The Mystery of Victoria Allure

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Whatever Happened To Pornstar Victoria Allure?’ by Blodachia Seba

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The speaker admires former porn star Victoria Allure and discusses her transition into mainstream modeling, unsure of her current whereabouts and longevity in the modeling career.

Key Insights

  • The person in the video discusses their admiration for a former porn star named Victoria Allure.
  • They mention that Victoria Allure retired from the adult film industry around 2004 and began doing mainstream modeling.
  • It is noted that it can be challenging for adult film actresses to transition into mainstream work.
  • The speaker mentions that they couldn't find Victoria Allure on Instagram and are unsure if her modeling career lasted long.
  • It is mentioned that Victoria Allure had a significant impact in the black porn era and mainly performed interracial scenes with black men.
  • The video concludes with the speaker expressing uncertainty about Victoria Allure's current whereabouts and commenting on the difficulty for former porn actresses to switch careers due to the stigma associated with their previous work.

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Hey, um, I was wondering whatever happened to Victoria allure, or Victoria allure who was like another porn star that was doing her thing from like 2000 to 2004? Like I think after 2004 and 2005 came along, she retired and she’s, I think she’s semi-retired and then she started doing modeling. But like, I never, like I don’t know what modeling agency or what other type of mainstream modeling that she was doing because like once those women who do porn and have sex on camera and busting it open in front of a camera, once they leave that line of work and try to do mainstream work, it’s kind of difficult. Like you hardly hear about any of them, any adult film actresses who cross over to mainstream. Okay, besides Sasha Grey and kinda Jenna Jameson, that’s the only type of people you hear, but they’re white. I don’t know any, I don’t know any black adult film actresses who can cross over to mainstream. But like Victoria allure, she said, like this is before Facebook came along, she said she would, I was looking on, when I was looking on Myspace. I just happened to come across on Myspace and she said she retired and now she’s doing mainstream modeling. But like, I don’t know if that lasted long or not. I can’t find her on Instagram, but like, but like, that’s basically what she had going on. But like she was one of the chicks, I like her because she had that big ass. Oh, she had them killer good looks, oh man, she had looks to die for. And she had a body to back it up with. But like, she made a huge impact in the black porn era. Like, I don’t see too many interracial scenes that she did with white guys. I mainly see her doing black men, and like, I do occasionally doing the girl on girl stuff, but that’s about it. I haven’t seen her in nothing else, but like, uh, I know she just up and disappeared along with many others, but she did have a looks to cross over with, but did she make it? I don’t know. I haven’t seen her around. I haven’t seen any of the other type of work she’s done. I haven’t seen her in reality TV shows. None of that stuff, but like, um, she’s one of the many who’s faded into obscurity. And she’s done her own thing with the porn because like, once you do porn, once you get naked in front of the camera like that and expose yourself, it’s kind of hard to switch over and do other stuff when you’re in front of the camera because that’s what you’ll be tagged as. You can’t like, if you were known for taking your clothes off and having sex on camera, they’re gonna want you to do that if you try to cross over and do mainstream, not as extreme, but like, they’re gonna assume you’re gonna be synonymous with that industry that you were once a part of. Like, how did that happen to Victoria allure? I probably had, she probably went to a few regular auditions, and they’d be like, “Hey, I’ve seen some of your movies. Can you do this? So can you do that?” And then she’d be like, “No, I don’t want to do that type of work anymore.” That’s why you don’t see a lot of these porn actresses who retired. They try to switch over and try to do regular acting. It’s not gonna work. In order to pay the bills, some of them either go strip, they go pole dance and strip at the nearest titty bar, or they go host a few parties, which I don’t see the use of doing that crap. But like, um, that’s basically what happened. Like, Victoria allure, she retired and said that she did porn, but I haven’t seen her anything. Have you?

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Whatever Happened To Pornstar Victoria Allure?’ by Blodachia Seba