Skyrim Combat Mods: The Ultimate Overhaul

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘My ULTIMATE Skyrim Combat Overhaul | Best Combat Mods’ by SoftGaming

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
The video showcases a combat overhaul for Skyrim with various mods that enhance stamina, blocking, hitboxes, attacks, combat variation, movement, dodging, camera, NPC behavior, and visual effects; the full mod list can be found in the video description, and the Nemesis engine is crucial for these mods.

Key Insights

  • The video is about a combat overhaul for Skyrim.
  • The main mod used is called Valhalla Combat, which changes how stamina works, introduces timed blocking, and adds stun and execution.
  • The Precision mod adds accurate hitboxes and additional effects like hitstop and camera shake.
  • The Attack, Modern Combat Overhaul, Distar Experience mod allows chaining attacks and introduces attack commitment.
  • Additional mods for combat variation and control include cancel attack, ashes of war weapon art, wider block angle, and dual wield parrying.
  • Stagger is addressed with three mods: poise, stagger overhaul, and poise breaker addon.
  • True directional movement gives full 360-degree movement with a lock-on function.
  • Dodge mechanics can be added with mods like dynamic dodge animation mod.
  • Smooth Moveset improves combat transitions, while SmoothCam allows camera editing.
  • NPC mods like Scar and Ashes of War for NPCs enhance enemy combat behavior.
  • Visual effect mods like Dynamic Impact Slash FXX, Separated Slash FXX, and Eviscerate Weapon Sounds Redesigned add intensity and realism to combat.
  • The full mod list and load order can be found in the description of the video. The Nemesis engine is important for these mods to function.

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Hey everyone, welcome back. Today is all about combat, where we will explore a modern Skyrim combat system. This overhaul will focus on a collection of combat mods, with an emphasis on a more responsive and reaction-based system, while still keeping that fast-paced action style we all love.

There are quite a few mods in this setup, so I’ve tried to break down the video into sections as best I can. To start, there are 3 core mods that I use for this combat overhaul that are fairly commonplace.

Firstly is our main mod called Valhalla Combat. The main feature of this mod changes how stamina works in Skyrim. Your light attacks now cost stamina to perform, however, if your attack connects with its target, you will gain stamina instead. This is designed to make combat more fast-paced, where you can regenerate your stamina fairly quickly to perform more deadly power attacks, but will penalize you if you miss. If you do deplete all your stamina, you will enter a state of exhaustion, making you more vulnerable to your enemies.

The other main feature of this mod is timed blocking, allowing you to perform a timed or perfect block to stagger your opponent and replenish your stamina. This can be a little too strong, so I do recommend in the MCM to enable stamina blocking, which makes blocking an attack cost stamina instead. You can also block projectiles, and if timed perfectly, deflect the projectile back at the sender. Again, this can be very powerful, so make sure the timed block settings aren’t too high in the MCM.

The final feature of this mod is stun and execution, where every NPC and creature has a stun meter that depletes as you attack, and when fully depleted, indicated by the flashing red bar, you can perform an execution to kill them instantly. While this might seem overpowered, it’s fairly rare to happen and helps with enemies that can often be damaged sponges. Altogether, this mod redesigns how combat works for a more fast-paced and aggressive playstyle.

This second core mod is called Precision, which contains many useful features, with the main one being the addition of accurate hitboxes, allowing for better, more accurate collisions in combat. More specifically, this fixes the reach of a lot of weapons, so you can’t just wildly swing your weapon and expect to hit your target.

Other features include a weapon swing effect with another mod called Precision Trail Replacer, which makes it look a little more simple and better in my opinion. It also features both hitstop and camera shake, which add impact to both your and your enemies’ attacks by either slowing time or giving the camera a subtle shake. Recoil is another added feature which adds a recoil animation when you hit a solid object. All of these features can be adjusted or completely disabled in an extensive MCM. For me personally, I have disabled weapon impacts and player recoil for a more pleasing combat experience.

And the last core mod of this setup is the attack modern combat overhaul Distar Experience. This mod adds the ability to chain attacks together and create powerful combos with unique animations, as well as introducing attack commitment, meaning you can’t move your character or change direction once you have committed to an attack. This is the main mod where the attack animations come from, and there are many different attack movesets for you to try. It really comes down to your own personal preference. I do have another video that features many of these different movesets available, but if there is one I want to recommend, it’s the twin-blade animations, which are just incredibly satisfying to play with.

Two other mods that are soft requirements for attack MCO, but I highly recommend, are one-click power attack, which separates your power attack onto a separate key, so you can begin and chain different combos with power attacks, creating a vastly better combat experience. And the other is the no recoil mod, which prevents the recoil animation when performing an attack. Without this mod, your combos will be getting continuously interrupted, which can become increasingly frustrating to play.

Moving on from the core mods are a few extra mods to make your combat more varied and give you the player more control. First is a great mod simply called Cancel Attack, which, as suggested, will let you cancel your attack. The attack modern combat overhaul can have some very long recovery animations, making combat feel slow at times and leaving you in a very vulnerable state. This mod simply allows you to have a hotkey that will cancel your attack animation, no matter what is happening. I found this allows you to react to the combat scenario and provides you with more control over the situation, as well as making combat feel more fluid and fast-paced.

Then we have another mod called Ashes of War Weapon Art, via Additional Attack, which uses the Additional Attack framework to implement a variety of special attacks to your game. The Additional Attack mod will allow you to create a hotkey to perform another attack besides your basic and power attacks, that we will call a special attack. The Ashes of War mod then provides over 70 different animations or abilities for you to choose from. There is a huge variety here, with simple shield bashes, or more extravagant weapon throwing or spinning attacks. Whatever you choose, it adds another string to your bow in combat and allows another angle for you to approach your target.

The next section is all about blocking. Now while Holocombat will be used as the main system to provide timed and projectile blocking features, there are extra block-related mods to add on top.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘My ULTIMATE Skyrim Combat Overhaul | Best Combat Mods’ by SoftGaming