dense world can feel a little bit overwhelming and tiring.

But the message that our star family brings is to basically love our human experience and all that comes with it. And the question that we can keep in mind while listening to this is what’s preventing me from fully enjoying my human experience. And you can also use this as a journal prompt if you enjoy journaling. Listen to the words of love and let your deepest emotions be revealed.

I don’t recommend listening to this while driving or performing any activity that demands your focus because the background music has theta binaural beats, which affects your state of consciousness. I do suggest that you listen to this as a meditation. You can close your eyes and just let the words touch your heart and soul. Enjoy the message from the Pleiadians.

All right, all right. We are the Pleiadians, the 90 collective Pleiadians. We greet you. We love you. We honor you. We honor your presence. We honor your being. We are grateful for this channel.

This is a message for all Pleiadian starseeds. Your time is now. Your mission is now. The mission is not as grandiose as you might think it is. More often than not, your mission is just to be the light that you are. And as you keep shining your light, expanding your consciousness, you become the pathway of light for your fellow humans. There’s nothing you can do that’s more powerful than your being right now in this present moment.

We want you to want to be here. We want to honor your presence and your physical reality and your physical being. We want you to honor your emotions. Allow yourself to feel all of the spectrum of emotions because that’s one of the parts of the experience that you’re having as a human being and that is a beautiful thing. To be able to feel, to be able to go from one state of consciousness into another through the experience of feeling your emotions. And as you feel your emotions, you are nurturing your emotional body.

As you drop in the awareness into the awareness of your heart, you are shifting your focus into the multidimensionality of your heart and into the multidimensionality of who you are. We ask you, practice shifting your awareness from your mental activity into your heart. Breathe, chant. Go out in nature. Work with your crystals and make time to connect with your heart and to connect with your soul.

And if you can’t make much sense of what’s happening, the simple act of dropping your awareness from your busy mind into your heart will allow you to become more present, will allow you to become more in touch with your soul, with the spiritual realm, with us. And as you keep practicing, you’ll notice that it won’t take too long for you to connect with your heart. You will notice that any time throughout your day, you’ll be able to just switch. Get back into your heart through your breath, through your intention.

Now we want to tell you, have fun. Have fun with it. Have fun with life. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Yes, you matter. Yes, your being is the single most important thing for you and for us. But when you laugh, when you dance like no one is watching, when you move your body, when you sing out loud, when you eat delicious, nutritious food, that’s when we become almost proud of you. And that’s when we evolve as well.

When you enjoy the present moment, when you allow yourself to feel whatever emotions come to your energetic field, and then you just allow that energy in motion to move through your body. You elevate your state of consciousness. You evolve moment by moment, and that’s what life is, a moment by moment collection.

And we’re here to assist you in your evolution as an individual, as a unique being with a unique journey and a unique blueprint. And as a collective, as this beautiful planet, mother Gaia, this goddess that we love so much, we love you so much. We want you to embrace, embrace all of who you are, the physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual, the multidimensional, the nature, the crystalline being that you are, the sound that you are, the sacred geometry that you are, the light that you are.

And how you can do that is just by being present and accepting whatever feeling, whatever experience you’re having at this moment. And make time in your day to return home to your heart, to breathe, to sound, to chant, to reflect, to be creative, to imagine, and to connect with the deepest parts of you. And we love you so very much. And we’re happy to have this connection in love, in gratitude, in joy, and in motion.

We close this transmission. Thank you for listening to this message and meditating with us today. Let me know in the comments how this experience went for you and what has been your biggest takeaway from it. Also, if you enjoy this sort of new format of channeled messages, or if you enjoy channeled messages from the Pleiadians, let me know if you would like more of these.

Don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram at Geetwill, where I guide weekly live meditations. I’m also on Insight Timer. You can find me under my name, Will Caminada. And please share this message with the starseeds, your starseed friends that will definitely resonate with this message from the Peace.

And as always, keep shining your light, keep your heart open, and let love lead the way. I love you. See you in the next episode.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘A Message to All STARSEEDS from THE PLEIADIANS!’ by Will Caminada