Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to know if your girlfriend is secretly flirting with other guys’ by Sunshine Girl Podcast by Jessica OS

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Women flirt for various reasons, signs of your girlfriend flirting: secretive phone, wandering eyes, care of appearance, touchy-feely, acting differently, concern from friends, gut feeling; if she is flirting, discuss boundaries or consider ending the relationship.

Key Insights

  • Women flirt for various reasons: sex, fun, exploring, relational, esteem, instrumental
  • Signs that your girlfriend may be flirting with other guys include being secretive with her phone, having wandering eyes, taking extra care of her appearance, being touchy-feely with others, acting differently with certain individuals, concern from trusted friends, and your gut feeling.
  • If your girlfriend is flirting, you can relax as it may be unintentional on her part or a difference in definitions. Consider if you're also guilty of flirting and have a conversation with her about your concerns and setting boundaries. If she's not willing to change or respect the relationship, it may be best to walk away.

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Title: How to Know if Your Girlfriend is Flirting with Other Guys

Description: In this video, I highlight why women flirt, how to know if your girlfriend is flirting, and what to do about it.

[00:00:00] Intro:
Welcome back. My name is Jessica, and this is my YouTube channel. Today’s video is sponsored by Passion Air, an airline that operates in Ghana. Whenever you visit the motherland, make sure to fly Passion Air. They’ll be more than happy to take you from one Ghanaian city to the next. Go to to book your ticket now.

[00:00:33] Why Women Flirt:
So why do women flirt? Number one: sex. When a woman flirts with a man she’s sexually attracted to, it usually means she’s signaling her interest. Number two: fun. Some women love to flirt just for the sport of it. They enjoy the attention and can’t help themselves. However, they may forget that flirting can hurt others. Number three: exploring. Women flirt to practice relationships and discover more about potential partners. But if her intentions are malicious, she may flirt to make you uncomfortable or humiliate you. Number four: relational. Women flirt to increase intimacy in their relationships. They use flirtation as a way to keep their partners mentally and physically stimulated. Number five: esteem. Some women flirt to boost their own self-worth. By having men drawn to them, they feel loved, wanted, and important. It’s an ego boost. Number six: instrumental. Flirting can be used as a means to get something from another person. Many flirters have an agenda, using their charm to manipulate others for personal gain.

[00:04:00] How to Know if Your Girlfriend is Flirting with Other Guys:
Now, let’s discuss how to know if your girlfriend is flirting with other guys. Here are some signs to watch for:

[00:04:11] 1. They’re shady with their phone:
If your girlfriend starts texting in secret or deleting texts, it may indicate inappropriate behavior. Having a new lock screen code and being secretive about texts and phone calls suggests the presence of an overly flirty text buddy.

[00:04:33] 2. She has wandering eyes:
It’s normal to glance at attractive strangers, but if your partner openly gawks at others while you’re together, it shows a lack of respect for your relationship. Consider how she might act when you’re not around.

[00:04:50] 3. They have a newly polished appearance:
If your girlfriend suddenly starts dressing up or looking sharp for other people, it may be cause for concern. Ask yourself why she desires to dress up all the time. It could indicate she’s flirting with someone else.

[00:05:06] 4. They’re touchy-feely:
Getting touchy-feely with others is a clear form of flirting. It’s disrespectful to engage in physical intimacy with others when you’re in a relationship. Have a serious discussion if this behavior occurs, unless you’re in an open relationship.

[00:05:25] 5. They act differently with different people:
If your partner is neutral towards everyone but shows special interest and enthusiasm for a specific person, it could be a sign of flirty behavior. Pay attention if your girlfriend shows particular interest in a friend.

[00:05:42] 6. Trusted friend’s concerns:
Friends often notice red flags before we do. If a trusted friend expresses concerns about your girlfriend’s flirty behavior, listen to them. They provide an outside perspective and may reveal things you haven’t noticed.

[00:06:00] 7. Trust your gut feeling:
Sometimes, you may not have evidence, but your intuition tells you something isn’t right. If your gut feeling persists, have a conversation with your partner about trust and boundaries.

[00:06:12] What to Do if Your Girlfriend is Flirting with Other Guys:
If you discover your girlfriend is flirting with other guys, here are some steps you can take:

[00:06:20] 1. Relax:
Consider that she may not even realize that she’s flirting. Women can be friendly without intending to flirt. Communicate and understand each other’s definitions of flirting.

[00:06:33] 2. Introspection:
Reflect on your own behavior. If you’re guilty of flirting with other women, don’t expect her to make compromises. Be aware that your friendly gestures may be perceived as flirtation by her.

[00:06:49] 3. Talk to her:
Express which actions make you uncomfortable and ask her to respect your relationship. Set boundaries and discuss what makes you both unhappy. Clear communication is key.

[00:07:01] 4. Walk away:
If your girlfriend is unwilling to change or address your concerns, it may be a sign that she’s not ready to commit to the relationship. Respect yourself and find a partner who values your relationship and respects your boundaries.

[00:07:17] Outro:
Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed the video, smash the like button and don’t forget to subscribe. I’ll catch you in the next one.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to know if your girlfriend is secretly flirting with other guys’ by Sunshine Girl Podcast by Jessica OS