Ronaldo Prime: The Destruction

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Prime Ronaldo DESTROYED Everyone’ by MadridistaTV

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Video: Lyrics and football commentary featuring Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals, plays, and influence, with references to Cadillac, snacks, money, drugs, and moving like a gangsta, concluding with a subscription request.

Key Insights

  • The video contains a mixture of lyrics from a song and commentary from football matches featuring Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • The song lyrics include references to holding a view, getting lazy, searching for snacks, and mentioning the bulletproof Cadillac and the bag.
  • The football commentary highlights Ronaldo scoring goals and making impressive plays in various matches.
  • The video also includes the mention of Ronaldo's nickname, Cristiano, and his influence in the game.
  • There are additional lyrics about moving like a gangsta, references to money and drugs, and more mentions of Ronaldo's name.
  • The video ends with a channel subscription request.

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Hold that feel, mother get lazy
I got to hold your view, keep it trackin’ like 80
She’s such a n***a, so get cashin’
Don’t know where she at, don’t know where she at
It’s non-existent to the Spanish media at the moment
It’s Ronaldo! Brilliant!
Thank ya, and I really wanna know
Where, where, I’ma say
Where the snacks at? Who’s the city in the bulletproof Cadillac?
Cause I know these n****s know where the bag at
Gotta move smarter, gotta move harder
Give me five, I’ll walk the islands
That’s down on my son on my throne
I had the drink, go with me, bling
Lotta n****s out here playin’ ain’t cool
I got my whole arm in the rim, it’s cocky
And I know probably my whip is meaningless
Cause I know my body give the kick to the city
Paddy, let it sink, forget about it
Three goals at least
We’re gonna get an early one here
Ronaldo, Cristiano, Ronaldo
There we go, 45 seconds gone
Cristiano Ronaldo has scored again
I got to hold your view, keep it trackin’ like 80
She suck a n***a’s soul, got cash and food
Don’t know what my n***a knows, what’s next next
I’ma never sell my soul, n***a, thank that
And I really wanna know
Where, where, I’ma say
I been movin’ I’m out
He’s stealin’ with me, then he got the booze in the pouch
Yeah, I took her to the forest, put the wood in her mouth
Bitch, don’t wear no shoes in my house
When I’m flyin’ in, I don’t wanna fly again
I take my chance and try again
She suckin’ those dicks, no hands with it
I just make the road and play it like Atlantis, yeah
I’m the 2020 president, can it
I done put a hundred bands on some of my shit
I been movin’ real gangsta, so that’s what you think of me
Shawty call me Cristiano, cause I pop my dick
Got it out the mud, there’s nothin’ you can tell me
Yeah, when I had drugs, I was three wealthy
Yeah, I been cookin’ at the lot 12 bucks, 12 bucks, swipe
Bustin’ all the bells out the box
Had to see the link with the box
Had to put a stake in the box
I’ma hold that view, I’ma get lazy
I’ma hold that view, I’ma get lazy
She suckin’ niggas up, yeah, yeah, yeah
Don’t know why, but niggas know
I won’t ever sell my soul, no, no, no
And I really wanna know
I really wanna know
Time to attack, awaken from that slumber
Brilliant run there from Ronaldo
Cuts the game beyond doubt
Space here for Ronaldo
Can he exploit it? Oh, he most certainly can
There is cross, Ronaldo!
The cheeky boy Ronaldo wants it, Ronaldo gets it
Here’s Ronaldo, and there’s the opening goal
Just inside, the first quarter out
That clash of heads Ronaldo, he’s left Asso and Cotto on the floor
Xabi Alonso away as far as Cristiano Ronaldo
That’s clever for Di Maria
As Ronaldo picks up the ball
Cristiano Ronaldo leaves the defender on the floor
What can he do to the goalkeeper who left him staring?
Cristiano Ronaldo, he tries to face him
Cristiano Ronaldo goes for one, he goes for two
Cristiano Ronaldo shoots, he scores
Cristiano Ronaldo Brittany Dunne
That’s a horribly misplaced pass
Ronaldo will surely take advantage
Now Mr. Play’s lovely lay-off
He’s instigated something here, but Raptor is blocked
Dropping nicely on Ronaldo
Oh, it’s brilliant! He’s had a brilliant game, that was a top-class decision
This is Cristiano Ronaldo
Through the minefield of tackles
Ronaldo to Benzema, Benzema
Another top save
Which way will he go? Right or left? On to the left? On to the right? On to the right? On to the right? On to the right? On to the right?
Ronaldo spots a gap
What a lovely touch by Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano on the pass, Zizma leaves him a bit of space
Cristiano shoots
Ronaldo in the middle of the pitch, caught by Chica
He’s progressed, comes back to Ronaldo
His volley deflating, Kedira
Oh, what an interview
Here’s Ronaldo, on the left
Ronaldo, given a yard or two there to be counted
Ronaldo, given a yard or two there to be counted
Good position in the middle of the pitch
Cristiano Ronaldo bringing the away
A logo of the club
A logo of the club
A logo of the club
It’s Ronaldo
Ronaldo Parmavides and another
Still Ronaldo ..on Monday
Ronaldo to Benzema
To Ronaldo
Leaves the defender for dead
Ronaldo Oh dear, for once it doesn’t score
Stekler-Berg makes a brilliant save Ronaldo
Ronaldo leaves in awe of the defender for dead all Ronaldo
Clear of Huntsman Xabi Alonso
Alonso feeds Cristiano Ronaldo
Here he is, here he is
Toe-to-toe Rivalier
Leaves him in his wake
Ramos Bursting down this near side
With space
Touch off from Cristiano Ronaldo
Who took a knock in the first half
Ronaldo Ronaldo Santiago
Ronaldo Ronaldo Right-hand side, Briand
And that’s their best chance
But this is what I’m expecting
And this is what we’re seeing
Benzema looking for Ozil
Briand Clears it
Cristiano Ronaldo Toys with the defenders
Saved by Renat to deny Granero

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Prime Ronaldo DESTROYED Everyone’ by MadridistaTV