Putting Yourself Out There: The Real Experience

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How it REALLY FEELS to “Put Yourself Out There”‘ by Tintin Smith

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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The speaker has been creating online content and believes in the potential of the internet for connections, opportunities, and making money, urging the audience to start with support.

Key Insights

  • The speaker has been putting themselves out on the internet for about a year with an email newsletter and for four months with YouTube videos.
  • They enjoy the process of creating content and engaging with viewers.
  • They have made interesting connections and opportunities through their online presence.
  • The speaker believes that the internet is underutilized and offers great potential for connection, opportunities, and making money.
  • Fear of judgment and failure can hold people back from putting themselves out there, but the positive aspects usually outweigh the negatives.
  • The speaker suggests starting small and not telling anyone at first to make the process less intimidating.
  • They emphasize the importance of overcoming the fear of never trying by realizing that the fear of judgment is not as significant.
  • Starting the journey of pursuing one's interests online may be stressful, but the rewards make it worth it.
  • The speaker encourages the audience to get started and promises support and encouragement.

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[00:00:00] So what actually got me over the line? What was the number one thing that made me, forced me to start pursuing things that I wanted to pursue in front of other people? And it just, it literally just boils down to this one idea, which is that.

[00:00:14] So what is it actually like to put yourself out there? This video is for anyone who is thinking of starting a blog, an email newsletter, a business, a YouTube channel, something that just might potentially open you up to judgment and criticism from the outside world.

[00:00:30] I’ve now been putting myself on the internet for about a year with this email newsletter, and then for four months with these YouTube videos. And I’ve got a bit of experience about what it actually takes to get over that hurdle, to get past the barrier, psychological barrier of putting yourself out there. And also what it is now like, like what the benefits of it are and what the disadvantages of it are. So in this video, we’re just gonna talk about those things.

[00:01:01] I know that some of you watching this want to put yourself out there and do your own thing, whatever it might be. And there’s just something holding you back. So I want to talk about all the different things that I’ve learned around this topic of putting yourself out there, which seems to be the most kind of relevant phrase, almost like appropriate phrase to describe this feeling.

[00:01:17] And I thought we would just start with what it is like for me now and how I am actually finding the process of putting myself out there. So the answer to the question, how am I finding it, is that I really enjoy it. I really do like this process where I think of something that has helped me. Then I think, okay, I’m gonna make a video about this. And then I make the video, put it on the internet and people engage with it.

[00:01:40] They either comment or they message me or they say something in real life if I know them. And I find that process really rewarding and I don’t need the comments or the feedback, but it is like nice validation. And I think that this process of kind of engaging with lots of people is just really fulfilling and it’s the stuff that I care about. It’s the stuff that I think about a lot. It’s just the things that feel really natural to me to talk about. And so that’s kind of why I want to talk about them. And I just hope that some people find them valuable and people do seem to. I just, yeah, that whole process for me is really rewarding.

[00:02:13] Then there’s all the kind of random stuff that comes your way just by nature of the fact that you’re putting stuff on the internet and the reach is kind of infinite. So the biggest example of this is my friend Ahmed, who I met because we started making YouTube videos at a similar time and we got put in touch. And then we also started making a podcast and you can check out his channel and the podcast in the video description, I’ll put the links in there. But we’re now really good friends and we talk all the time about YouTube and it’s just like an example of a connection that has come from making videos.

[00:02:44] And this is just something that’s just happened loads of times now as I’ve met

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How it REALLY FEELS to “Put Yourself Out There”‘ by Tintin Smith