The Next Zelda Game in 2024: New Info Revealed!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘New Info for New Zelda Game 2024 on Nintendo Switch!’ by SwitchForce

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The video covers Nintendo Switch and Zelda rumors, Luigi’s Mansion 2 inspiration, recent leaks, speculation on Nintendo leaks, Zelda rumors for 2024, hope for an old-school 2D Zelda game, interpretations of “CZR 2024” tweet, potential Zelda remakes, caution for Switch 2 launch, acknowledgment of rumors’ accuracy, and discussion on announced games.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses various topics related to Nintendo Switch and Zelda rumors.
  • The speaker mentions that Luigi's Mansion 2 was inspired by Mr. Bean.
  • The speaker talks about the recent Insomniac leak and expresses sympathy for game developers.
  • The speaker speculates on what would happen if a similar leak occurred for a Nintendo game, like Mario.
  • The main focus of the video is the Zelda rumors for the upcoming Zelda title in 2024.
  • The speaker hopes the next Zelda game is in an old-school 2D style.
  • They discuss the tweet from Nash Weedle mentioning "CZR 2024" and the speculation about its meaning.
  • One interpretation is that "C" stands for "Combo" or "Combine" and could indicate a compilation of Zelda games for Switch.
  • Another interpretation is that "C" stands for "Capcom" and suggests a possible Zelda remake by Capcom.
  • The speaker lists some handheld Zelda games that could potentially be remade for the Switch.
  • They caution against expecting a big Zelda game for the launch of the Switch 2.
  • The speaker acknowledges that the rumors might not be accurate and invites viewers to share their thoughts in the comments.
  • They express their hope for a 2D Zelda game in 2024 and discuss the lineup of games announced so far.

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Good morning Mario and good morning Switch fans! The tea is piping hot and the Zelda rumors are scalding, so I had to hop on and bring it to you. What’s going on, everybody? It’s Zach from Switch Force.

I just woke up from an unplanned nap. As a kid, horrible. You’re like, no, my day’s gone. As someone in their 30s, it’s quite refreshing and a nice surprise. But let me know your opinion on naps in the comments down below.

I got a few things I want to touch on, and then we’re going into this big Zelda rumor and what it means for the next Zelda title that’s coming in 2024. So, buckle up.

First, I just want to give you this fun little anecdote I read that Luigi’s Mansion 2 was heavily inspired by Mr. Bean. If you know who Mr. Bean is and you know Luigi’s Mansion, this blew my mind. It connects so well. I understand it. It makes a lot of sense. That’s all.

Next, I do want to touch on the Insomniac leak that basically spilled, I mean everything. It took Wolverine Claws to their entire database and just spilled dates, games, gameplay information, and it really sucks. It’s really sad, and I just want to give my thoughts out to those people. After working with a game studio for a while on Immortals of Avium, I have a different level of sympathy and empathy for game developers and just kind of like how that process goes and how human the process is. So, this obviously is a huge bummer. I won’t cover any of the actual leaks or anything like that, but it did make me think, what if this happened to a Nintendo game? Like, imagine if the next 3D Mario and the EPD team at Nintendo was just completely blown open, like leaked everywhere. Mario gameplay, new levels, surprises, secrets, their next plan of games, all of their big direct announcements. I don’t know. I feel like heads would roll. Nintendo Ninjas would be like, they’d be in stealth fighters in 3 seconds. Godzilla would be summoned from the depths of the Pacific.

Anyhow, let’s talk about the Zelda news today. I know everybody always gets so geeked for new Zelda stuff and me too. Personally, I’m just going to lay it out there. I hope the next Zelda is old school style. I’d like for it to be 2D. I don’t think Nintendo is going to go back to the linear 3D format. So, my choices are between something in the veins of Tears of the Kingdom and something in the veins of Link’s Awakening. And I will take Link’s Awakening right now because we have so much open world Zelda goodness and that’s a lot of game and I’m ready for a switch up.

And maybe we are going to be in for a switch up because we have a new tweet from Nash Weedle and it is cryptic letters and not so cryptic implications. Now, Nash Weedle has had some very correct tweets about Metroid Dread. I think he has some very bogus tweets about the Switch 2. I think he’s been right about a few things and then lucky about others and then completely off base on even others. So, I don’t know what to make of this guy, but I do want to cover it because it’s Zelda-based and because it is getting some traction.

So, Nash Weedle tweeted today, CZR 2024. Now, that just sounds like a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo, but it actually correlates back to an earlier tweet that has since been disproven but may have been affected by delays. And yet this person that originally tweeted it is really usually knows what’s up. The person in question is Circan Toto, who’s an industry analyst who initially started using the Z abbreviation for Zelda back in 2021. At that time, he tweeted about Z2 2022, implying that Tears of the Kingdom, Zelda Breath of the Wild 2, would be dropping in 2022.

And at the time, that’s when we thought Zelda Tears of the Kingdom would come out. If you recall, it got delayed into 2023 at a later date, but back in 2021, his Z2 2022, that was the right thing, he was accurate. Then, back in October, Circan Toto tweeted ZR 2023, and that got me and a bunch of other people excited that, oh my gosh, maybe there still is some Zelda announcements to be made in 2023. And it seemed like the Z was for Zelda, and the R was for Remake. Now, that did not transpire, and who knows why. The only Zelda thing that’s transpired as of late was a Zelda movie announcement. And I don’t know what R correlates to in the film world. Real? Zelda real? Like R-E-E-L? Zelda really surprising? Zelda really real? Zelda real? Because R-E-A-L, because it’s a live-action movie? I don’t know. I think Circan Toto just missed the mark. I think he thought and knew about a Zelda remake and thought it would be announced soon. Maybe Nintendo would want to pump things up for the beginning of 2024, and they didn’t drop it. So now we have Nash Weedle coming in with C-ZR 2024, and I say, what is the C? Because based on past precedent, we’re going to say that the Z and the R are Zelda Remake, and 2024 is the year of announcement or release or something.

The C could be a number of things, but I’m highlighting two big ones. Combo, or Combine. We’ve had a lot of rumors forever. Go back to Jeff Grubb, he lost his hair over it, okay? Freaking Wind Waker and Twilight Princess remakes on Switch. Those games were as good as there because you could just pull them from their other remake status on the Wii U, and you could just move them and make it great. That has never happened. It’s been an odd missing from the Switch library, a system that seems to compile collections from all of Nintendo’s biggest best franchises. So this is my best guess, that C is for Combo, and that it is a combo pack that’s going to include two. That would be very, very generous for Nintendo, but at $60, I could see it happening. They combined Mario games, Mario 3D titles into one package, but those weren’t remastered. Yet, maybe these aren’t going to be super remastered or remade.

Maybe they’re just going to pull the Wii U versions and say, voila, it’s on Switch. How many times did they port Wii

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘New Info for New Zelda Game 2024 on Nintendo Switch!’ by SwitchForce