Quick Guide to Becoming a Male Pornstar

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How To Become a Male Pornstar “Sean Lawless (Going in. EP27)”‘ by sean lawless

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This video instructs on breaking into the porn industry, highlighting the importance of certainty, persistence, testing, professionalism, and the need for more male performers.

Key Insights

  • The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to break into the porn industry.
  • It emphasizes the importance of being certain about wanting to do porn scenes as they will be available online for everyone to see.
  • Various ways to search for talent scouts or modeling agencies are mentioned, such as using Craigslist or searching online.
  • When contacting agencies, individuals are advised to send their name, contact information, and a naked photograph.
  • Persistence is emphasized, as not all go-sees or agency contacts will be successful, and one should keep searching for opportunities.
  • Testing for STDs is a crucial step before shooting a scene and can be nerve-wracking for first-timers.
  • The process of shooting a scene involves a full day of work, including paperwork, wardrobe, and usually takes several hours to complete.
  • The importance of professionalism and focusing on the job at hand is highlighted, regardless of personal preferences or attraction towards co-stars.
  • It is clarified that male performers don't have to do gay porn if they don't want to, debunking a common misconception.
  • The success of a scene and future opportunities depend on the performer's ability to stay hard, perform on cue, and satisfy the requirements of the job.
  • The video ends by encouraging viewers to take action if they genuinely want to pursue a career in the porn industry, emphasizing the need for more male performers.

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What’s up folks, Sean Mullis here, welcome back to Going In. Today I’m going to tell you step by step how to break into the porn industry.

Step one in getting into the porn industry is absolutely knowing for sure that you want to do a porn scene. No matter what you think or what you do, that scene is going to be up online for everyone to see. No matter if you change your name, change your appearance, people are going to know. So you have to be certain that this is something you want to do.

Once you do that, you can go online and search any number of talent scouts or modeling agencies that are looking for adult models. You could do this via Craigslist, you could just Google it. If you live in the three major cities that shoot porn, which is Las Vegas, I’m here in Vegas, Miami, Miami again, or Los Angeles, here in LA, those talent scouts are definitely out there and they’re constantly looking for new talent. So there will be no shortage of people searching you while you’re searching them. So, make sure you want to do it. Look for a talent scout.

What do you search? What am I looking for when I’m going online, Sean? Adult models wanted. Searching for adult models. Adult model needing work. These are all things that you could search out. What did I look up? That’s exactly it. I went on Craigslist and I looked out for an agency searching for male adult models.

Once you receive that information, you send them an email. Send them your name, your contact information, and a photograph. You don’t want to just dick them around. They need to see you naked. They need to see what you’re going to be bringing to the table. So don’t waste anybody’s time. Your name, contact information with a callback number, obviously, and a naked photo. You send that to them, they’ll get back to you. Hopefully, you know. If they like what they see, they’ll get back to you. If not, you move on to the next agency. You don’t quit after the first one, right? Not everybody just is looking for the same thing. So you keep going.

Once you get that callback, hey, we like what we see. We have potential shoots lined up for you, but there’s a few other steps that you have to go through. Okay, perfect. I’m on board. What are these steps? What do I have to do?

The next step that they’re going to do is take you on something called a go-see. A go-see is when they bring you to the actual production company or the actual porn company’s office, and they have to see you in person. And it’s almost like an interview, but not quite. There’s not really much talking going on. No, you don’t have to sit there and jerk off in front of three dudes holding a camera. It’s pretty much just going to be somebody asking to see you naked, and if you can get hard right away.

Both times that I did that, I went into a bathroom. Okay, yeah, I’ll try and get hard. Can I have like a magazine or something? Maybe? No? Okay. I got myself ready. Okay, you can do this. I got all wrecked. Almost ready. Be right there. Come on. And I came out naked. They took a couple photos of me, and then they said they’d give me a call back just like the agent did.

Not all go-sees are successful. It’s the same as contacting talent scouts or agents. You don’t just quit at the first one. You keep going. There’s plenty of porn agencies all around looking for new people all the time. You keep going.

Here’s where things start getting serious. Now the company wants to shoot you. You have shoots lined up. You’re getting excited. Holy shit, I’m about to break into the porn industry.

Your next and almost final step will be to go get tested. So after I go pee-pee, I get blood taken out. Now, if you were like myself when I first started in the industry five years ago, I had never been tested before. So if you thought you were nervous during the go-see, you’re probably going to be more nervous during the STD testing process, especially because it takes eight hours. So you go in there, you pay $155. They run your gold panel testing for all the STDs. You sit back and wait for eight hours, hoping everything comes back all good. You have a green test.

You have an agent. You’ve done your go-see. You’re just about ready to go do a scene. Now, you sit back and you wait, and you wait, and you wait, and then you get that call. Hey, hey Sean, we got a shoot for you. It’s going to be next week on Monday. Chances are you already have a day job. You’re not just sitting at home laying on the couch, right? So what do you have to do? You have to take off work. You can’t just call and say, hey, look, I need three hours off. This is going to take you all day.

Don’t get it twisted. This is not a 35-minute video with somebody just holding a camera, and you’re just short-stroking it for that long. No. This is a full-fledged production. You’re going to get into the office at about 8 to 10 a.m. You’re going to do an immense amount of paperwork. How much paperwork? You’re probably going to do more paperwork than when you bought your first car. I mean that. It is so much paperwork. They vet you so heavily to make sure that you are who you say you are, that you’re of age, and that you’re sober. That paperwork will take you about an hour. Then you go through wardrobe. They make sure what you’re wearing is correct. Then you’re all good. Then you head to set. That could be an hour away from the office. So you see, this is an entire day.

But you’re on a porno set now. You’ve gone that far. You’ve taken all the necessary steps to break into the porno industry.

What tips can I give you for once you’re on set? Everybody has their own formula in order to succeed through each scene. And every first-timer scene is going to be different. Sometimes you’ll get, you know, Lisa Ann will be your first time ever. It’s mind-blowing, right? Oh my God, Lisa Ann. You might get a type of girl that you’re not even remotely attracted to. And she might smell, whatever. And there’s five people in the room with you. Either way, if you want to be a porn star, and if you want to have a career as a male in the porn industry, none of that can matter. Your talent, of course, you can stipulate whether male or female. And that is another major misconception with the porn industry. You don’t have to do gay porn if you don’t want to. Very common misconception. But when it comes to the female talent, it pretty much can’t matter. Yeah, you’re there to do a job. You just have to find the fortitude to plow through that, figuratively and literally.

So the last piece of advice isn’t necessarily advice. It’s really just up to you. Much like making the decision to get into porn in the first place. How to finish the scene successfully. How to get hard, stay hard, and come when they want you to, honestly, is all up to you.

So that’s it. You knocked it home. You killed it, right? You were hard the whole time. Hard as a rock. You came right when they asked you to come. Boom. That’s it. It doesn’t matter whether your dick was this big or your dick is this big. You were hard, and that’s what matters in porn.

So now you’ve got one in the books. You have done porn. You decided on doing it. You sought out how to do it. You didn’t just sit back on a keyboard and say, hey, help me out and get into porn. I can’t help you. Honestly, I can’t help you get into porn. I’m not one of those agents. I’m a male performer. I cannot help you. This video is to show you step-by-step how to do it for yourself so that you can kill it in the industry.

We need more guys in the industry. There’s like 10 dudes in all of Florida who shoot, and they shoot 20 scenes a day in Florida. There’s guys shooting two, three scenes a day. So do it. If you want to do it, if you want to be in porn, you want to have sex with beautiful women, make good money, and work a couple days a week, here are the steps right here. That’s it. It’s all up to you. You can do it. I know you can. You can do it.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How To Become a Male Pornstar “Sean Lawless (Going in. EP27)”‘ by sean lawless