Roblox Error Code 1001: The Dumbest Error

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘The DUMBEST Roblox Error Codes’ by sarriebearrie

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The video exposes fake Roblox error codes and cautions against TikTok trends.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses various "dumb" Roblox error codes.
  • Error 1001 was first reported a year ago in a game called Roblox Rise of Nations.
  • The error started spreading on TikTok and was later added to the game Start Survey.
  • Error 1001 is fake, and its mention of calling 911 indicates it's targeting Americans specifically.
  • Error Code 9982 is another viral code on TikTok but doesn't seem to have any origin or evidence of being real.
  • Error 00 is a fake code that suggests subscribing to a YouTube channel.
  • Error 267 means being kicked from a game, with various reasons such as account age or glitches.
  • Error 273 indicates that an account may have been hacked, and changing the password is recommended.
  • Error 272 shows a security key mismatch, and Roblox may flag it as exploiting.
  • Account creation suspension means being IP banned, usually due to severe violations of terms of use.
  • Error 666 is a fake code that some claim to be dangerous, but no evidence of it being real or harmful.
  • Overall, the video highlights several fake or questionable Roblox error codes and encourages skepticism toward viral codes on TikTok.

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Here is the formatted transcript of the YouTube video:

This error code means a stranger has gotten into your house, only it’s fake, which makes it one of the dumbest Roblox error codes. And today, I want to search for even more dumb Roblox codes.

So the first error code is called Error 1001, which is this one. Possible raid warning. We have detected another device in your house. In case you were alone, call 911 quickly. All right, I’m gonna listen to this Roblox error and call 911 because it told me so. No, it’s obviously fake. You can tell it’s fake because why is the D capitalized? Duh.

Now, this has been spreading on TikTok like crazy, but I gotta tell you where it came from. The first time Error 1001 was ever reported was January 31st, 2022. So over a year ago. So they were playing a game called Roblox Rise of Nations, and apparently, they got this error code, which apparently is this game. Grand strategy game focused on world domination. That’s great. So this was the first time it was ever reported. But as of recently, within this last month, people have been reporting that they have seen this code in their games. Everyone is getting freaked out by this.

But there’s an actual legitimate way to get this code in a game, and I’ll tell you how. So after the code has been going viral on TikTok, this game picked up on it, Start Survey. And if you guys know anything about Start Survey, this game has been known to track your location. So they took this opportunity and added this error code to their game. If you want this error code and want to scare someone, try it out for yourself, but I won’t.

Also, another way you could tell this is fake is it says called 911. Um, newsflash, not everyone is from America. I think like the UK’s version of 911 is 999. I feel like we’d be seeing error codes from like different countries, but we haven’t. I guess we’re targeting Americans only.

And now this next error code that has been going viral on TikTok as well is called Error Code 9982. So apparently this code was last seen in 2007. I’ve seen different versions where it can track your IP. It can do a lot of other scary things, but I don’t know. It’s like a game of telephone. I don’t- I don’t know what’s real at this point.

I don’t know where people are getting this information, by the way. I tried looking up the origins of this code and I couldn’t find anything on it. So it seems like someone made a rumor up on TikTok. Who would have guessed? There’s also people making fake videos to this error code, which is kind of funny. He joins a game and then you’ve been kicked. ID 9982. At least try to make it look realistic. It’s kind of funny though. Huh, I never seen this disconnected pop-up. Must be a glitch. Let me try another game. I like the little shock face he’s got going on right there. Where do people come up with these ideas? Yep, he’s been kicked for sure. This is totally what Roblox error codes look like. Yeah, Error 9982 is obviously just a TikTok rumor. Do not believe it. But then again, I did find an article saying that it was real. So I really don’t know if it’s real or not. It’s kind of confusing me. This code is possibly real, but I think TikTok is lying a little bit. Moral of the story, do not believe TikTok because TikTok is dumb.

Next error code. So this next error code is the stupidest one ever. Error 00. And it means you are not subscribed to Sari Berry. That was dumb. Please subscribe.

Okay, so the next real one is error 267. You have been kicked from the game. I have gotten this a lot in my time of playing Roblox for many reasons. Here is what this girl says about error code 267. Basically, you could have been kicked because you were no longer in the server or it could just be a mistake. There’s multiple different reasons why you could have been kicked. There could be like three main reasons why you could be kicked. Maybe your account’s not old enough. Maybe it’s a glitch. That’s a big one. I almost flipped off the camera. I think you can get that if you play Da Hood. Okay, so I just made a new account right now. And if I tried joining Da Hood, you were kicked from this experience. Account has to be at least 10 days to play. Error 267. Honestly, that error code is not that bad as compared to the next one we’re going to look at.

Okay, error 273. Disconnected from game. Possibly due to game joined from another device. This is terrifying. I think a lot of the Roblox community knows that this is a big indicator that your account might have been hacked. This error code usually happens if you’re warned, banned, or terminated. This girl’s like, if you get this error code, you should leave and change your password, which is correct. If I get this error code, I’m like immediately changing my password. She’s like saying like if you don’t believe me, then you’re gonna get hacked. And then she goes into, if you saw a hacker on Ragdoll, don’t push them because they will hack you. This just shows that TikTok is brainwrapped because the whole point of Ragdoll engine is to push people. Let’s see if we can get error 273. So let’s join a game. Okay, so I’m gonna try joining a game on my phone. And my popsocket’s broken. Don’t, don’t ask about that. Let’s try joining. Will we get the error code? I got Roblox on my phone. Okay, I think my computer glitched out. I can’t move. Leave, leave. Okay, that did not work actually. Okay, I’m in a game on my phone. Will I get the error code? Oh, I did. Think it says same account launched from a different device. So scary.

Okay, so this next error code is 272. Disconnected due to security key mismatch. It basically means Roblox thinks you’re exploiting. I found this person who got this error code when they’re trying to join Build-A-Boat and they’re like, I’m gonna quit TikTok if it is no way to fix this. All right, first of all, fix your grammar. But yeah, Roblox thinks this person is exploiting. Sometimes it could just be a glitch. A good way to fix this is to maybe like uninstall and reinstall Roblox, but I don’t know.

Bro, I have to delete Rowshade? I don’t know if you guys know what Rowshade is, but it basically makes Roblox look shiny and the graphics go all the way up. This is technically considered an exploit in Roblox’s eyes. I really don’t get the appeal with it. It just makes everything look wet and gross. But hey, you do you. I think people use it to make like TikTok videos.

Okay, I found a TikTok where they’re using Rowshade, which yeah, it looks shiny and the graphics are like all the way up, but this is technically an exploit. I want to burn my eyes.

Okay, so this next one. Account creation has been suspended. If you ever got this on Roblox, you were IP banned. Roblox hates you. If you’re IP banned, it does not look like this anymore. It looks like this. How do you get IP banned on Roblox, you might ask? You had to do some terrible things. How do you get poison banned on Roblox? This can happen if a user severely or repeatedly violates the terms of use in a short period of time or a federal law. What federal law are people breaking on Roblox? Well, Roblox is known for like all the weird people it attracts to it. So actually that does not surprise me. I feel like if you get IP banned though, you can use a VPN, but I might be wrong on that. But yeah, if you get this error code, Roblox wants nothing to do with you. So you should play Minecraft. But also this is what it could look like if you’ve been IP banned on Roblox, but most likely not. This is usually when you see like a restricted page on Roblox, like this. You don’t have permission to view this page. What is Roblox hiding from us? Hmm, Builderman doesn’t even look like this anymore. They need to update it. We type in Builderman, Builderman rip, Builderman die. I guess we want him to die. No, that doesn’t look like him.

Now this last error code is one of the dumbest ones I’ve seen. Error 666, you have been kicked due to unexpected client behavior. Now, obviously this is scary because of the number. People will make up rumors to anything. But what does she say? She says this error code was dangerous because a hacker who had ID

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘The DUMBEST Roblox Error Codes’ by sarriebearrie