Registros Fatais 3: Unveiling its Significance

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Registros Fatais 1-3…What is it?’ by ColdRaven’s Nest

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The video discusses Patreon poll results, planned content, and live stream promotion.

Key Insights

  • The video is about a person discussing their Patreon polls and the content they plan to create.
  • They mention mixing "Hegisto dos Fatais" with their "Ogrish collection" based on the results of the first poll.
  • A second poll was held to decide which content to tackle next, and "Hegisto dos Fatais" won.
  • The person introduces a large ice cube in a cup and mentions possessing all three volumes of "Hegisto dos Fatais."
  • They will watch and provide in-depth reviews of all three volumes in the video.
  • The person encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and check out their Patreon and Discord.
  • A brief mention of their Discord rules and the need to follow both the laws of the country and their own rules.
  • The person talks about banning several users recently and mentions that their Discord is not a country.
  • They discuss their upcoming plans for watch parties and the growth of their channel and community.
  • The person addresses comments where people insult them, makes jokes, and talks about the covers of the mixtapes.
  • They describe the covers of "Hegisto dos Fatais" volumes, their content, and provide rough translations for the Portuguese text.
  • The person comments on the popularity and age of these mixtapes, mentioning that they were made in 2012.
  • They mention their upcoming live stream and encourage viewers to like, comment, subscribe, and share the video.

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I myself hate it when things get stale, and I just cannot fucking stand monotony. So I went up on Patreon, and I held two exclusive polls. First poll, I said, should I mix in Hegistro dos Fatais with my Ogrish collection and, you know, ping-pong it back and forth? People voted yes, yes, and motherfucking yes. So I held a second poll. The second poll said, you know, which one should I tackle next? Should I do Volume 2 of Ogrish Collection, or should I go and do Hegistro dos Fatais? So Hegistro dos Fatais won back-to-back. So here we are. We’re gonna do a what-isn’t, kind of explain and give a little bit of a history right here inside of this fucking video. So I should be, instead, let me move to the side. Check out this gigantic fucking ice cube that’s sitting inside of a cup. And you look at all the way at the bottom, Hegistro dos Fatais 3. I just happen to have all three of them. So I’m gonna watch all three of them. I’m gonna go over all of them in depth. And before I get into the history of this shit right here and kind of give you some details, and I’m gonna go over the covers as per usual. Make sure you like and subscribe. Again, I said let’s break 1K in my last video, and y’all did that in under 10 hours. It didn’t even take a day. Y’all just merc’d that one. Completely killed it. Also, shit, like that shit was crazy. The growth over here has been insane. Also, check out my Patreon. Exclusive polls, exclusive content. And check out the Discord. Discord’s gonna be in the pinned comment below. Common Sense. You can go ahead and say anything you want. It does not matter. I don’t give a fuck about how phobic and how much of a cyst it is what you say. Almost 1,000 people in there. And it’s funny that my Discord has the least amount of rules, the least toxic. Everybody gets along. Just follow the rules of America. You know what I’m saying? If it’s illegal in America, it’s illegal in my Discord. Some people don’t get that fucking point. They’re doing illegal shit in my Discord. So you get banned and I have to cleanse all the tabs and shit. It’s like my Discord is not a country. You know what I’m saying? It’s a fucking Discord. It’s not a country where, you know, I just happen to not abide the laws to where I fucking live. No, I gotta follow those laws, and then I have my own rules. So hopefully that got through to some of y’all, and y’all can cut that shit out. I mean, I really had to ban a couple of people, which sucks. Again, I was going like three or four days without banning people. And yesterday, six, seven, eight, nine people got banned by my admins. It’s ridiculous. You know what I’m saying? But it’s all cool. You know what I’m saying? Just have a good time. Make sure you join and do what you want to do. It’s like 1,000 tabs. It’s so much shit to do. And we’re going to have watch parties where we watch these mixtapes together. Yeah, those will be announced. So hopefully you decide to stop by and we can all watch it and have a good fucking time. Now, with all that shit being said, one more thing I do want to address. I keep getting these comments where people are trying to take jabs at me and shit. Dude, you look like the Puerto Rican Rambo. I’ll ram my fucking dick in your mom’s fart box. How about that? So now we’re going to go over the covers. Every time I laugh, I just look at myself. I look like a great white shark because I got so many teeth in my fucking face. And speaking of things that are great and white, shit. Got something packing in my pants. Yeah, it’s my Ku Klux Klan membership. I’m joking. Let me fucking stop. So I got the covers right here. Uncensored versions will be uploaded to Reddit. Link in the description below. You go ahead and check that out. So the first cover, Hejistros Fatalis, is fucking whatever you call it. It just says Hejistros Fatalis on it. That’s all it says. Now, there’s an alternate cover. That’s the first cover. Now, nothing wrong with that one. Now, here’s the second one. Again, this one’s censored. Check out the uncensored versions in the Reddit link below. And it shows my Uncle Edwin. Looks like he got fucking smashed. I mean, holy shit. Side of his head is bashed in. He’s clearly dead. And it says, again, this is all in Portuguese. So I’m going to kind of read it like it’s Spanish and kind of give a rough estimate of what it means because it can Spanish, Portuguese, and all that shit. Very similar language. Same with Italian. Assassinatos. So I’m assuming that means assassinations. Decapitacao. I’m assuming that means decapitations. Mortes, death. Torturas, which is torture. Violencia, which is violence. Acidentes probably means accidents and shit. Now, it says Antencao, which probably means attention. It’s like a little warning. And it shows two inverted crosses on the back cover of the first one. It shows somebody on their hands and knees. It shows someone dead in the street. And it shows a rotten face in the upper left corner. So that’s for the first one. Now, we’re going to go on the second cover over here. It says Registros Fatais 2. Extreme. You know, like the first one was extreme. This one’s going to be really extreme. On the first cover, it looks weird. I can’t really explain what the fuck it is. It looks like a fuck. Like if a basketball was made out of skin and it just got popped and like gore came out the side of it. Like you can’t even. I can’t tell if that’s a face or not. But the fact that it has that black board to cover eyes, I guess that might be a face. But then the eyes would then be down here. Holy shit. If your eyes are down here, you got fucked up. Holy. All right, so I can’t wait to see what that says. A mixtape with normal font on the background. We’ve been blessed. No more that fetus munchers. No more that porn go bullshit. A mixtape, normal font. Wow. So with that shit being said, it says the death of a normal human nature, which is broken fucking English. So we’re not home free people. The English is broken on the back, but at least the font is

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Registros Fatais 1-3…What is it?’ by ColdRaven’s Nest