Reviewing the NEW Different Times God Roll

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘NEW Different Times God Roll And Review!’ by Roger

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The speaker reviews the Different Times Pulse Rifle and compares it to the Peace of Mind pulse rifle, discussing recommended barrel options and perks, highlighting Heating Up and Moving Target, and suggesting god rolls with range masterwork.

Key Insights

  • The speaker reviews the Different Times Pulse Rifle and shares their preferred roll
  • They compare it to the Peace of Mind pulse rifle, which is highly regarded
  • The speaker discusses the recommended barrel options, suggesting Smallbore for a balance of stability and range
  • They recommend Ricochet Rounds for the magazine to increase range and stability
  • Various perks are discussed, including Subsistence (better for PvE than PvP), Air Assault, Off-hand Strike, and Invisible Hand (not recommended)
  • Heating Up is praised as a solid perk, enhancing accuracy, stability, and recoil control after a final blow
  • Moving Target is highly recommended for its aim assist and improved movement speed while aiming down sights
  • The speaker emphasizes that aim assist and stability still matter on mouse and keyboard, recommending Moving Target for any input type
  • Multi-Kill Clip is considered a great perk, offering increased damage based on rapid kills before reloading
  • Other perks mentioned include Golden Tricorne, Collective Action, Focus Fury, Adrenaline Junkie, and Headseeker (not recommended)
  • Hatchling is favored among the second column perks, as it spawns a damaging projectile when getting precision final blows or defeating enemies rapidly with non-precision weapons
  • The speaker presents their suggested god rolls: small bore, ricochet rounds, heating up, and Hatchling; or small bore, ricochet rounds, Outlaw, and Multi-Kill Clip
  • Range masterwork is recommended for all rolls
  • The video ends with a call to action for likes, subscribes, and mentions upcoming god roll reviews for other weapons

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What’s up guys, it’s Roger, and today I’m going to be going over the God Roll and reviewing the Different Times Pulse Rifle. Now, this is a rapid fire frame pulse rifle, and one that I actually enjoy quite a bit after doing some gameplay with it that you’re going to see. Now, this is the roll that I have right here that you’re seeing in the gameplay. We have Extended Barrel, High Caliber Rounds, Moving Target, and Hatchling, and this is the best roll that I could get so far, so that’s what I’m using, right? And you’ll see, I actually like it quite a bit.

Peace of Mind is a great rapid fire frame. That’s what almost everybody compares rapid fires to, because it’s just top tier. It’s top of the rock when it comes to rapid fires, and this one honestly holds a candle to it. It’s been nerfed quite a few times, the Peace of Mind, and I’m always looking for different alternatives that feel good, and this one fits the bill.

Now, let’s come over here to our barrels, I’m just going to go right into it. I would recommend you go for something like Smallbore. You can, of course, go for something like Hammerforged if you want straight up range. If you would like something like Fluted Barrel, you could do that too, but I would recommend you do Smallbore because it has a good mix of the stability and the range.

Over here, for your magazine, you can go whatever you want here, of course, but I do like Ricochet rounds. You can bounce those off walls, and again, same thing as Smallbore here. That’s going to give you some extra range and stability.

Now we’re going to go to the more controversial stuff over here. I do want to say, if you have a different opinion about anything in this video, that’s completely fine. You can go ahead and respectfully leave your different opinions in the comments, but everyone has different ideas of what their god role is, so that’s fine. If you like using something that I don’t like using, good on you, but this is my opinion, and hopefully you can respect that.

Now, let’s talk about this first column here. So we’re going to go perk by perk, starting with Subsistence. This says defeating targets partially reloads the magazine from reserves. This can be good, mostly going to be good for PvE, but for PvP, it’s not the best. Only does 10% refill on the magazine. Can be fine. You can keep going on streaks with this because you don’t really have to reload your weapon, but for the most part, it’s not going to be that great.

As for all, we don’t need to waste too much time on hitting three separate targets increases weapon handling, stability, reload, and range for a lot of duration. Who cares? Especially if you’re using this thing in threes, like I’m mostly going to be once Trials comes back around, then you’re not even really ever going to get chances to do that unless you’re somehow hitting all three of the enemy team, but they’re going to be spread out most likely, so not going to come in handy too much.

Off-hand strike. Final blows grant additional weapon range, stability, and accuracy when firing from the hip for a short duration. Let’s go ahead and click that. We can turn that on and look at our stats on the left side, actually do change, and you see, look at the hip fire in the bottom left, right down here says 29 meters of range, but if we turn that off, you know, it’s 20. So this gets us nine extra meters of range

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘NEW Different Times God Roll And Review!’ by Roger