Samantha Maxis: The Evil in the Dark Aether – MW3 Zombies

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Samantha’s role in MW3 Zombies, her appearance in the cutscene, her time in the Dark Aether, and potential transfer of her soul are discussed.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses Samantha's role in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies and her appearance in the ending cutscene.
  • Samantha was last seen in Cold War Zombies, trapped in the Dark Aether, which takes place in the 80s.
  • Time in the Dark Aether works differently, so Samantha being in Modern Warfare 3 means a long time has passed for her.
  • The entity in the cutscene could potentially be Samantha, as it looks like a female and sounds feminine.
  • Samantha's innocence was restored by Dr. Monty, but she still possessed Dark Aether powers.
  • Samantha was corrupted by the Dark Aether in previous games, but in Black Ops 4, she was seen as a good person.
  • It is unclear whether Samantha has become evil again due to her time in the Dark Aether.
  • The phrase "let us in" could refer to Samantha and her Dark Aether minions.
  • The video questions whether Ava, the character in the cutscene, now has Samantha inside her.
  • The time difference and effects of the Dark Aether could greatly change Samantha over 40 years.
  • Since Modern Warfare 3 Zombies is a sequel, Samantha might not remain trapped in the Dark Aether.
  • Interactions between Samantha and Richtofen in Cold War suggest they may continue in the next game.
  • It is possible that Samantha transferred her soul into Ava, as hinted by Ava's purple eyes.
  • The future storyline will likely reveal whether the entity in the cutscene is Samantha or someone else.

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So, what is going on guys, I am Black Ops Amazing and welcome back to another video where today we’re going to be talking about Samantha’s role in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. What is she doing in this universe? Was that her we saw in the Modern Warfare 3 Zombies ending cutscene? The last time we saw her was in Cold War Zombies which took place in the 80s, Modern Warfare 3 takes place between 2019 and 2023, so a long time after and the last time we saw Samantha she was trapped in the Dark Aether and because time in the Dark Aether works different to reality, it is longer for example, 3 weeks in our world could equate to 3 months in the Dark Aether, along with all of the side effects that come along with it.

So, if this is Samantha Maxis that we saw in the ending cutscene, what does that mean for the storyline? Is she evil now or is she good in quotation marks? There are so many different questions, so let’s just go ahead and take a look at some of the possibilities that we could see in the future for this story.

Anyway, in the ending cutscene for Modern Warfare 3 Zombies we see Ava or Dr. Janssen turns off the Aether Neutraliser, as she’s doing that electricity beams from her hands, the Aether Neutraliser then explodes and a rift appears in the sky. Ava then gets sucked towards it and in front of her an entity comes out and says to Ava, let us in. Before she screams, the rift closes and Ava drops to the ground. She then opens her eyes and they are purple.

But the big question that everybody’s asking is, well, who is this entity? The main suspect being Samantha Maxis and there are a few reasons for that. If we go back to the end of Cold War Zombies, the last time that we saw Samantha, in the ending for the map Forsaken, she was battling against the Forsaken, which if you don’t know, was, if I had to describe him, the leader of every creature that resided in the Dark Aether, so the Mimics, the Manglers, the Disciples, the Zombies etc. The Forsaken, because of his ranking in the Dark Aether, all of these creatures were his army. But that changed when he was defeated. Samantha battled against him, we could see her here flying, she has her purple glowing eyes, shooting kind of aetherium crystals from her hands. And in order to rid the Forsaken, she flies into him, in which he is then contained inside of this device. In turn, also trapping Samantha within the Dark Aether. So that was the last time we saw Samantha in Cold War. She sacrificed herself to defeat the Forsaken.

We then had Vanguard Zombies, which was a prequel, so we heard nothing about it. And we now have Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, which takes place 40 years after, but that doesn’t mean it’s been 40 years for Samantha. So coming back to Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, the obvious person that comes to your mind when you see this entity coming out of this portal is Samantha. And if you just look at it, it does look like it might be a female. It almost looks like they’re wearing a dress. And when they say let us in, the voice sounds a little bit feminine. It could just be me. But 99% of people would say, this looks like it might be Samantha. It could be someone else, but I don’t know who that would be. I don’t think it would be a character that we know. So if it isn’t Samantha, it’s probably a new character, I suppose. And I’m just throwing this one out there. Could this be one of the transit characters? Because at the end of Black Ops 4, they became trapped in the Dark Aether. While I think it’s unlikely, I don’t think it’s impossible. I can’t see Treyarch doing that story-wise, but Rustman, Stuhlinger, Malton and Misty did become trapped in the Dark Aether. I’ll just leave that one hanging.

But to be honest, I think this is either Samantha or a completely new character. But let’s just say this is Samantha. When she says, let us in, I’m not going to lie, kind of sounds like something some evil person would say, but Samantha isn’t evil, right? If she sacrificed herself to get rid of the Forsaken, we saw all throughout Cold War, she was doing good deeds. Granted, slightly mischievous, but we know she’s a good person. And we also know that because when she was a child, there wasn’t really any point in time where she became corrupted. In a sense. She has been infected by the Dark Aether since her childhood. In Alpha Omega, we saw her use her powers to slice an apothecary in half and destroy Nuketown. The interesting thing about that is when Samantha was a child, a little bit later on in life, her innocence was supposed to have been restored by Dr. Monty. Unlike the child version of Eddie, who ever since we saw him was an innocent version of himself because his soul was taken as a child and then given to Dr. Monty, where he placed him in the house. So child Richtofen never got a chance to become corrupted. But Samantha was. During World at War and Black Ops 1 and BO2, she was infected by the Dark Aether, hence why she did all of the evil things we saw her do. The main one being she was in control of the zombies. But in the Buried Ending, when she travelled from that universe to the new one, Dimension 63 and reunited with her father in the house, it was at that point that Dr. Monty took her away. We don’t know where, but he restored her innocence, which you would think would also mean her powers would no longer exist. But we saw in Alpha Omega, they still did. She may not have been corrupted by the Dark Aether anymore. She wasn’t the evil child that we knew earlier on, but it seems like after her innocence was restored, she kept her Dark Aether powers. But she was good and she was still good the last time we saw her in Black Ops 4. At the end of Tagliatelton, when she travelled from that universe to Cold Wars, Samantha was an innocent child.

But one thing we know is since then, Samantha did get trapped in the Dark Aether again. And the Dark Aether does change people. It corrupts them. It corrodes their minds. As I mentioned earlier on, time in the Dark Aether works differently. Now, I don’t know the exact conversion. I’m pretty sure we’ve been told it once in the storyline. I’m just going off memory, so I could be totally wrong here. But in that map, Samantha was trapped in the Dark Aether for about three weeks. Now, taking that into consideration, if she became trapped once again in the Dark Aether in Cold War in the 80s, and Modern Warfare 3 is now in 2021-2022, 40 years later, what would that equate to in Dark A

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘SAMANTHA MAXIS IS EVIL! Trapped in The DARK AETHER (MW3 Zombies Storyline)’ by BlackOpsAmazing