Signs of Witchcraft Attack: Are You a Target?

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Clear Signs You’re Under Witchcraft Attack’ by Mumbi Inspired

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Witchcraft can cause sleep paralysis, sexual molestation, unexplained sickness, mind oppression, confusion, lack of confidence, spirit of slumber, praying helps.

Key Insights

  • Witchcraft is a real phenomenon that can affect people's lives.
  • Sleep paralysis is a sign of witchcraft, where a person feels a presence in their room and is unable to move or speak.
  • Sexual molestation in dreams or half-awake states can also be a result of witchcraft.
  • Unexplained sickness that doctors cannot diagnose or treat may indicate witchcraft.
  • Mind oppression and confusion, along with feelings of self-doubt and lack of confidence, can be signs of witchcraft.
  • The spirit of slumber, where a person falls asleep while reading the Bible or is unable to stay awake during spiritual activities, can be a result of witchcraft.
  • It is important to pray against witchcraft and seek spiritual strength to overcome its effects.

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Swali Nomu mni mwenye zile sheria waiezi chancha nhumbani price kwa chuo masambao wenyeadu mwanye lakini na weni nimmtia ya Chajunudi Na nakwakuutisha waezi hivongwa yakantama akinifanya lakini halini univyoki Ou waiuki iniane nawisota a Radio A Na uwezee Professional Lana Madansana Tukuwa Shizuko Natutele hivyo notume yana hikosa Kal finishes Nah lohaba mukama msi Univoy Nu Univoy Univvoy Una Laks haar Na Una Univoy Univoy Kwama mojike Kunga na U好 Una Una Shizuko Kanini Tuko Una Univoy Na Una Univoy Univoy U U Variant Variant U Av Variant Variant Variant Hokkaini Univoy Volume Hallelujah declares the lord he has declared that he will fight for you and you win this battle hallelujah so if you are experiencing signs of witchcraft in your life things are falling apart and it’s due to witchcraft i don’t want you to be scared because power belongs to jesus hallelujah you know that power belongs to the lord so any other power is under the power of jesus christ and you will overcome only in that name the name of jesus christ here is how you will know that witchcraft is at play in your life the first one i’ll talk about is sleep paralysis this is what many experience and this is a sign that there’s witchcraft going on in your life feeling that way is not normal where you are sleeping and you sense the spirit being in the room sometimes you see a dark shadow and you don’t know what to do you are paralyzed and most of the time this happens when you’re about to sleep you’ve just started sleeping and you feel something next to you but you cannot do anything you cannot open your mouth you feel paralyzed you cannot move you cannot do anything you want to fight this thing that is coming on you but you cannot do it you are so weak this is what witchcraft does before they enter they will do some voodoo they will send some spells that will put you into sleep or bind you the way you bind demons in the name of jesus witches they do the same before they can enter into your house they will do things like that they will paralyze you they will make sure that you are weak so that you cannot fight back so this spirit being comes and it can even sleep with you can do all sorts of evil against your life and you’ll be there tormented but you cannot fight back this is the sign that witchcraft is at play in your life many have been sexually molested in the dream sometimes it’s not even in the dream it happens when you’re half awake you can even see what is happening you can sense this spirit being in the room and you cannot do anything you feel so bound you can sense that it’s coming on you it’s coming to squeeze you or do something against you i remember the feeling i had that i cannot forget this spirit being entered in the room i was sleeping and i had just fallen asleep i just felt someone touching my body and in my ear i felt like someone was putting a tongue in my ear you know how ticklish that is and i was so paralyzed i didn’t know what to do i couldn’t move and that is the time that you cannot even open your mouth to say in the name of jesus that was many years ago and if i knew what i know today i would have been aware i would have known that that was witchcraft and many of you these things are happening and it gets worse where every night you see a spirit being you even know that now this thing is going to come and you’ll be sexually molested that is very scary but fear not that’s what your father says hallelujah he knows you are going through that and he says he will fight for you i know that you have to position yourself make sure that you are not opening doors to the enemy and psalm 91 will cover you in the mighty name of jesus hallelujah the lord is on your side and no evil shall come near your dwelling if you

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Clear Signs You’re Under Witchcraft Attack’ by Mumbi Inspired