Red Dead Redemption: Original vs Remastered

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Rockstar releases Red Dead Redemption remastered for PS4 and Switch, showing improvements in graphics and gameplay, but disappoints fans who expected a full-blown remake for the newest generation consoles.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses the new editions and versions of Red Dead Redemption coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.
  • The comparison between the original version and the remastered version (which is technically a port) is explored.
  • The remastered version on the PlayStation system shows slightly sharper textures, improved draw distance, new grass and vegetation, different contrast levels, and higher resolution shadows.
  • Various screenshots are shown to highlight the differences, such as the color of clothing, sharpness of scars on John Marston's face, and improvements in lighting, texture, and detail.
  • Rockstar is advertising the release of Red Dead Redemption on August 17th for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, mentioning Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online as well.
  • Details about the game's improvements are not fully disclosed by Rockstar, but it's mentioned that the remastered version will be more than a straight port and less than a full-blown remaster.
  • Bugs and issues in the original game, like power poles growing out of the railroad, are hoped to be fixed in the remastered version.
  • Fans are disappointed with Rockstar's decision as they were expecting a remake or remaster for the newest generation consoles.
  • YouTube videos showcasing the remastered version have received a considerable amount of negative feedback and dislikes.
  • Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar's parent company, has an earnings call to discuss Red Dead Redemption's release.
  • The video concludes by inviting viewers to share their thoughts in the comments and suggests liking the video and subscribing for more content related to GTA and Rockstar Games.

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We’ve got so much to talk about regarding the new editions and new versions of Red Dead Redemption that are going to be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch just next week. We’ll be diving into all of that in this video today and a whole lot more.

So starting off, I want to look at some more comparisons of the original version and what I’m going to call the remastered version. I know it’s a port and it’s not technically a remaster, but that’s just what I’m going to call it for the sake of making things easy.

So we’ll be diving into a couple of screenshots that were featured in the trailer and let’s go ahead and start with this one. This, of course, is John and Bonnie McFarlane sitting on the porch of her ranch, and some things that I’ve noticed that the new conversion on the PlayStation system has.

It looks like we have some slightly sharper textures, improved draw distance. It looks like grass and vegetation also might be a little bit new. And there’s also different contrast levels, which cause colors to be a little bit different, as well as shadows having a slightly higher resolution. So that’s what it looks like on the new PlayStation system.

Now I want to show you guys that exact same shot, but on the original. And you can see basically all those things I just mentioned, slightly higher contrast, slightly sharper textures. There’s higher resolution on shadows. And that’s something you’re going to see if you compare a lot of the different shots that Rockstar showcased in the screenshots and in the trailers.

And I want to just look at a few more right now because I do feel like they give away some of the things we’ll be able to look forward to. Like, for example, this close up here of John Marston. You can see things are ever so slightly different, whether it be the color of his clothing or whether it be the sharpness of things like the scars on his face. And even slightly different things like the texture of the face on the individual in the background. You can see that is ever so slightly different.

Same with this picture right here. The one thing that jumps out to me is the color of the pink flowers in the background, as well as sort of the lighting in the sky. You can see that the colors are a whole lot brighter. You also get a little bit more cloud texture and detail. Same with the stone that you can see in the bottom right hand corner. It looks like it is a whole lot brighter, more vivid.

Moving on to this next one here of our gunslinger. Again, this is one of the examples where you can see like a patch of grass and how it’s been added. You can also see that it looks like this is occurring at a slightly different time of the day. But the shadows are acting a whole lot different, as well as the vegetation and the trees in the background. As well as, again, the stones that you can see on those various pillars. They just look a little bit more updated and detailed. So those are some of the things, again, we need to look out for here.

And as I mentioned in my previous video, I think John Marston is going to see one of the biggest improvements. Obviously because he’s our main character. And I think that can be seen in this shot right here. Again, just the little things. Slightly sharper textures on his clothing, on his face, his hat, his hair. All those things we’re going to look forward to. As well as on his weaponry as well, which can be seen here also.

So you can see that John Marston’s holding the pistol. He’s sort of aiming at kind of to the right of us. His gun looks like it’s slightly more detailed. His face and the lighting in this room looks like it’s a little bit better. Again, all those things are stuff we’re going to be able to look forward to on the new PlayStation conversion of this title.

So I just wanted to show you some examples there of the original versus the remastered. And if you’re looking for more examples, I’ll leave a link to it in the description so you can take a look at it for yourself.

Now moving on, a couple more things that Rockstar seem to be doing is they are advertising Red Dead Redemption coming to PlayStation 4 on August 17th. On Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online. So this is what it looks like in Grand Theft Auto Online. You can see it’s on one of the splash screens right there. Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare coming to PlayStation 4 on August 17th.

Now this one doesn’t even mention the Nintendo Switch because as you can see there based on the buttons in the bottom right hand corner. This splash screen is happening to players who play on a PlayStation 5 or a PlayStation 4. So they’re advertising it for console-specific stuff. And this also occurs in Red Dead Online as well. So if you happen to still play that game, you’ll see that it advertises it coming to the PlayStation 4. And of course through backwards compatibility on PlayStation 5 in Red Dead Online 2.

So Rockstar is going all hands on deck talking about this game and they want people to get excited about it, that’s for sure.

Now the last couple of things I want to dive into in this video today is the development team Double Eleven Studios has actually started speaking out on this. Giving us slightly more details on what the game is going to be like. Because Rockstar haven’t talked about that. They haven’t talked about the list of improvements or things that are going to happen in this title. We’ve kind of just had to play a little bit of a guessing game.

Well, thankfully we’ve actually heard from someone who is involved in the project. He is the acting QA lead at Double Eleven Studios working on Red Dead Redemption. And in this deleted tweet, he responded to someone that was asking basically what it was. Was it going to be a port? Was it going to be a remaster?

He said a bit more than a straight port. Way less than a remaster. So that should give us an idea of what to expect here. It’s not just going to be the same game. It looks like there’s going to be slight improvements and enhancements. But it’s certainly going to be way less than a full-blown remaster where we’re seeing new features and new enhancements and things that really stand out. And that’s probably why Rockstar hasn’t gone on to talk about all the enhancements because there might not be that many things to actually talk about.

One thing I’m hoping Double Eleven Studios does fix is some of the bugs that are just outright silly. Like for example, you have power poles that are growing right out of the railroad. That doesn’t make any sense and you would assume that would be very easily fixed. And also in Undead Nightmare, you weirdly have like this low-quality radar. So hopefully simple changes like that are able to be made. I wouldn’t necessarily say that falls into the category of remastering, but fixing it definitely would go beyond just porting it over as it would still have those bugs and those issues. So hopefully that’s something they have addressed and we’ll see those changes when the game comes out in just a few short days.

Now this same individual Darren also said, “I’ve been the QA lead on this port. We poured a lot of love into this project and I’m so excited for all of you to see and play these conversions on the 17th.” So they definitely keep calling them conversions. I think that is the politically correct way to say just a simple port or maybe a little bit more than that. And even the Double Eleven Studios Twitter account also said, “We’re thrilled to be working with Rockstar Games to help bring Red Dead Redemption to these new platforms.”

Now of course over the last 24 hours since this news has come out, fans have not been happy with Rockstar. I would say a lot of people are disappointed here because it’s not what players were looking forward to. They were hoping they were going to get some sort of remake or remaster for the newest generation consoles. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. And fans are showing their disappointment in this as the trailers that Rockstar have posted for Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare for the PS4 and Switch. It is receiving a ton of negative feedback. So those videos on YouTube are receiving a ton of dislikes. Fans are obviously not very thrilled and they’re even referencing an article from Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick that came out back in March 2021. It says Rockstar owners discuss remaster strategy says it’s not interested in simple ports. Take-Two says Rockstar can’t deliver a great experience by just doing a simple port even though that seems like exactly what they’re doing right now. So needless to say, fans are not very happy and that is where things currently stand right now.

Now Take-Two

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Red Dead Redemption Original VS Remastered’ by MrBossFTW