Sigma vs Alpha: Communication Comparison

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How Sigmas and Alphas Communicate | The Ultimate Comparison’ by Bloke Box

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Alphas are loud and brash, while sigmas are low-key; sigmas win power struggles by staying aloof; alphas brag, sigmas avoid sharing personal info; alphas irritate women, sigmas attract them; alphas seek conflict, sigmas confront fiercely; both dislike gamma males; both maintain eye contact without fear; both engage in power talk without giving away information for free.

Key Insights

  • Alphas and sigmas have different styles of communication, with alphas being louder and brasher, while sigmas are more low-key and careful with their words.
  • Sigmas often win power struggles with alphas by remaining aloof and not engaging in their status games.
  • Alphas are sensitive to insults and disrespect, especially from low-status individuals, while sigmas understand the importance of giving alphas respect, especially in public settings.
  • Alphas frequently brag about their achievements and enjoy being seen as high-status individuals, whereas sigmas avoid sharing personal information and prefer to remain under the radar.
  • Alphas are extroverts and thrive on social interaction, while sigmas are introverts and recharge by withdrawing from the world.
  • Sigmas have a more refined sense of humor and rely on wit for making jokes, while alphas may resort to crude jokes or even mocking others.
  • Alphas can be irritating to women due to their arrogance and self-importance, but women are often attracted to them regardless. Sigmas, on the other hand, are appreciated by women for their mystery and indifference to social hierarchy.
  • Alphas actively seek out conflict, while sigmas are calmer and less inclined to engage unless necessary. However, when sigmas confront alphas, they do so with the same ferocity.
  • Both alphas and sigmas dislike gamma males, who resort to passive-aggressive behavior and seek revenge in subtle ways.
  • Both alphas and sigmas maintain eye contact, with alphas using it to challenge others, while sigmas do so calmly and without fear or aggression.
  • Both alphas and sigmas engage in power talk, leveraging important information and weaving multiple layers of meaning into their words to gain power and negotiate effectively. They never give away such information for free.

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Sigma males and alpha males have very different styles of communication. Although the alpha male is louder and brasher, he’s also more magnetic. He has an incredible ability to attract attention and make himself stand out. Sigmas, on the other hand, have a more low-key approach to communication. They choose their words carefully and avoid the spotlight.

In this video, we’ll take a deeper look at these two strategies. So, here are 11 ways that sigma and alpha males communicate.

11. Sigmas remain aloof to alpha male power struggles
Everybody has to deal with alphas in daily life. Alphas are the leaders who run most companies and organizations, but not everybody understands the way alphas communicate. Alphas use two main types of communication. Most of the time, they use casual conversation like everybody else, but they also have a more subtle type of communication that they use during power struggles.

Understand that alphas play status games. In other words, sometimes he will attempt to shift the power dynamics of the group by drawing attention to his superiority. This often involves bragging or putting other people down. Sigmas often win these power struggles because the ability to remain aloof will neutralize most alpha male tactics. If you remain aloof to his status games and let your actions do the talking, you will be immune to 90% of the tactics that alpha males use.

10. Alphas are sensitive to insults and disrespect
An alpha is a leader who cares deeply about reputation. So, alphas hate being disrespected by people who have low status. To him, it seems like you have no respect for his position. Who are you to insult an important person like him? He especially hates it if you disrespect him in front of people he’s trying to impress. So, if a sigma wants a harmonious relationship with an alpha male, he understands that giving the alpha some respect is non-negotiable, especially when other people are present. You can’t disrespect an alpha and still expect to work well with him. Weirdly, if the alpha thinks you have higher status than he does, he becomes much less sensitive. Alphas don’t care if their superiors show them disrespect, they just hate it when their inferiors do.

9. Alphas tend to brag about their achievements
When an alpha speaks to people, he often brings the topic of conversation back to his accomplishments. But people enjoy his stories because alphas are exceptional men who have crazy life experiences. Sigmas, on the other hand, avoid bragging about their accomplishments. They are private people who don’t like sharing personal information. They’ll actively avoid talking about themselves, finding clever ways to change the topic. Therefore, when a sigma and an alpha are talking, the sigma will let the alpha do most of the storytelling. Even if sigmas find these conversations tedious, they understand that alphas brag and there’s not really much you can do about it.

8. Alphas flex on people with lower status
Alphas love having high status so much that they want to show it off. Many alphas will buy expensive things so that their high status is obvious. Sometimes, they even overspend and go bankrupt. Alphas will drive nice cars, they will accumulate material objects like golf clubs, boats, or watches. They wear status symbols on their body, often expressing their high status through fashion and lifestyle. Alphas also like being seen in public with beautiful women. Sigmas, on the other hand, prefer to remain under the radar. They want their success to slip by unnoticed. If a sigma buys expensive things, it’s not because he wants to increase his social status. Rather, he buys expensive things because he has good taste. Sigmas also understand that flexing on low-status people will often make you a target. Alphas risk falling victim to being targeted, all because they want to show off their status.

7. Alphas are extroverts, sigmas are introverts
Alpha males are extroverts. In other words, social interaction makes them feel energized and rejuvenated. It gives them a feeling of inner happiness and purpose. Alphas love to talk for many hours, sharing lots of personal information. Sigmas, of course, are more introverted. They feel energized by withdrawing from the world and spending extended periods of time secluded. They love to get lost in intellectual or creative work. So when a sigma talks to an alpha, there will always come a point where he needs to escape the alpha’s presence. Sigmas will often cut the interaction short and make an excuse to leave the room. As soon as he gets away from extroverts, he feels more energized and more at peace.

6. Sigmas have a more refined sense of humor
Alphas want people to think they’re funny because being funny raises your social status. But they sometimes try too hard to raise a laugh and it makes them seem like buffoons. They might use crude jokes that make people cringe and laugh at the same time. Or they might even resort to cruelty, mocking people they deem to be lower status as a joke. Sigmas also enjoy humor, but they have a very different way of going about it. Because they have quick minds, they often rely on wit to make jokes. Sigma jokes often include wordplay and very witty responses. Also, sigmas are not trying to impress anybody, so they don’t mind making jokes that only they find funny. They might not even show any exterior sign of being amused, and they often laugh internally at their own jokes.

5. Alphas irritate women
Alphas irritate women far more often than sigmas do. From a mile away, women can spot an alpha’s arrogance and sense of self-importance. Women often judge alphas as obnoxious and annoying. And yet, women feel attracted to alpha males in spite of these negative judgments. This phenomenon is so common that it’s become a cliché. Everybody knows that women fall for jerks. This is another way of saying that women both hate and love alpha males at the same time. Understand that if a woman doesn’t like you, you probably will never know about it. But women don’t ignore alphas. On the contrary, they tend to give them a lot of attention. Sigmas, in contrast, lack the boastful and obnoxious qualities that irritate women. Women are attracted to sigmas for different reasons. In particular, they appreciate the sigma’s aura of mystery and his total indifference to the social hierarchy.

4. Sigmas and alphas have different approaches to conflict
Alphas are men who seek out conflict habitually. If an alpha spots a conflict incoming, he will run towards it, confront it, and get it over with as soon as possible. Alphas enter conflict and fight viciously for their own self-interests. They don’t care if they cause massive drama, and they’re good at conflict, so they often win. Plus, they enjoy the feeling of establishing dominance, and often other people involved in the conflict may feel beaten into submission. Sigmas remain calmer than alphas in daily life. They are less prone to anger and less inclined to enter conflict in the first place. But if a sigma decides to confront an alpha male, the sigma will also enjoy the battle because deep down, he enjoys a good challenge. And once a sigma has decided to engage, he enters the conflict with the same ferocity as an alpha. And quite often, it usually makes for a good battle because neither the alpha nor the sigma will submit.

3. Both alphas and sigmas dislike gamma communication
Gamma males want high status, but they lack the personal qualities needed to attain a high position. Gammas are also highly sensitive to status, except they don’t have the courage to enter conflict. Instead, they resort to passive-aggressive behavior, like little snarky remarks. They try to find backhanded ways of getting revenge, often holding grudges for long periods of time. You see this dynamic play out. A gamma will try to assume a position of power in a group, but the alphas and sigmas will immediately disregard him. The seething gamma will then look for subtle ways to get revenge. When the alphas or sigmas confront him, he’ll often start sulking and run from the situation. Both alphas and sigmas recognize gamma behavior from experience, and they both hate it. Alphas and sigmas will find reasons to stay away from gamma males and will often exclude them from social situations.

2. Both sigmas and alphas maintain eye contact
In nature, when animals make eye contact with each

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How Sigmas and Alphas Communicate | The Ultimate Comparison’ by Bloke Box