Surviving the 3 Days of Darkness: Insights from Mystics and Saints

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Surviving the Three Days of Darkness According to Mystics and Saints’ by Quo Vadis

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The video explores three days of darkness prophecy and preparation.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses the topic of surviving the three days of darkness according to mystics and saints.
  • The three days of darkness refer to a prophecy of three days of physical darkness that will occur as a punishment and purification of the Earth.
  • Mystic and saint Anna Maria Teige predicted various events and saw a mystical sun that allowed her to see the state of consciousness, revolutions, wars, and the punishments and rewards of the wicked and the good.
  • The end-time purification is not the final judgment but a prejudgment of the living, leading to the restoration of the Catholic Church and Christian civilization.
  • After the purification, a heavenly age will begin, and all religions will supposedly convert to Catholicism.
  • The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is mentioned in various apparitions, and St. Peter and St. Paul will appear, preaching throughout the universe and appointing a Pope.
  • The three days of darkness are considered a minor tribulation of the end times, and the second coming of Christ is still awaited.
  • Only those with the spirit of humility will resist the three days of darkness, and the use of blessed candles is recommended.

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In this video, we share information about surviving the three days of darkness according to mystics and saints. According to their visions, who will survive these three days? The Old and New Testaments confirm that during the end times, a great purification known as the judgment of the nations and the end times will occur. This doesn’t mean it’s the end of history or the earth. During these troubled times, Christ’s enemies will be defeated, and many people will convert. According to Hildegard von Bingen, the world will enter a new period led by a just dispenser of justice, where justice will shine until the time of the Antichrist, who will appear at the end of history. However, it’s important to note that these are private revelations and don’t belong to the profession of faith, so they are subject to debate.

After the time of tribulation or purification of the earth, there will supposedly be three days of physical darkness. Many mystics and saints throughout history, such as Anna Maria Teige, Elisabetta Canori Mora, Saint Hildegard of Bingen, Marie-Julie Jeannie, Maria Ogredska, and Saint Padre Pio, have prophesied this darkness. During these three days, the lights on earth will disappear, and only blessed candles will provide illumination for those who possess them. This darkness is considered God’s intervention, a consequence of the violation of natural laws, rebellion against God, disrespect for the church, lack of charity, breakdown of family life, immorality, corruption, wars, contempt for fellow humans, abortion, and general depravity.

Before these three days, there will be floods, droughts, crop failures, famine, unusual weather, epidemics, poverty, disease, and sin reigning. The three days of darkness should be seen as an act of God’s mercy and a final call for humanity to repent. During this time, the prophecies state that the wind will ravage the earth with unprecedented lightning, fire will rain from the sky, and poisonous gases will fill the atmosphere. People are advised to isolate themselves in their homes, close all doors and windows tightly, and avoid answering any calls from outside, as they may be tricks of demons roaming the earth. Believers should use blessed candles for light and have blessed water to sprinkle. The most important things during this time are constant prayer, repentance, reflection on the life of Jesus, contemplation of the painful mysteries, and seeking God’s mercy.

Anna Maria Teige, who died in 1837, was one of the main mystics who received visions of the three days of darkness. She also received visions of what would happen after these three days. She accurately predicted events such as the abdication of the Spanish king Charles IV, the fall of Napoleon, the release date of Pope Pius VII, and the time and date of Napoleon’s death. She often mentioned a mystical sun, a supernatural light in the form of a sphere, which allowed her to see the state of consciousness, revolutions, wars, secret societies, rewards for the good, and punishment for the wicked. She predicted a great purification that would cleanse the earth and the church, bringing destruction, revolutions, and renovation leading to a more glorious victory. According to her, the disorder in the church and society will become twisted to the point where only the almighty hand of the Lord can restore order. The purification she prophesied will unexpectedly destroy the wicked. She also heard from the Lord that Rome would end when His heavenly Father gives the order. She witnessed plots of secret societies against the higher clergy and fiery words against priests who intentionally polluted the altars. She saw the removal of the wicked and the restoration of the church and the world by God’s hand, leading to a miraculous rebirth.

This end-time purification does not represent the final judgment at the end of the world, but a prejudgment of the living, a judgment of the nations at the end of time before Mary’s kingdom. The purpose of this purification is to restore the Catholic Church and Christian civilization to their rightful place. After the purification, there will be few who are surprised because they will witness all that God has done. Anna Maria also spoke of the kingdom of Mary, where all religions will convert to Catholicism. This aligns with what Saint Hildegard saw, who envisioned the innocents leading the restoration of the church and Christian civilization. The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was also announced in apparitions from Fatima to Medjugorje.

Anna Maria also witnessed a heavenly apparition that would calm the faithful. Saint Peter and Saint Paul will appear in the clouds, and all people will see them, leading to the return of faith in people’s hearts. They will preach throughout the universe and appoint the Pope. A great light will come from them and descend upon the future Pope. Religion will then expand under one shepherd. Elizabeth Connori Mora had a similar prophecy where Saint Michael the Archangel would appear on earth in human form, chaining the devil until the time of the Antichrist’s preaching.

The three days of darkness represent the culmination of the tribulation, but it’s likely not the great tribulation at the end of history, rather a relatively minor one during the end times. After this tribulation, the devil will be chained, and later the great Antichrist will appear. Jesus Christ will come to fight him and cast both the Antichrist and Satan into hell forever, supporting the notion that the second coming of Christ is yet to come. This moment will involve raising the dead, the final judgment, and the descent of heavenly Jerusalem, marking the end of history.

Finally, when Anna Maria asked God who would withstand the test of the three days of darkness, He answered, “Those to whom I give the spirit of humility.” Based on this, she established the tradition of praying three Our Fathers, Hail Marys, and Glory Be to the Father after the Rosary in her own family, with the intention of seeking the infinite mercy and goodness of the Holy Trinity during difficult times. She also advised people to obtain blessed candles as they will be the only source of light during the darkness.

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This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Surviving the Three Days of Darkness According to Mystics and Saints’ by Quo Vadis