Qatar vs Emirates: Which Airline Is Best?

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘EMIRATES vs QATAR vs TURKISH Economy Class | Which Airline Is Best?!’ by Nonstop Dan

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Turkish Airlines are compared in economy class: Qatar Airways leads in seat comfort, Emirates in cabin ambiance and catering, and Emirates also excels in entertainment; Doha’s Hamad International Airport is the best hub; the final rankings are Emirates first, Qatar Airways second, and Turkish Airlines third.

Key Insights

  • The video compares the economy class experiences of Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Turkish Airlines.
  • The comparison is based on several categories: seat comfort, cabin ambiance, catering, service, entertainment, and hub airports.
  • In terms of seat comfort, Qatar Airways offers the best legroom, followed by Emirates, and Turkish Airlines has the worst legroom.
  • Qatar Airways wins in the seat comfort category due to their dual exterior seatback pockets.
  • Emirates takes the lead in cabin ambiance with their use of mood lighting and additional design elements like sand dunes and stars.
  • Emirates also wins in the catering category, serving slightly larger portions and having a better selection of drinks.
  • Qatar Airways and Emirates both offer snacks, while Turkish Airlines does not.
  • Emirates wins in the service category, with a more fun and laid-back approach, followed by Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines ranks the lowest.
  • Turkish Airlines provides the best hygiene kit, while Emirates and Qatar Airways offer pillows and blankets.
  • Emirates dominates the entertainment category, winning three subcategories: screen quality, headphone quality, and Wi-Fi availability. Qatar Airways wins in the Wi-Fi subcategory with affordable pricing.
  • Doha's Hamad International Airport is considered the best hub among the three airlines.
  • The final rankings are:
  • 1. Emirates with 35 points
  • 2. Qatar Airways with 33 points
  • 3. Turkish Airlines with 15 points

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Welcome back to the ultimate Middle Eastern economy class Smackdown finale. The past few weeks, we’ve seen what Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Turkish Airlines have to offer. And today, we’ll be tallying the scores and crowning a winner. How will the airlines compare and will the winners surprise you? Let’s find out. Over to you, Dan.

If you haven’t already watched the individual reviews of each airline, I encourage you to pause this video, watch those for some important context, and then return here.

Before we continue, comment below which airline you think will win, because I’m curious to see if you guys can guess correctly based solely on the reviews.

This comparison will be broken down in a far more structured way than non-stop Dan viewers will be used to. The categories I’ll be scoring them on in no particular order are seat comfort, cabin ambiance, catering, service, entertainment, and hub airports. The top airline in each category will be awarded three points, the middle will get two, and the bottom will get one. If there’s a category that only applies to one airline because it’s an amenity only they offer, they will receive two points. If any airlines are equal, they get one point each, and the remaining airline, depending on if it’s better or worse, will get three or zero.

So, let’s dive right in.

As I mentioned in the reviews, I’m quite tall at 187 centimeters, that’s 6’2 for those of you who don’t speak metric, so the legroom will be better for many of you than it was for me. Now, I didn’t bring a measuring tape because I may be unusual in my love for planes, but I’m not that unusual. The legroom comparison is based basically on my impression from sitting in each seat for hours on

We have two airlines that are quite close here, but the clear last place goes to Turkish Airlines, who frankly have pretty atrocious legroom for long-haul aircraft. Emirates lands in second place with far more legroom than Turkish, although it gets quite limited when you recline, since the seat cushion slides forward a lot. Then, of course, our tall place for legroom goes to Qatar Airways. Their legroom is the best of the three, but it’s still not great when compared to Singapore Airlines or Japanese Airlines.

Next up in seat comfort is recline. In this category, they are all pretty much equal, and as always in economy, it’s quite difficult to get any work done on a laptop if the passenger in front of you reclines on any of these airlines. I guess that’s a good excuse to watch movies, actually.

The last element of seat comfort is not so significant, but it makes a difference your storage space, at least the only hygienic place to store stuff, the seatback pocket. Here, Qatar Airways wins again with their dual exterior pockets, which I love. Emirates has one pocket on the outside, which is also good compared to the standard seat pocket on Turkish. It’s normal, yes, but not as good as the other two.

So, so far in the seat comfort category, Qatar Airways has won two subcategories and tied in one, giving them a total of seven points. Meanwhile, Emirates has come in second and tied in one for a total of five points, while Turkish Airlines has three points.

So, once your butt is firmly placed in your seat of varying comfort, you’ll probably start looking around. Now, different airlines take cabin design to different lengths, and even between these three, the difference is dramatic.

Here, we have a clear winner in all three subcategories that I defined. Let’s look at Turkish Airlines first. What do we think about this cabin design? Does it feel classy, relaxing, inviting? No, but it does look like they skinned the Teletubbies and used them to upholster the seats. There are no further design elements, and the only lighting you’ll enjoy is yellow.

At Qatar Airways, mood lighting wasn’t used on my 777 flight, and the sea colors are nice, but when the colors are this dark, it can make the cabin feel a little bit dreary. This brings us to our clear winner here, Emirates. They use mood lighting a lot, which makes the whole experience more relaxing. I love the beige seats that feel clean and brighten the cabin, and they have something that the other airlines didn’t, sand dunes on the bulkhead and stars in the ceiling, both of which contribute to making the flight feel slightly more bearable, since they remove you from the reality of being in a big bulky metal tube. I mean, I love these metal tubes, but they’re still metal tubes.

So to tally the points from this category, Emirates takes the lead

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘EMIRATES vs QATAR vs TURKISH Economy Class | Which Airline Is Best?!’ by Nonstop Dan