Streaming Amazon Prime on Discord: A Guide

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to Watch Amazon Prime Video with your Friends on DISCORD’ by Chupacabra Tutorials

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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Tutorial: How to host Amazon Prime watch party over Discord, paid subscription required, Chrome workaround, sync with friends, no piracy, and subscribe at the end.

Key Insights

  • The video is a tutorial on how to host an Amazon Prime video watch party with friends over Discord.
  • A paid subscription to Amazon Prime is required for this to work.
  • Streaming Amazon Prime video using Google Chrome may not display properly, so the workaround is to use Firefox.
  • If you prefer using Chrome, you can disable hardware acceleration in both your browser settings and Discord user settings to avoid the black screen problem.
  • Discord usually doesn't provide audio when screen sharing, but you can designate Firefox (or any other browser) as a game in Discord's activity settings to enable audio.
  • By following these steps, you will be able to sync up with your friends and enjoy a watch party with audio and video.
  • This tutorial emphasizes that it is not a way to get Prime video for free or engage in piracy activities.
  • The host encourages viewers to like and subscribe before ending the video.

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All right, welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Chupacabra Tutorials channel. I’m your host, Larry, and today I’m going to show you how to host an Amazon Prime video watch party with your friends over Discord.

Now before we get started, I just want to preface this with a disclaimer that says this does require a paid subscription to Amazon Prime, just like watching this with your family on the couch in your living room, you still have to be paying for the service in order for this to work. This isn’t a workaround. This isn’t some way of getting Prime video for free. This is not a piracy thing. This is just how to have a watch party with your friends so you can all be synced up at the same time when watching the same video together.

So with that in mind, let’s get started. So the first thing you have to do to get this to work is you actually have to be inside of a voice channel that you can stream from inside of Discord. Now normally what you would do is you’d probably stream your screen to your friends by just grabbing the Amazon Prime video and then going live. But the main problem is for the most part, when you try to use things like Google Chrome, this won’t actually show anything.

If you look over here in the stream, I can see it on my end, but OBS can’t see this video playing over here and it also doesn’t show up inside of the player. So there’s a workaround for this. The easiest way is to simply stream Prime video using Firefox. It’s a free download, quick install, and then that can be your easy go-to streaming web browser and then you won’t have the issue of a black screen.

If you do want to keep using Chrome or your web browser of choice, all you have to do is go into your settings and disable hardware acceleration inside of your browser and then restart your browser. And then similarly, you can go into your user settings of Discord and then go down to advanced and then disable hardware acceleration here as well. And then that will allow you once Discord is restarted to get rid of the black screen problem.

Now if you don’t want to do that because it’s either a pain in the butt or it’s laggy because hardware acceleration is extremely helpful, then you’ll want to just go ahead and use Firefox. You can see already in my preview of OBS that this is already working. You can see this. So the one problem is that it’s black screening.

The other problem is normally when you stream through Discord, you don’t actually get any audio when you screen share. To get around this, all we have to do is tell Discord that Firefox or whatever browser you want to use is, in fact, a game.

So you go back to your user settings, you go down here under activity settings to registered games, and then you click on this little button here at the top that says add it. And we’re just going to type in Firefox. So that will show up as Amazon Prime because that’s what’s currently up on Firefox. And then we can stream directly from it by clicking this button in the lower left hand corner next to the name, and this will give us the option to screen capture that application as if it was a full screen game.

Now when we click the play button and you click inside of here, you should start to see the actual stream itself appear. Right now it’s just like the rated TV 14 pop up. But if we give it a moment or four, just pop ahead there, you can see you can actually see the stream in the video preview.

And now with this methodology, you should be able to see the video, hear the video, and enjoy a watch party with your friends just like you do when you’re sitting on the couch at home. But again, this is not some way of like getting around Amazon’s protections or stealing an account or anything like that. This requires you to have a paid subscription to Amazon Prime, just like if you were watching a video on the couch at home with your family or your friends.

So I hope you found this video tutorial helpful. I’ve been your host, Larry. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, and I’ll catch you next time. Bye everybody and have a good one.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to Watch Amazon Prime Video with your Friends on DISCORD’ by Chupacabra Tutorials