Replikanto Trade Copier: Quick Tips for Usage

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘TTN Quick Tips: How to Use Replikanto Trade Copier’ by The Trading Network

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
Replicanto is a trade copier tool; it offers various features like cross trading, different trade ratios, and copying trades over WiFi, and it can be used for both algorithmic and manual trading.

Key Insights

  • The video is about the Replicanto trade copier tool for Ninja Trader.
  • Replicanto allows seamless trade copying from one account to another.
  • Features include cross trading, different trade ratios, and copying trades across machines on the same local network or over WiFi.
  • To copy trades over WiFi, you need to buy credits from Flowbots, the company that built the add-on.
  • The speaker demonstrates how Replicanto works by copying trades between a leader account and follower account.
  • Exact quantity setting copies the same quantity of trades, while equal quantity setting splits the trades proportionally among multiple accounts.
  • The video mentions a coupon code "thetradingnetwork10" for a 10% discount on Replicanto.
  • The speaker mentions using Replicanto for algorithmic and manual trading, especially with prop firms like Apex.
  • The video concludes with information about The Trading Network's products and services, including the TTN Pro Trader Bundle and one-on-one mentorship.

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[00:00:00] What’s up traders, Zach here from The Trading Network, I hope you guys are doing well. In today’s video I want to discuss the Replicanto trade copier, why I use it, and how you guys can take advantage of it yourself. So for those of you guys not familiar, Replicanto is a tool that you can install into Ninja Trader and seamlessly copy trades from one account to another. Now it also allows features such as cross trading, for example if you want to trade micros on an account you can open trades on a leader account which has minis and copy that onto another account with micros. So you can do all sorts of things like trade at different ratios, let’s say you want to open up one contract on your leader account but you want three times the size on your follower account or vice versa, you have three contracts on your leader account, one contract on your follower account, you can do that with this tool and you can even do things like copying trades across different machines on your same local network as well as copy trades across machines over a wifi connection, so anywhere in the world.

[00:01:02] Now I will say if you want to copy trades via wifi to other machines, you will need to buy what are called credits from Flowbots and that is the company who has built this add on. But I want to show you guys this, I just wanted to bring up the page real quick as well. At the end of the video I’m going to give you guys a coupon code that you can use to get 10% off Replicanto if you want to use it yourself as well. I have been using this for quite some time, we use it for our algorithmic trading, I use it for my manual trading, especially with prop firms like Apex, it’s great to use something like this if you want to have multiple accounts where you have one leader account and I copy to as many as 19 follower accounts at once seamlessly, it is a really cool tool.

[00:01:48] So there is a bunch of information here on the page as you can see, it discusses all of the different settings, there is an exact quantity setting, an equal quantity setting, a ratio which I was mentioning a little bit ago, net liquidation, available money, etc. So a lot of different features here. So let’s hop on over to Ninja now and I will show you guys what the add on looks like, how it works and perhaps we will get into the local area network connection or copying, but at the very least I will show you guys what it looks like to copy on the same local machine between multiple accounts.

[00:02:24] So here I have Replicanto up, you can see on the left hand side you have an area where you select your instrument, now the second selection is where you select your leader account, I have created a sim account specifically for this demonstration called Sim Leader 1 and the method that I am using at least first and foremost is exact quantity, so that means if I open up one contract on my leader account, my follower account will indeed copy one contract as well. So on this next section you can see that there are a bunch of circles next to all of the accounts here. Now I am going to blur out the other account information just for privacy purposes, but what I am going to do is I am going to click on next to the account that I have created as our follower account. So you can see once again I have Sim Leader 1 selected under the leader account and I have Sim Follower selected under the follower account.

[00:03:14] Now just as a quick example, if I wanted to for example trade micro contracts, MNQ, I have NQ selected as the instrument, if I wanted to do a cross order, all I would do here is click this and you can see all the way over here this changes to MNQ. So that is basically saying hey every contract I enter on NQ, please copy that trade over to MNQ on the follower account. So I am going to uncheck cross order right here, I am going to get Replicanto out of the way and then I will just give you guys a quick demonstration. The market is moving really slow, it is late in the afternoon here. So let us just quickly take a look at the charts and I will show you here, here is my leader account, you can see I have Sim Leader selected right here, here is my follower account on the right hand side I have Sim Follower selected. So I am going to enter just simply, I am going to buy market one contract, you can see that as soon as I enter the contract here or the trade here on the left hand side, it also copies that trade to the right hand side. Now you might notice that it does not copy the ATM the same way that it is working here, but this is using OCO order, so it will indeed work the same way. Just to show you guys, once this order gets closed, let us do this here, they both close, right, so you can see that both of those orders closed. Now just to show you guys one more time, let us just make sure that it is very clear, I am going to open up another trade, we are long for one contract, right. So now this is the leader on the left hand side, so I am just going to pull this take profit down and basically just going to have it take us out of breakeven, boom, so the leader closes and the follower also closes the trade.

[00:05:05] What I will say is if you are using market orders especially, there will be a little bit of a discrepancy, maybe a tick or two from time to time, but generally speaking, the accuracy is very, very solid. So just continuing to demonstrate how accurate this is, I am hitting my hotkey on the left hand side for the leader account, boom, both out basically right at the same time there. So let us do another quick demonstration here, I am going to bring replicanto back over, I am going to change the method to, let us do ratio. So what I am going to do here now is I am going to change the ratio to the follower account to 5.0. So now I am going to move this back over here, we are going to enter one contract on the leader account on the left hand side and we expect this follower account to open 5. So buy market, boom, I am in for one and there you go. We have successfully copied and crossed over with a ratio of 5 to 1 on our follower account. So we have opened one contract on leader account one more time and the follower account has opened five contracts. So I am going to close the trade here on the left hand side on the leader account

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘TTN Quick Tips: How to Use Replikanto Trade Copier’ by The Trading Network