Skullcrusher Raid: Best Build & Masteries for Brutal, NM, UNM

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘BEST Skullcrusher Build & Masteries for Brutal, NM, UNM | Raid: Shadow Legends’ by Briggz5d

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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Skull Crusher excels at increasing team damage, can provide ally protection and counterattack, ignores debuffs, and works well in clan boss battles, arena defense, and Doom Tower, requiring high defense and lifesteal.

Key Insights

  • Skull Crusher is a champion in Raid Shadow Legends that excels at multiplying your team's damage.
  • His A1 skill applies a 50% heal reduction on the enemy, but it's not necessary for the clan boss fight.
  • His A2 skill places 50% ally protection and counterattack for two turns while also granting himself an unkillable buff for one turn.
  • His passive decreases the duration of all debuffs on him by one turn, allowing him to ignore most debuffs.
  • Skull Crusher is a must-have champion that is useful throughout your Raid career and works well in Brutal, Nightmare, and Ultra Nightmare clan boss battles.
  • In the arena, Skull Crusher can be used in a defense team with his unkillable and counterattack abilities.
  • His speed is usually low to sync with the clan boss turn order, but he can be built faster for other game modes like arena.
  • Skull Crusher shines in the clan boss, Doom Tower, and faction wars, but is not commonly used in other parts of the game like Dragon or campaign runs.
  • He should be built with high defense and lifesteal to maximize his survivability.
  • Crit rate is important for healing through War Master procs.
  • Skull Crusher synergizes well with champions that provide ally protection, increased defense, decreased defense, decreased attack, weaken, and poison.
  • With the right team and build, Skull Crusher can help achieve impressive damage results, even up to one-keying Nightmare clan boss.

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[00:00:00] There are very few champions in Raid Shadow Legends that can take your clan boss damage and double it. The champion I’m talking about in this video is, what’s his name now, Skull Crusher. He’s one of those champions in Raid that does such an awesome job at multiplying your entire team’s damage. So I want to do this highlight video and show you how I use him in my clan boss build. If you get him early in the game, don’t forget about it, you’ve already beaten the clan boss. If you get him later in the game, he’ll still serve you all to the end. He’s one of those champions that you must take to 60 and use your entire Raid career. So let’s get right into it. I currently have a clan boss run right now going, so I want to show you his abilities. He only has two abilities and one passive. So the first one is an A1 skill. He attacks, you know, and does a 50% heal reduction on the enemy. For clan boss, you do not want this skill to land because remember, you’re trying to fill all the clan boss bar with damage and poison and all that. You don’t want him to put heal reduction. Why? Because the clan boss does not heal himself. So this skill is not necessary. His damage is based on defense. For his A2 skill, he places 50% ally protect. That means he’ll put it on the allies and he will take the damage that the allies take. He also places a counter attack, all for two turns. And when the allies get hit, they’ll hit back the enemy that hits them. So while he’s taking all those damages, he places an unkillable on himself for one turn. That means if the allies take too much damage and all the damage gets him to zero health, he will not die without unkillable on himself. So that unkillable is only for one turn, but the ally protect lasts for two turns. So that might be dangerous for him because the second turn of the unkillable has fall off and then the ally protect is still on the allies. So sometimes he takes too much damage from that. For his passive, it decreases the duration of all debuffs on this champion by one turn. So whatever the debuff you place on him, by the time it takes a turn, he will wipe it off. Except the debuffs is for two turns, then it will apply on him. So those one turn stuns, one turn, um, um, many, many debuffs, whether it’s decreased attack, decreased defense, anything that the enemies place on him, he will simply ignore it and take his turn. Whether he sleep this champion, he will wake up and take his turn. But stun sometimes doesn’t make his skill reset. That’s why you don’t want him taking this turn in the clan boss fight. So by the end of this run, I’ll show you his build, his masteries and everything, but just let’s see him in action, how he works and help the team. So for this battle, I’ll put on my ally protect right now and counter attack. And when the clan boss takes a turn, I’ll slow it down. So all the allies currently are doing the counter attack right now because skull crusher here has put the counter attack on them. They have not taken their turn yet. This is all counter attack damage. Now this is still counter attack damage and now this is them taking their turns. So this is what skull crusher brings to the team. None of them took any much damage from that clan boss hit. He will protect them and he will take all the damage. So if you want to fast forward this to the end, I’ll put in some timestamps in this video so you can know where you next to see his build and masteries.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘BEST Skullcrusher Build & Masteries for Brutal, NM, UNM | Raid: Shadow Legends’ by Briggz5d