Roblox Face Tracking: A Guide

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘ROBLOX FACE TRACKING LOL’ by Flamingo

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
The video explores new camera feature in Roblox, including privacy concerns, testing with webcam, speculation on selling user information, avatar animations, user discomfort, interactions with players, donation requests, and overall positive opinion with some avatar face issues.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses the new camera feature in Roblox.
  • There are concerns about privacy and the idea of Roblox accessing cameras.
  • The person in the video tests the feature with their webcam.
  • There is speculation about the possibility of Roblox selling user information.
  • They explore different avatar animations and expressions with the camera feature.
  • Some users express discomfort and skepticism about the feature.
  • The video contains interactions with other players, including arguments and trolling.
  • The narrator discusses the idea of donating Robux and questions the legitimacy of donation requests.
  • The video concludes with the narrator sharing their overall positive opinion about the feature, despite some issues with certain avatar faces.

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Alright guys, how are we feeling about this? Are we letting Roblox access our cameras? Is this a good idea to enable this feature for us? What kind of spyware is Roblox selling our info with, you know what I mean? Use camera to animate your avatar. I think it’s worth it. Who knows what country is obtaining our info? I know the government is obsessed with the idea of Chinese spyware. Look, if Roblox is spying on us with our cameras, I got a little webcam right here. I’m gonna test this out. This setting allows Roblox to sell videos of you when you didn’t know it was recording. Oh, sure, yeah, enable that. Alright, how do I test this out? I gotta go get a dynamic face. What is this? Acknowledge our privacy policy changes? Yeah, I get it. I agree. Like in case Roblox is watching this, I’m so kidding about the spyware thing. I know that Roblox would always protect our info besides all those times that it has happened. I know my info and my camera, everything’s safe. Alright, it’s not working. How do you… I didn’t blink, dude. This new voice chat icon is ugly. Change it back. Click. How do I make it work, man? Look, I’m low-key on FaceTime with a bad… Oh, dude, I’m not doing that. Hey guys, who said that? I didn’t know anyone could hear me. Who said that, though, man? You think I’m gonna listen to you? I’m looking down on you. You’re ugly. What, can you see me right now? Yes, like my real face. Yes, could you see this? Yeah, I can see that. Yes, dude, this is awesome. Can we have a screenie? No, delete that screenshot off your phone now. Delete that now. Look, I’m Mr. Happy now. Wink, wink, wink. Why is he so loud? Don’t call. I’m not creepy. Do you like when I smile at you? Look at this. No, alright. Wait, I got another one. I just changed it. Look. Oh, you’re a hot babe. Yeah. No, exactly. I’m a hot babe. Check this out. What happens when a man with chiseled good looks looks at you? Do I look handsome? Do I look like I’m having a stroke? A little bit? Hey, this one sucks. Why did Roblox add this? This feature sucks, dude. They’re gonna sell this video to China. I know it. I think Roblox already leaked my info. I think there was a data breach. That was a part of “Smile.” Well, they got Zara Larson ahead here. Check this out. I collabed with Zara Larson and this is what she looked like when she was talking to me. She went like this. Wink. I love you, Albert. Yeah, that was low-key behind the scenes. She told me to keep it low-key. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Can I ask you one question? No. Alright, well, so far this is a pretty good feature. I don’t know. I think this is worth possibly whatever outcome happens. I’m so okay with it. I like this. This is fun. Alright, apparently this is a face that you can use. This is so stupid. I don’t like this. A little chicken character, chicken go. What is this? Hot people play “Pet Simulator X”? Isn’t the average age of that game like 10 years old? Who wrote that? Whoever wrote that maybe needs to be investigated. This is why the webcams maybe shouldn’t be on Roblox. That keeps popping up. Hot people play. I’m The Galloping Lizard. Are the Galloping Gecko. Ah! Whoa, cool backflip. I bring explosives to school. Am I supposed to donate to this? How many people have donated to an actual terrorist? Hey guys, guys, stop arguing. The galloping gecko says stop arguing. Do it for me, The Galloping Gecko. What the hell did you say to me? Are you old enough to be on voice chat? Who said that? Who put their two-year-old brother on the mic? The galloping gecko is pissed off now. Wait, what? No, I’m The Galloping Gecko. That’s a completely different… Stop, that’s a completely different animal. You sound like Flamingo. I sound like The Galloping Gecko. Oh, that makes sense. Maybe you’re Flamingo. I don’t know. This person’s vouching for me low-key. You’re actually Flamingo. Oh my gosh, my god, dude. I’m sick of this. I’m The Galloping Gecko. I’m gonna jump off a bridge in real life. I just can’t take it anymore. Come read my… I already saw it, man. I can’t fund terrorism. Look, man, I’m contemplating jumping off this to my death. I don’t have time to read your sign again. Me too, man. Life ain’t worth it. Alright, well, at least you’re not bringing explosives. Yeah, let’s jump together. Keep doing it because you’re asking a man on his deathbed for money. I’m really jumping now. You are misanimaling. I’m The Gecko. Hey, The Galloping Gecko has a question. If you’re raising Robux for your brother’s birthday, why is the money going to you, dude? You’re standing in front of the money. Look, some people have donated 3,000 Robux. She’s trying to cover it up. Look behind her. Help me be a greater sister. I don’t even think you have a brother. This is a bot. All Robux matters. Huh, dude, this bot says your name. This is actually a really advanced bot. I hate you. Oh, please, two Robux. No, please go subscribe to me and my friends. Bleep bleep bleep. Yeah, uh, definitely, man. Are these bots too? These are… Are these bots? Is there any real people in this game? These are bots. I can’t trust anything. No, not you. These guys. Making The Galloping Gecko real sad. This camera update kind of creepy. What do you mean, man? Look, I’m smiling at you in real life. I’m really blinking at you right now. Can you see me blinking at you? You’re my favorite YouTuber. What? You should come donate. I’m gonna go jump off a bridge. No, I think you should come donate. You made The Galloping Gecko sad. Look at the face cam with me running. Alright, guys, all in all, I think this is a pretty good update. Sorry if half this video is me going like this. You know, and I doubt that any of our info will be sold. I don’t think you have to worry about that. Let Roblox access your webcam. What’s the worst that can happen? And if you suddenly see their stock double, it does not mean that they sold it to anyone. Sold your info does not mean that, alright? It’s just a coincidence. And for legal reasons, I’m kidding. Yeah, it’s a pretty cool update. It looks weird on some of the faces, but those faces look horrible anyways. So, it’s not really to blame this… and this…

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘ROBLOX FACE TRACKING LOL’ by Flamingo