Signs of Demonic Possession: How to Identify them

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Signs that someone may be POSSESSED by a demon’ by Chris Stefanick Show

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Rare signs of possession include speaking unknown languages, possessing hidden knowledge, morphing facial features, and having superhuman strength, while levitation can occur in both evil and saintly contexts, with exorcists emphasizing their role as instruments of Jesus Christ’s power for liberation.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses preternatural manifestations and signs of possession.
  • Preternatural refers to things that are above human capabilities but not necessarily supernatural.
  • Three primary preternatural signs of possession mentioned are speaking languages never heard, occult knowledge, and things beyond human capacity.
  • Examples include speaking a defunct form of Phoenician, possessing information about one's childhood, and having theological knowledge not known to the possessed person.
  • Morphing or changing of facial features and superhuman strength are also mentioned as signs of possession.
  • Levitation is not always evil and can occur in cases of diabolic infestation or in the presence of saints.
  • The manifestations are rare and tightly under the control of the Lord.
  • The exorcist emphasizes that his power comes from Christ and he is merely an instrument.
  • The exorcist's role is to carry out the Lord's work in liberating individuals from possession.
  • The exorcist humbly acknowledges that it is ultimately Jesus Christ who accomplishes the liberation.
  • The exorcist warns against exorcists who appropriate credit for liberation, emphasizing that it is Christ who truly performs the act.

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[00:00:00] Hey, Chris here from The Christophanic Show, where we talk about how to live out God’s plan for you each and every day in your everyday life in a way that makes you more alive and more joyful. Check it out.

[00:00:17] Someone texted in, what does preternatural mean and what would the example of that manifestation be? Yeah, so it’s something that’s not supernatural, so it’s not divine in the sense of like say all of a sudden your arm is healed and the whole arm appears, that would be something that’s supernatural. Okay. These are, but they’re also things that are above nature, so they’re things that are above what human beings are capable of doing.

[00:00:45] So the three primary preternatural signs are, of possession, are speaking languages that they’ve never heard. So this, this, the first case that I dealt with, one of the preternatural signs is that he spoke a form of Phoenician that had been defunct for 3,500 years and he never finished high school. Okay, that’s a sign. Yeah, it’s a pretty good sign.

[00:01:06] The next one is- How the heck did you even find out it was Phoenician? We didn’t even know. It sounded quasi-Aramaic, so we wrote it down phonetically and had a philologist take a look at it and he said, we think this is how this language was spoken 3,500 years ago. Wow.

[00:01:25] And then the other one is occult knowledge. This comes in two forms. It’s information that they would never know. So like the first time you’ll meet somebody, all of a sudden they start talking about things that happened in your childhood that they don’t even know who you are. But then the other one is actually scientific knowledge. So the case I’m working with right now, the things that come out of this demon’s, this person’s mouth under the control of the demon are theological distinctions that there’s no way this woman could ever know these kinds of theological distinctions. There was one particular that he had gave and I’m just like, there’s no way she could ever know that distinction, because it’s such a fine-tuned distinction that unless you’re knowledgeable about theological manuals in the last 100 years in Latin, you’re not just coming across that distinction practically nil.

[00:02:11] And then the last one is those things that are beyond human capacity. The primary thing that we see is morphing, it’s where people change shape. So in this first case that I had, my nickname for him was Charlie Brown. He was a good guy, I really liked him, but as soon as he would manifest, he had normal proportions, his face would go completely round and instantaneously turn red like a beach ball. So you’ll see those kind of morphing or changing of facial features that are beyond human capacity to do. It can also be superhuman strength. Have you experienced levitation and stuff like that too? Yeah, I have seen levitation. It’s one of those things though, it’s not, we call it a secondary sign of possession, it’s not necessarily a primary or a preternatural sign. And the reason being is, is because it can actually occur under two different things outside that context. If you’re in a building where the level of diabolic infestation is high enough, people have been known to levitate in those situations. And they themselves are not possessed, but they might levitate.

[00:03:08] Right, that’s right, they’re not possessed. The other one is that actually saints have levitated. So that- It’s not always evil. It’s not always evil. But once you see some other preternatural sign, then you know that that’s diabolic. So I have seen it. People say, well, have you seen that stuff in Hollywood? Yeah, I’ve seen pretty much everything you see in Hollywood. But it’s not, it’s in most of the time where you’re doing sessions, you’re gonna just see morphing and that’s just about it because God, I think, requires them so that you know they’re present.

[00:03:41] Okay. And that you know you’re talking to someone other than the person who’s possessed. But those other things, you do see them, but they’re rare, they don’t occur. And usually they might occur like in the beginning or towards, it’s what we call stage four, which is towards the end. You’ll see them then, but you just don’t see them too frequently.

[00:04:03] All this is very tightly under the Lord’s control. Completely. He allows just enough to give you what you need to do your job. That’s exactly correct. In fact, that’s one of the things that sometimes people will say, maybe you just didn’t pray for harder, Father.

[00:04:17] And that’s why you didn’t pray hard enough. That’s why you didn’t see the sign. No, what that’s a sign of is that Christ will make sure that I see something that I need to see in order to be able to realize, okay, now we need to proceed to solemn exorcism.

[00:04:31] I like starting with the ordinary questions I asked, because it helps paint the picture that you’re continuing to paint right now, that this is just a guy showing up to work. No one would expect that at all. That’s right. Well, and therein lies the story, because the thing is, in fact, I had a childhood friend of mine once, he says, because he knew I was an exorcist, and he said, you’re one of the most powerful people around. I said, no, I’m not. I have no power. I have zero power. In fact, Christ is without me. You can do nothing. You know that. He didn’t say some things. Yeah, well, yeah.

[00:05:03] He said nothing. He said nothing. And it’s totally true, because you’ll get in session, and you’ll command the demon, he does nothing. He doesn’t have to do anything unless God tells him, but then he knows that he has to obey the exorcist under certain circumstances, because God has told him, you have to do what he tells you to do.

[00:05:20] And so they obey you. It’s very humbling. Yeah. It makes you realize that this is, it’s ultimately Jesus Christ that liberates, not me. It’s ultimately him who makes them do anything. And you’re just, you’re the instrument. I’m just the instrument. There’s something to carry all of us to whatever we accomplish. It’s the Lord. It wasn’t a psalm that said that you’ve accomplished all that we’ve done. That’s right. Exactly.

[00:05:44] And we sometimes confuse the secondary cause with the primary cause of all things. We make a false distinction that the Lord is just, he’s the Lord of everything. He’s the one that’s doing everything. He’s the Lord of everything. Yeah.

[00:05:59] And the demons are going to say, you can’t make me do this. And I’ll just look at him and say, no, I can’t, but he can. And then they comply immediately because they know that it’s ultimately, I recognize that it’s ultimately God that’s actually doing this.

[00:06:14] This is one of the reasons why if you ever see an exorcist appropriating things, like saying things like, I liberated this woman. No, you didn’t do anything of the sort. Christ liberated her. They’re falling into a dangerous space.

[00:06:28] Did you like that

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Signs that someone may be POSSESSED by a demon’ by Chris Stefanick Show