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This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Chosen One: 9 Clear Signs God Has Called Or Chosen You | Gracely Inspired’ by Gracely Inspired

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An insatiable hunger for righteousness, conviction, losing friends, trials, temptations, authority, persecution, divine dreams/visions, hatred for injustice, God consciousness.

Key Insights

  • Key Insights from the video:
  • Sign #1: An insatiable hunger for righteousness
  • Sign #2: Easily getting convicted
  • Sign #3: Losing friends
  • Sign #4: Facing trials and temptations
  • Sign #5: Being filled with authority
  • Sign #6: Experiencing persecution
  • Sign #7: Having divine dreams and visions
  • Sign #8: Developing a hatred for injustice
  • Sign #9: Becoming God conscious

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Nine Clear Signs You Will See When You’re Called or Chosen by God

Sign number one: An insatiable hunger for righteousness. One of the most apparent signs that God has called you is an unquenchable desire for the things of God. You will have a strong zeal and hunger for the things of God. This deep-burning passion will lead you to read the Bible, listen to sermons, and interact with other believers.

Sign number two: You easily get convicted. Another sign is that you will always feel convicted whenever you do something wrong. Your conscience will come alive, and you will have a sense of regret each time you do something sinful. This conviction is a good thing because it shows that the Spirit of God is purging you and helping you become a better person.

Sign number three: You will lose friends. When God calls you, it’s common to experience a change in your relationships. People you used to hang out with may not understand you anymore or distance themselves from you. This can be difficult, but God might remove them from your life to prevent them from hindering your calling.

Sign number four: Trials and temptations. Contrary to popular belief, temptations don’t stop when God calls you. In fact, you may face more intense trials and temptations, as the devil tries to discourage you. However, you should be confident that God is able to deliver you from temptations.

Sign number five: You will be filled with authority. When God calls you, He will bestow upon you power and authority. This authority comes from humility and grace, not from bossing people around. You may find yourself doing things you normally wouldn’t, such as preaching or praying for others. You will feel bold and confident, even in front of large crowds.

Sign number six: Persecution. God’s calling comes with glory but also attracts adversity. You may face criticism and judgment from others, including those who knew you before. Even fellow Christians may persecute you if they don’t understand your calling. However, remember that persecution is a sign of strength, and you have the courage to stand by your beliefs.

Sign number seven: Divine dreams and visions. God can communicate through dreams and visions, showing you your calling. You might dream of preaching or leading worship, seeing men of God minister to you, angelic visitations, or performing miracles in dreams. These are indications that God has chosen you.

Sign number eight: Hatred for injustice. When God calls you, you will develop a strong conviction against injustice and unrighteousness. You will feel compelled to stand against evil and speak out for the voiceless. You will be willing to take risks to champion righteousness and defend those who cannot fight for themselves.

Sign number nine: You will be God-conscious. A key sign of God’s calling is being constantly aware of God’s presence and seeking His opinion in everything you do. Your thoughts and actions will align with His will, and you will strive to serve the greater good. Your relationships will be positively impacted as you become more kind, compassionate, and forgiving.

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This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Chosen One: 9 Clear Signs God Has Called Or Chosen You | Gracely Inspired’ by Gracely Inspired