Pope Francis’ New Climate 10 Commandments

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘New Climate 10 Commandments?’ by Big Family Homestead

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Religious leaders unite, discuss commandments to fight climate change; warned against excessive control.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses the new climate change commandments and their origins.
  • It mentions that religious leaders, including the Pope, are involved in the movement to combat climate change.
  • A group of leaders is gathering on Mount Sinai to make a covenant to battle climate change.
  • Various religious leaders from different faiths are part of this movement, including Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, and Hindu leaders.
  • The Pope's encyclical on climate change is mentioned as a source for the 10 commandments.
  • The video summarizes some of the Pope's suggestions, such as embracing alternative energy sources, reducing pollution, using public transportation, and being humble and responsible towards the environment.
  • The video expresses concern about the potential dangers of religious and political leaders uniting.
  • It warns about the possible consequences of turning these suggestions into strict rules and regulations that people would be required to obey.
  • The video emphasizes the importance of protecting individual freedoms and pushing back against excessive control.
  • The hosts urge viewers to voice their opinions and not simply comply with these commandments without question.

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Okay, hey, hey guys, it’s Brad and Krista with the Big Famous Homestead, okay, um, a lot of people have been sending me, um, different articles on the new climate change commandments. Now you mean commandments. And I started looking into what this is, what it will be, what it does, who’s involved, and the roots of where it comes from. And we’re going to talk about that today because there’s some really important things that we need to pay attention to. And there’s also some things that you probably don’t need to get all twisted up about, but there are some very important things that will probably be towards the latter part of this conversation. And if you have information that you want to share, please do share it in the comment section down below, because this is a big topic with a lot of people involved, politicians, religious world leaders, and that’s, that’s the scary part right there. Right, right. They’re uniting under one banner. Right. Um, just FYI, if you do share something, you won’t be able to share a link, but you can share information. Just say, I saw it at this place. Right. And then they can Google it. Okay, so the climate change 10 commandments, right? Um, uh, there is a movement to be more earth friendly, more aware of climate change, and it is being led by a lot of different religious leaders. But one of the biggies is the Pope, Pope Francis. And yeah, the information is real. He did come out and do, what’s it called? An encyclical? Encyclical, yeah. And, uh, he has come out with 10 different commandments that are not really commandments in this, in the same sense as the 10 commandments in the Bible, because he’s not speaking what’s called infallibly. Um, and by just time out, just so you guys know, I’m not picking on any of these world religions. If you’re Catholic, don’t freak out. I’m not, I’m not coming up against you. You’ll hear what I’m saying. Why this is dangerous. Be patient. Yeah. This is not an anti-Catholic thing. It’s not an anti-Muslim thing. Because there’s Muslims involved. There’s Jewish people involved. There’s, uh, Buddhists. Oh yeah. Buddhist leaders. A lot of Episcopalian bishops. So it’s not anti one thing. Right. Okay. But obviously the Pope is a big voice, so he’s got a big crowd that listens. Well, yes. The Catholic church is how many billions of people in it? I don’t even know, but it’s, it’s a large church. Okay. So yeah, he’s got a lot of people listening to him. So what this is, is there’s a group of leaders that are meeting on Mount Sinai in November, if they have not already, and they’re basically kind of making a covenant of sorts to battle climate change. Okay. Now this is not actually an anti-climate change talk either. You’ll see what I’m saying. Um, in, I’m reading off a screen over here. So if you see me doing this, I’m going to, you know, this is from the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development in a, in Sinai, a prophetic call for climate justice and ceremony and repentance. So they’re meeting at Mount Sinai and they’re going to make this covenant to push a new, um, agenda that will be seeded into all of these religions via, uh, leadership in those religions. Jewish folks, uh, include Rabbi Tamar Elad, Rabbi Yuval Sherlo, Rabbi Arthur Green, Rabbi Richard Marker. There’s a bunch of them. Buddhists, um, Dr. Maria Reese Bito, uh, Ven Yong Ho Lee. Christians include, um, uh, there’s so many. There’s bishops, Bishop Mark Andrus, uh, Bishop Josiah Fearon. Yep. There’s a, um, Jesuit priest, uh, Muslims, Gran Mufi, Mufti. I’m sorry if I’m butchering these names. I’m not intending to. Mufti Mustafa Sirik. Right. In Bosnia. Even, uh, religions of India, Swamis. There’s the point is in that this is, this list is on climaterepentance.com. That’s kind of scary in itself. Um, then you have, you start looking at who these people are, like, uh, Rabbi, uh, Arthur Green. Um, he’s into Jewish mysticism. You start looking at who these people are. Neo-Hasidic. I’ve never heard that term before. Yeah. Um, the former Episcopal, uh, bishops. They’ve had some interesting lives. Uh, I’ve been looking into them. And then, then you get to, uh, the Pope. Now his encyclical was long. Very long. Very, very, very long. There is a shortened version. Okay. So if you go to the vadkin.va, um, there’s of course, then there’s this long, you know, list of things, encyclical documents, Pope Francis. Um, but if you just search on your web server, uh, the, uh, the Pope 10 commandments or something, I can’t remember what I looked up, but, uh, catholicclimatecovenant.org is where I found the encyclical. So if you go to classic, sorry, catholicclimate. No, catholicclimatecovenant.org slash slash that’s why I got, got tripped up slash encyclical. Then you will scroll down and you will find the quotations or the complete encyclical. Right. So now, um, again, this is not an anti-Catholic thing. Not at all. The dangerous part’s coming up, but this is what, um, a summary of a few of the things that the Pope had stated. Uh, what kind of role do we want to leave to those children who come to, um, come after us? Uh, embrace alternative energy sources we know that technology based on the use of high, highly polluting fossil fuels, especially coal, coal, also oil, and to a lesser degree, gas needs to be progressively replaced without delay. Um, fossil fuels, fossil fuels got to go, right. Um, considered the pollution’s effect on the poor touch the hearts of those who look only for gain at the expense of the poor and the earth. Take a bus. Many specialists agree on the need to give a priority to public transportation. Be humble. We are not God. Therefore the earth was here, um, before us and it has been given to us. Don’t become a slave to your phone. This one was an interesting one. That is interesting. Why don’t you read that one? Uh, true wisdom is not acquired by a mere accumulation of data, which eventually leads to overload and confusion. Go ahead. Uh, don’t trade online relationships for

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘New Climate 10 Commandments?’ by Big Family Homestead