The Meaning of Purple Lightsabers in Star Wars: Explained

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Star Wars NOVEL Finally Reveals The Meaning of Purple Lightsabers – Star Wars Explained’ by The Stupendous Wave

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Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber represents moral ambiguity and self-reconstruction in the High Republic era, with Jedi acknowledging their darker sides and seeking to become better individuals, while the significance of the color adds depth to Windu’s character.

Key Insights

  • Mace Windu's lightsaber is purple and there have been various theories about its meaning
  • The High Republic era in the Star Wars canon introduced new Jedi who wield purple lightsabers
  • Kyber crystals can be imbued upon and turned different colors, not all are found naturally
  • The color purple is representative of moral uncertainty and reconstruction of oneself
  • Jedi with purple lightsabers are morally ambiguous and walk the line between light and dark
  • They have a fascination with the dark side, hunt down dark side creatures, and have a strong connection to the Force
  • Purple lightsaber wielders acknowledge the darker parts of themselves and seek to heal and become better individuals
  • Mace Windu is one of the most powerful Jedi, acknowledges the darker part of himself, and is the only known Jedi in the Clone Wars era to have a purple lightsaber
  • Samuel L. Jackson requested a purple lightsaber for better visibility in the Geonosian battle arena engagement, which has become deeply ingrained in Star Wars lore
  • The revelation of the meaning behind the Amethyst Blade adds significance to Mace Windu's character
  • The video asks for viewer thoughts on the meaning of the purple lightsaber and what other aspects they would like to see discussed

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Why exactly was Mace Windu’s lightsaber purple, and what is the deeper meaning behind it that a Star Wars book may have revealed, as well as new additions to Star Wars canon thanks to the High Republic era, potentially giving us the real answer to why Mace Windu’s lightsaber is purple, a massive mystery in the Star Wars lore.

The color purple, or amethyst, is not the only lightsaber color that we have yet to receive an official lore explanation for. Other rare colors, such as the yellow lightsaber and the darksaber, have yet to receive a concrete answer, although we can get close.

Today though, we are highlighting the purple blade of Mace Windu, and exploring the various Jedi canon now in the High Republic era that actually wield the amethyst blade. So, welcome back to the Archives, Acolytes of the Galaxy, we’ve been expecting you. And today, we hope to finally uncover the mystery of the purple lightsaber, break down the character traits of its canon wielders, and perhaps finally break the mystery of the color.

Previously, a major theory concerning the purple lightsaber is that it is not actually imbued upon by a force wielder, like is commonplace for most Jedi. Typically, a Jedi will venture to Ilum and find a clear kyber crystal that has not been imprinted upon. Then, the young Jedi will imbue their essence and very stance and ideology on the force onto the crystal, typically producing either a blue or a green blade.

However, this is not the case for how every lightsaber color is produced. As Darth Sidious stated to his new apprentice in the Darth Vader comic run several years ago, he stated that kyber crystals are living things, and because they are living things, they can be made to bleed. Causing the kyber crystal intense pain, the color that produces is eventually crimson, as it is corrupted, injured, and perverted by the powers of the dark side. We also know that when a previously red lightsaber is purged of the dark side itself, it produces a white coloration, such as Ahsoka Tano’s iconic white blades.

Recently, in the Star Wars canon novel Master and Apprentice, we also learn the origins of the orange lightsabers, as Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi venture to Pajal’s moon. Here, they discover something known as the colon crystal, which actually has a major line in the prophecy of the Chosen One. That being, when the kyber that is not kyber shines forth, the time of the prophecy will be at hand. A colon crystal was a type of crystal known only to be found on Pajal’s moon. The structure of the crystal was extremely similar to that of a kyber crystal, and could be used within a lightsaber, although their nature was fundamentally different, and they were extremely rare, even more so than true kyber crystals. However, Qui-Gon Jinn discovered that when powering a lightsaber, these crystals could produce an unusually low-powered orange blade, which was capable of slicing through the shields, but meanwhile, was weaker than that of a conventional kyber crystal.

The point we’re trying to illustrate here is that not all kyber crystals are imbued upon and receive their coloration that way. However, again, thanks to this exact same novel, we learned that Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber is actually imbued upon, and is not something found in the wider galaxy. Meaning, it’s not a representation of the crystal, it’s representative of the force-wielders that imbue upon it, and their stance that produces the amethyst blade.

This is the passage, this is a lightsaber, mine is blue, and while most of our lightsabers either turn blue or green, a few of our crystals can even turn purple. This confirms to us that the color purple is indeed imbued upon, and is not found, but it doesn’t exactly explain what the color purple means.

Thanks to the High Republic era, we have a multitude of brand new Jedi that indeed have imbued upon their lightsabers, and the purple color was produced. First off, we have a Jedi Master of again the High Republic by the name of Vernesta Roth, who was stated to be extremely powerful, and who even attained the rank of Jedi Master when she was just 15 years old. In the High Republic comic books, she’s even stated to have an unnaturally strong connection to the force, and is a peculiar type of Jedi Master because she ultimately decided to convert her purple blade into a purple light whip. The High Republic class Jedi was an era where the Jedi were not so afraid of the dark, including the darker part of themselves, and Vernesta truly highlights this by her aggression, but also her restraint.

We also in the same era have the Jedi Tai Yorik. Tai Yorik is unique because she is actually a former Jedi who decided to leave the order and become a saber for hire, with her focus typically being on monster hunting, which meant she became extremely useful when dark side creatures arose, and the Jedi Order would actually reach out to her for help. What’s unique about Tai Yorik is she actually studied the dark side of the force in order to aid her in monster hunting, and destroying creatures that were corrupted by the dark side itself.

Moving on, we have a Jedi Padawan that actually has a purple lightsaber by the name of Saav Malagan. We don’t know very much about this young Jedi Padawan, only that his Master notes that he has a thirst for adventure, and is also extremely powerful. He also notes that he’s drawn into constant conflict, which is representative of his very nature as a young Jedi.

So what exactly do all of these Jedi have in common? Well, it’s actually unique. The purple lightsaber color seems to represent moral uncertainty as well as reconstruction of oneself. As is stated by the Holocron belonging to Ultrasabers, the Jedi that wield this lightsaber are sometimes morally ambiguous, however, this is not the path that they are set on permanently. The Jedi that wield the purple lightsaber do in fact dance the line between the light and the dark like many have speculated for a long time the purple color represents. However, we now have other canon explanations for the purple coloration, including a fascination with the dark side and hunting down dark side creatures, being exceptionally powerful in the force at a very young age, being strong-willed, but also dedicating oneself to healing and an understanding of the darker aspects of one’s character. Individuals that do not hide from the more sinister parts of their personality or even their more sinister views on the force itself. They do not shy away from this part of themselves though. They attempt to reconstitute it and to heal it and use it to become a better Jedi, a better force wielder, and ultimately a better person.

From a young Jedi Padawan who only seeks adventure, to one of the youngest Jedi Masters ever named who was exceptionally powerful, and from the monster hunter who was fascinated with the dark side but refuses to dance too close to the line. And finally, we have Mace Windu, one of the most powerful Jedi that have ever lived. An individual that went toe-to-toe with the culmination of the rule of two Sith in Sidious. An absolute powerhouse and a beast. While the whole debate in theorizing of the purple lightsaber all stemmed from the fact that Samuel L. Jackson asked George Lucas if he could have a purple lightsaber so that he could better see himself in the Geonosian battle arena engagement. This has become deeply ingrained in Star Wars lore and is now finally being explored more in the High Republic era.

Mace Windu represents a rare breed of Jedi. Jedi who naturally imbue upon their kyber crystals and a purple color is produced. It is also revealed that Mace Windu currently that we know is the only Jedi of the Clone Wars era to have wielded a purple lightsaber. In canon continuity of course. Meaning the addition of this is even more important. And meaning that Mace Windu, despite being extremely dogmatic, the reason his lightsaber is in fact purple instead of blue or green is because he acknowledges the darker part of himself that most Jedi push deep down and refuse to acknowledge such as Anakin Skywalker or even Yoda.

But my friends and acolytes, what are your thoughts on this? And what are your thoughts on this big and final revelation of the meaning of the Amethyst Blade? Were your theories for years now concerning the Amethyst Blade correct? And what other aspects of the lightsaber would you like to see us highlight in our archives in a brand new holocron? As always my friends, fellow students, and acolytes of the force, may the force be with you always and I hope you revisit our archives soon.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Star Wars NOVEL Finally Reveals The Meaning of Purple Lightsabers – Star Wars Explained’ by The Stupendous Wave