The Ancient Weapon Theory: Unveiling Uranus in One Piece

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Why Uranus Is A UFO BEST ANCIENT WEAPON THEORY | One Piece’ by ReelRayman

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The video explores three theories about the Last Ancient Weapon Uranus in One Piece, including Captain Kidd’s Devil Fruit, the creation of giants, and a space machine theory, providing details and probabilities for each theory.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses three theories about the Last Ancient Weapon Uranus in One Piece.
  • Theory 1 suggests that Uranus is Captain Kidd's Devil Fruit, which could change the magnetic fields of islands, creating a connection between them.
  • Theory 2 proposes that Uranus is the original serum that created the giants, with connections to Greek and Roman mythology and the world government's experiments.
  • Theory 3 suggests that Uranus is a space machine developed by the ancient kingdom to explore the solar system, with evidence from symbols, cover pages, and the existence of multiple moons.
  • The video provides details and explanations for each theory, discussing the possibilities and hints found within the One Piece story.
  • The probability of success for each theory is mentioned: Theory 1 (3% chance of success), Theory 2 (17.6% chance of success), Theory 3 (56.29% chance of success).

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The following is a transcript from a YouTube video:

The Last Ancient Weapon Uranus has a name that’s derived from a god that rules over the sky, but who is it? Or what is it? And where is it? Today I’m going to be sharing three of the best theories you’ll ever hear on what Uranus actually is.

So the way this will work is we’ll start out with the most unlikely theory, then go to the second theory which I think has a higher probability of success, and then I would like to share the best theory, in my personal opinion of course, on what the Last Ancient Weapon Uranus actually is. And trust me, you want to watch till the end.

And be sure to subscribe because I’ll be dropping quite a few videos and theories in this one month break. So let’s see if we can try and get to 500 subs because that would be amazing. Without further ado, let’s start with theory number one.

Now, this one is a theory that will absolutely shock you, and probably not in a good way. People might even say this is idiotic at first glance. Personally, I also think it’s the most unlikely option, but don’t rule it out just yet.

The Last Ancient Weapon Uranus is Captain Kidd’s Devil Fruit. I know what you’re thinking, Masaka, this is impossible. But did you know there’s actually one force that we need to navigate the Grand Line, and that happens to be the magnetic force. And in One Piece, it’s said that islands create their own peculiar magnetic fields.

And some islands like Punk Hazard don’t even have magnetic fields. And interestingly, the reason for this phenomenon has never been explained. It’s a bit strange, no? Could it be that a previous awakened user of Kidd’s Devil Fruit was the one to assign these magnetic fields with this special ability, a sign?

And I think the parallels between these three pirate captains, Luffy, Kidd, and Law, might be a reason this could all work out. As of Chapter 1053, their bounties are 3 billion each, being held as the three people that defeated the two Yonkos.

But I believe Oda is doing something intentional with this lineup. All three of these characters may have extremely important Devil Fruits that are pivotal to the endgame of One Piece.

As we all know Luffy, his Devil Fruit is the Sun God Nika, literally a fruit derived from a deity. Next, we have Trafalgar Law, the Opi Opinomi, whose importance is probably on par with Luffy’s Devil Fruit, the ability to perform the immortality surgery within the One Piece world.

Doflamingo said it was one of the two powers he needed to become a god. Then you have Kidd, who can slam people with his magnet magnet fruit. But that’s not all that can be done with the fruit. That’s all Kidd has done with the fruit, because Kidd is mid.

Okay, I gotta stop saying Kidd is mid now, he’s actually pretty decent. Like he’s done, he’s done quite a bit. But what relevance could this fruit have? Well, I think it could be something related to the One Piece endgame theory. Could it be that this fruit was tasked to do this? Change the magnetic field of each island so they can all interlock.

And this is what the Devil Fruit was really meant to do, to make the real Pangaea once again. If you’re unsure what I’m talking about, Pangaea Castle is a castle that the government controls in Mary Joyce. And when the Earth was a continent about 250 million years ago, it was also a world continent called Pangaea. So this would be creating the real Pangaea, not the world government Pangaea.

So one of these Devil Fruits saves the world, one gives the gift of immortality, and the other connects the world into One Piece. Also, there’s something really interesting I found recently. Basically, in the Enel cover page, where it’s looking at the moon paintings, we see two different paintings.

One where the moon people are all having a good time. This guy’s doing an operation here. Civilization is thriving. They’re all standing on an upside-down straw hat. And in the second, tears. Natural resources have run out, and they are forced to leave.

But what is even stranger is what is accompanying them in this image. Right here. I feel like this is telling us what happened

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Why Uranus Is A UFO BEST ANCIENT WEAPON THEORY | One Piece’ by ReelRayman