Smart Scout: Amazon Seller Database Review

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Amazon Seller Database Review by Smartscout’ by Smartest Amazon Seller

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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Marketplace Pulse,, and SmartScout are tools discussed for Amazon seller research, with SmartScout offering a free trial and a discount with the code “Smart YouTube”, while the video encourages liking, subscribing, and visiting the homepage for more information.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses three different tools or databases for Amazon seller research.
  • Marketplace Pulse is a free directory that lists the top Amazon sellers based on seller feedback and reviews.
  • is a lead generation tool that allows you to specify the types of sellers you want to work with, but it comes at a cost of almost a dollar per lead.
  • SmartScout is a tool with a seller map feature where you can find top Amazon sellers in specific locations. It also offers a database with additional data such as assigned revenue, brands, and growth rates of sellers. There is a free trial available, and it serves about 10 different marketplaces.
  • The video suggests trying out SmartScout with a discount available by using the promotion code "Smart YouTube".
  • The video concludes with a call to action to like, subscribe, and visit the homepage for more information on the tools mentioned.

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So, let’s talk Amazon seller databases. That happens to be something that I know a fair amount about. I’ve been an Amazon seller for about 10 years and I’ve built some software tools that actually show off what Amazon sellers do and how many there are. But I want to talk about some three different tools or databases that I think you could find a lot of value in.

There’s various reasons for wanting to work with Amazon sellers. Say you’re a service provider. That’s obvious. You want to find the best sellers. Maybe you like looking at other people’s strategies that are successful on Amazon and you can see what works for them. You could find some selling opportunities for yourself. A lot of resellers use this tactic.

Okay, let me talk about three that I like. So Marketplace Pulse has a directory of the top Amazon sellers. They base this off of their reviews alone, the seller feedback that they have. And you could go to their website and look for about the first thousand. That’s what they give you and you can see the top companies. Click through, see their storefront. Their list is free and this is a great way just to, you know, get excited.

The next one costs money, but it is great for lead generation. That is I’ve used this, found value in their data. It’s not perfect, but you’re going to be paying for about almost a dollar per lead. But you can actually specify the types of sellers that you want to work with, so pretty cool.

The final tool, which is the one that I’ve been working on for several years, is SmartScout. SmartScout has a lot of data around Amazon sellers. For starters, we built a seller map. You can look at any state in the U.S., you can look at any country in the U.S. and find the top Amazon sellers in that location. So it’s really cool to look at Manhattan, look at Los Angeles, look at China and just see, you know, the tons of Amazon sellers. Then we also just have an outright database. But what makes our database a little bit more special is we actually assign revenue. We show the brands that a seller has. We show their growth rates. Is this seller growing or are they shrinking? We do have a free trial for the tool. We have a lot of plans that make this actually a very inexpensive way to have access to the millions of sellers on Amazon worldwide. And SmartScout serves about 10 different marketplaces.

So these are the tools that I can recommend. I use them and find a lot of value in them. If you want to try out SmartScout, we do have a promotion that’s Smart YouTube. If you type that in, you will get a discount of your first few months. So check it out. The seller map is on our homepage and you can really see what’s underneath the hood really easily. So thank you for watching. Like and subscribe if you would. It means a lot to us. And we’ll see you later.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Amazon Seller Database Review by Smartscout’ by Smartest Amazon Seller