The Insane Singularity Killbox: Rimworld Defense Guide

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘RimWorld Defense Guide – The Insane Singularity Killbox [2024, 1.4+] STILL WORKS!!’ by Adam Vs Everything

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
This video shows how to build the effective Singularity Killbox in RimWorld, including design details and mechanics to exploit, but it doesn’t work against sappers or breachers, requires maintenance, and can be used in early-game stages with some difficulty.

Key Insights

  • The video is a guide on how to build the Singularity Killbox in the game RimWorld.
  • The Singularity Killbox is considered one of the strongest killbox setups in the game.
  • The design was initially posted on a Chinese website and gained popularity for its efficiency.
  • The setup involves creating a series of doors, barricades, walls, and chairs to force enemies into a small area for easy killing.
  • The killbox works by exploiting mechanics such as line of sight and slowed movement through open doors.
  • It is recommended to use high HP materials for the barricades and walls for better durability.
  • Chairs placed near shooters allow them to shoot further due to a peeking mechanic.
  • Inlaid walls can be used to protect from EMP blasts while still being able to attack enemies.
  • Close-range and medium-range weapons are ideal for this killbox, while slower-firing or forced miss weapons are not recommended.
  • The killbox is effective against in-game raids, pirates, mechs, and animals.
  • It does not work against sappers or breachers, although there are ways to manipulate sapper AI.
  • Collision and pathing setup are essential for the killbox to function properly.
  • Multiple EMP throwers and keeping an eye on the walls for repairs are important.
  • Cleaning the tunnel from debris, emptying the killbox after each raid, and attending to pawn needs are recommended.
  • The Singularity Killbox can be used in early-game stages but may require more resets.
  • The video creator encourages viewers to subscribe, like, and share the video, and provides additional resources on their website.
  • There will be more upcoming defense guides in the series.

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Hey everyone, Adam here with another RimWorld guide. This guide is a little different and is going to be part of a series regarding different defensive options.

Using killboxes has always been a hot-button topic in RimWorld. Some are against the very idea and some love trying to optimize them. As always, I stand by the stance of, do whatever’s fun for you. I’ve played and had fun both ways.

So, in this RimWorld guide to defense, I’m going to be talking about one of, if not the absolute strongest killbox setups in the entire game, the Singularity Killbox. And no, this doesn’t even utilize the corner punch exploit.

So, what is the Singularity Killbox? Well, a couple of years ago, a video was posted on a Chinese website similar to YouTube, which included a very strange-looking, compact killbox. Eventually, the design ended up being posted in my Discord. I and several others were shocked at just how insanely efficient it was.

When we referred to it, we’d say the Chinese Killbox as a shorthand, but we eventually tried using Google Translate to get more information on the design, philosophy, and original creator. But apparently that technology still isn’t perfect. One word that kept coming up though was Singularity, forcing raids into a single, small footprint area, and destroying them in brutal efficiency.

So, how do you build it? One great thing about the overall design is that it is very versatile. You can actually extend the setup quite a bit, however doing so does make it overall slightly less efficient and takes up a lot more space.

For ours, we’re going to start out by making 8 doors in a row. At the end of each door, we’re going to put a single barricade. On either side of the door line, make 8 more barricades. You can also use sandbags or even chunks here. The higher HP material, the better though.

From the side you want the enemies to enter, add 7 more barricades. Now surround this entire object with a wall. Again, the higher HP, the better. On the side you want the enemies to come in at, put additional doors and make this a single wide tunnel.

Now on the other side, the side in which you want your shooters to stand, we’re going to skip a tile from the barricade and add another door. Above and below this door, we add more barricades. Next to the door, another wall. Doors on either side of this wall as well. Beside each of these doors, you place a chair. Don’t worry, I’ll talk more about that soon.

Now we connect walls on this side like this. You can then close up this side of the kill box or leave the back end open. I suggest making the area reasonably beautiful so that your pawns are happier while doing their dirty work. Now be sure to put one inlaid wall two squares in the back. More on that later.

Now go through and make sure all the doors are set to be held open. If this is way too complex, I do have a few other resources for you to utilize when building your own. I’ve included a still image you can reference on my website, guides. I’ve also added a page on my website in which you can download the blueprint and import it into your own game. In order to do this last one, you will need to use the mod Blueprints by Fluffy. Both of these links will be in the description as well as the pinned comment.

So how does this kill box work and why is it so effective? Enemies enter from the right. The enemies literally cannot shoot any of your pawns from those first three green squares, but your pawns can shoot them. Super, super unfair. The barricades force enemies to path through the held open doors, and moving through a series of held open doors slows units down a ton.

If you look at the marked areas where the colonist stands, the green areas have the best line of sight as opposed to the enemies, so fill in those places first. The blue areas still work, so feel free to utilize those as well if you have the pawn count.

Now, what about the other color-coded tiles and doors? As mentioned, the enemies will never fire from the three outermost green squares or beyond as long as you only have pawns in the colored squares on the other side, even though you can shoot them. Please note that the colors here are purely for demonstrating the mechanics and have no effect on the actual setup.

For the two middle doors, well, it’s kind of complicated. Technically speaking, enemies can hit some of the colonist spots from either of those two areas, but in practice they seem to basically never fire from those positions. Stranger still, if this kill box faces east, they are even less likely to shoot back. Why, you may ask? I asked the same thing. I have no idea.

Enemies that make it all the way to the last three doors will either stop and shoot or press forward to engage in melee combat. However, you can reset the enemy once they start approaching this position by running out the back and letting the doors close behind you. You can even have another secondary kill box to lead them to. This is always a good idea anyway in case one gets damaged or destroyed and you can’t repair it for the next raid.

Ok, so about those chairs. For some reason, the chairs allow adjacent shooters, not the ones standing on the chairs or even the ones behind the chairs, to actually be able to shoot further. There’s something weird happening with the peeking mechanic which allows those shooters to have more line of sight.

Now, what’s with those inlaid walls? Well, EMP blasts can travel through open corners. This area will allow your EMP tossers to break low shields or shield belts as well as stun mechs while being completely safe from retaliation.

Which guns are best in this setup? Almost any gun can work in this setup, but close range and medium range guns are king. As such, you guessed it, the chain shotgun is the ultimate tool for this kill box. SMGs, assault rifles, I mean even things like short bows and auto pistols in the early game can do just fine though. You mainly just want to avoid things that have forced miss and will tear your walls open. Slower to fire or longer cooldown weapons such as sniper rifles and charge lances aren’t great either as it allows enemies to close the gap before your pawn is ready for another shot.

Does this kill box work against in-game raids? Yes, absolutely. I recently did a bunch of playthroughs on stream against a modded storyteller called Winston Waves. With these exact kill boxes, I often had to dispatch 25,000 raid points of centipedes. That’s right, two and a half times more centipedes in a single raid than what normal 500% losing is fun can throw at you at max wealth.

Does this work in the early game? Yes, as soon as you can get it built and scrap a few ranged weapons together, it can work. In the early game, you may have to reset more often as your pawns won’t be bullseyeing all their awful short bow hits however.

Does this kill box work against pirates? Indeed it does, thanks to the peeking mechanics allowing you to take out the huge threats like doomsday rocketeers without them being able to fire back, coupled with the EMP cubby’s ability to dispatch annoying low shields or shield belts, you should make easy work of pirates.

Does this kill box work against mechs? Absolutely. It is disgustingly efficient. I had 6 or 7 pawns take out well over 50 centipedes while the rest of the colony went about their daily lives. Absolutely insane.

Does this kill box work against animals? It does, however, animals do tend to stack up more even with collision, so you may have to reset more often depending on your firepower.

Does this kill box work against sappers or breachers? The short answer is no, unfortunately. However, there is a way to manipulate sapper AI to enter your base exactly where you want them to. If you use that trick, it will work on sappers. However, breachers are still not impacted by this kill box.

Alright, here’s some really important things to remember if you’re going to try this setup. Make sure to cause collision. I have another quick guide on pathing and collision. If you do not use collision, then enemies

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘RimWorld Defense Guide – The Insane Singularity Killbox [2024, 1.4+] STILL WORKS!!’ by Adam Vs Everything