PSP 2023 Upgrade: Better Than Ever

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘This New PSP Upgrade Makes It Even Better In 2023’ by Spawn Wave

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The video showcases upgrading the PSP screen to a brighter IPS screen, with easy installation and improved visuals, costing approximately $70-$80.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses a project where an upgraded screen for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) is showcased.
  • The speaker ordered a broken PSP from eBay and a new IPS screen.
  • The process of replacing the screen is described as relatively easy, involving removing screws, disconnecting ribbon cables, soldering a wire, and installing the new screen.
  • The speaker highlights that the new IPS screen is brighter and more vibrant, with reduced ghosting compared to the original screen.
  • The video emphasizes the benefits of breathing new life into older gaming systems and recommends the IPS screen upgrade for PSP fans.
  • The cost of the upgrade is estimated to be around $70 or $80, including the broken PSP and the IPS screen.
  • The video concludes by inviting viewers to share their thoughts on the IPS modification and whether they would attempt it themselves.

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Title: Upgrading the PSP with an IPS Screen – Transcript

A few weeks ago, Modern Vintage Gamer told me about a project that he was working on, and it would be for a video where he showcased the PSP, the PlayStation Portable, the original Sony handheld that came out next to the DS, and it was a really cool system then, and you know what? It’s still a cool system now, but when he told me that his video would include results from an upgrade to the screen, I was very interested in the process, being able to do it. How difficult is it exactly? So after seeing his video, which was great if you want to see what some of the results are and on a lot of the software side for the PSP, I decided to order a screen, one of these IPS replacements, and then also shop in the recycling bin, which is basically the As Is section on eBay, and pick up what’s supposed to be a broken PSP, I guess, no description with it, so that should be fun, and we’ll install this IPS screen and see exactly how difficult it is. So guys, if you enjoy these videos, make sure to hit that like button and subscribe if you’re new.

So here’s the PSP that I got, and I did pick it up on eBay, the listing was one that was selling like 8 or 9 of these things, so kind of a grab bag here, figured we’d check it out, and for the most part, it did charge completely after I plugged it in, left it charging for about an hour, turned on fine, and even around the PSP, it looks fairly good, the front part with that plastic over the screen has a pretty big scratch on it, but I do have a new front shell that I’m going to replace with anyway, so not a big deal, on the back, there’s a little scratching maybe around where that silver circle is for the UMD, otherwise though, it has the cover for the battery, the battery is a Sony battery, and it has the warranty sticker still intact, so if everything seems functional here, I may have gotten pretty lucky on this one, it is missing the thumbstick cap, once again, easy thing to pick up online for a dollar or two, and just replace it.

Anyway, after powering it on, the screen looks good, the D-pad works fine as well as all the buttons, I popped a game in, and it does seem to read, at first it was reading kind of slow, I just took some compressed air and cleaned out inside of the UMD drive area, and it read Ghost Recon no problem, so maybe it’s cosmetic flaws, maybe because that little thumbstick cap is missing, or maybe I just got lucky with this pickup, especially at the price point on this one, that’s not bad. And since all we’re really doing here is replacing the screen, getting into it is pretty easy, there’s a couple of screws on the back, we have four black screws and two silver screws, the silver screws are very important, these being under the battery, to remember where you got them from, because if you put one of the black screws where those silver screws go, the black screw will go through the back of the PSP and will actually hit your screen, breaking it obviously, so make sure you map those out, but if you forget, the silver screws here go on the inside and they would be the shorter ones. On the bottom there is one other longer silver screw, and after you remove them, the entire front of the PSP, that shell, just pulls off, at which point all we have to do is remove the bottom button board that goes along the screen, it’s kind of wedged on one side, so I’ll just kind of pry it up on the left, and then just lift it over and unclip it where that ribbon cable plugs in, the screen, similar thing, where it’s kind of wedged between some metal brackets, and once you get one side up, the whole thing pulls towards you. Then you can see the ribbon cables behind the screen, one being very very thin, the other one being much larger. The larger one is the data that goes to the LCD, and to my understanding, the thin cable is the backlight, so be careful with both of these ribbon cable plastics, because they are known to break, they’re kind of fragile, I would just basically put pressure on both sides of that larger piece, just kind of pry it up maybe with two fingernails, and it should pop up okay. As for the other one, just very carefully lift it, it kind of lifts from the opposite side of where it plugs in, and then once you remove them, go ahead and set those back down, so nothing weird happens where you accidentally clip one of them off.

Now let’s take a look at the IPS screen that we’re going to be replacing this with. This is a 4.3 inch LCD, they had two options, one was for 500 nits brightness, this one is 1000, so I did go for the one that was brighter, mostly because I wanted to see the full effect here, and what exactly we could get out of this PSP with the IPS screen. The kit basically has the screen, some terrible looking instructions, I mean

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘This New PSP Upgrade Makes It Even Better In 2023’ by Spawn Wave