The Terrifying Saga of El Marino Loco

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Why All Narcos Feared This Crazy Marine | El Marino Loco’ by DeathDoor

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Feared for unorthodox methods, El Marino Loco weakened Gulf Cartel.

Key Insights

  • Key Insights:
  • Eric Morales Guevara, also known as El Marino Loco, is feared by Mexican cartels for his unorthodox methods of capturing Sicarios.
  • El Marino Loco grew up in a Mexican town tormented by cartels and dedicated his life to capturing and humiliating narcos.
  • He targeted the Gulf Cartel, which had ravaged his hometown, and conducted several successful raids and arrests.
  • El Marino Loco carried a meat tenderizer as his weapon and used it to subdue narcos who resisted arrest.
  • His raids and arrests gained notoriety, leading to a bounty being placed on his head by a cartel boss.
  • El Marino Loco engaged in aggressive and humiliating tactics against cartel members, such as dressing them in lingerie and making them perform acts they would find degrading.
  • The Gulf Cartel retaliated by accusing him of corruption, stealing weapons, and accepting bribes, leading to the Mexican Navy distancing itself from him.
  • El Marino Loco was involved in numerous arrests and seizures, significantly reducing the Gulf Cartel's influence in the region.
  • His current whereabouts are unknown, but there are rumors that he may be targeting other cartel members in southwestern Mexico or leading his own anti-drug group.
  • The acceptance or rejection of El Marino Loco's methods is subjective and raises questions about the limits of acceptable tactics in dealing with cartels.

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“The Sicarios of the Mexican cartels fear very few things. They kidnap, kill, and torture with no regard for human life. But there is one man they fear. Eric Morales Guevara, aka El Marino Loco. In the 2010s, El Marino Loco’s name went viral after his unorthodox methods of capturing Sicarios came to light. What made him so feared among the cartels? And are his methods truly unorthodox in a world whose only language is extreme violence? Let’s dive in.

The narcotics trade doesn’t just supply people with self-destructing substances. It ravages cities and puts people’s lives at constant risk. Sometimes, entire cities are reduced to ashes and families are forced to find a new life for themselves, if they survive the massacre.

At the top of the cartel game are people with immense lust for power and money. They’ll do anything to stay at the top. And the ones who want to climb the ranks are thrown into the same game. You can only kill your way to the top. It’s a very violent game, where anyone can die. Sicarios, commanders, authorities, civilians, and the families of anyone who crosses a violent kingpin. So sometimes the authorities begin to speak the Sicarios language.

Enter El Marino Loco. Eric Morales Guevara grew up in a northern Mexican town that was repeatedly tormented and humiliated by warning cartels. Many vulnerable teens in such towns end up working for said cartels. But Eric was brave enough to say no. In fact, he went straight to the other end of the spectrum. He swore that he would dedicate his whole life to capturing narcos, beating them, and humiliating them just like they did with so many innocent people. And he didn’t just target low-ranking street Sicarios and enforcers. He went for the top dogs too, and anyone he could get his hands on. In his eyes, anyone involved in the drug business was a disease that needed to be exterminated to save Mexico and its traumatized people.

The cartel Eric targeted with the most determination was the Gulf Cartel, which had been the most responsible for ravaging his hometown. Today, the Gulf Cartel isn’t as notorious or violent as the Sinaloa or Jalisco New Generation cartels, but back in the day, it had a monopoly on Mexico’s drug smuggling. Its beginnings go all the way back to 1984, when Juan Garcia Abrego took over his uncle’s heroin and weed industry. Abrego was crafty enough to make a deal with the Colombian Cali Cartel, led by the Rodriguez-Arjuela brothers. He would handle white powder shipments over the Mexican border. This was a much riskier business than what he and his uncle were doing before, but the reward was much, much bigger. Abrego would get half the Cali Cartel’s earnings just by smuggling their drugs all the way to the US. This put the Gulf Cartel at the very top of the cartel pyramid in Mexico, and to maintain their power, they became increasingly violent.

But over the last decades, the Gulf Cartel decreased in size and earnings dramatically, and it’s partially due to El Marino Loco. As early as 2006, Eric’s name came up when some Navy officials commented his methods were unorthodox. However, by then, Eric and his team had already conducted several arrests and huge seizures of weapons and narcotics from the Gulf Cartel.

By the 2010s, Eric was known as El Marino Loco, the Crazy Marine, El Martillo, or Mr. Thor, thanks to the little hammer he carried everywhere with him. Well, it wasn’t a hammer, it was a meat tenderizer, normally used to make schnitzels. But El Marino Loco didn’t use it for schnitzels, the tenderizer was his weapon of choice if narcos resisted arrest. As word of Mr. Thor spread out, fewer and fewer sicarios put up a fight when they were arrested by his team.

El Marino Loco conducted several raids, some of which made his name viral among cartel members and civilians alike. Most of his raids were conducted in the Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon regions. In 2015, El Marino Loco was dispatched to arrest Julian Loaza Salina, aka Comandante Toro. Comandante Toro was a regional Gulf Cartel boss in Tamaulipas, and his arrest would be a breakthrough for the Mexican authorities. But just before El Marino Loco could arrest him, he was abruptly transferred to the town of Tampico. The transfer was suspicious, definitely wasn’t in the interest of the authorities. But you know how Mexican cartels are also famous for bribing the police and high-ranking politicians, ensuring they stay untouchable? It can be argued that that’s what happened that day. However, El Marino Loco didn’t care about orders from above that much, so he led a brutal campaign against Comandante Toro anyway. He blocked most of his operations, arrested several of his sicarios, and seized whatever illegal substances he could seize. Needless to say, Comandante Toro was angry. In the cartel world, when you’re angry with someone, you don’t stop until they’re dead, or until you’re dead. Comandante Toro became increasingly reckless, engaging in violent shootouts with the Mexican army. In the early morning of April 22nd, 2017, Comandante Toro was killed in a gunfight with the Mexican army in Tamaulipas. However, before dying, Comandante Toro put a bounty of 2 million pesos on El Marino Loco’s head.

Meanwhile, El Marino Loco was operating from Tampico, and his raids got ever more aggressive. One of his most famous raids was the arrest of Silvestre Jaro Rodriguez, aka El Chive. At the time, El Chive was the leader of the Gulf Cartel in Tampico. El Marino Loco broke into El Chive’s home, arrested him, beat him up, took his father’s ashes, and destroyed photos of his dad from his home. On this photo of El Chive’s father, El Marino Loco wrote a note, proudly announcing that he stole his ashes. This was the utmost humiliation for a cartel kingpin. And here’s the thing, drug lords don’t expect anyone to cross them like this. They believe everyone fears them, so no one would dare to humiliate them in this way. El Chive was simply shocked that anyone would do such a thing, and even leave a note incriminating themselves. News of El Chive’s arrest made headlines fast, along with the photos of the many weapons El Marino Loco had confiscated from his

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Why All Narcos Feared This Crazy Marine | El Marino Loco’ by DeathDoor