The Ultimate Guide to AWAKENED Devil Fruit Users

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘All 10 AWAKENED Devil Fruit Users Explained!’ by Yeagerists

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Rare Devil Fruit awakening occurs in One Piece with only a few characters who gain new abilities and enhanced powers.

Key Insights

  • Devil Fruit awakening is a rare phenomenon in the world of One Piece
  • Only a handful of characters have awakened their Devil Fruit powers
  • Rob Lucci is the strongest member in CP9's history and his Neko Neko no Mi, Model Leopard fruit increases his physical strength and gives him new abilities
  • Charlotte Karakuri, the strongest sweet commander of the Big Mom Pirates, can create, control, and transform into Mochi using his Mochi Mochi no Mi fruit
  • Don Quixote Doflamingo, former warlord, can create and manipulate strings with his Iro Iro no Mi fruit. Awakening allows him to transform the environment into strings and use Armament Haki with them
  • The Awakened Zoans of Impel Down, Mino Zebra, Mino Rhinoceros, Mino Taurus, and Mino Koala are durable, fast-healing, and powerful, but can still be defeated by strong fighters
  • Kaku, a member of CP0, can transform into a hybrid or full giraffe form using the Ushi-Ushi no Mi, Model Giraffe fruit. Awakening enhances his physical abilities and recovery rate
  • Guild Tesoro, the main antagonist of the One Piece film Gold, can manipulate gold with the Gorogoro no Mi fruit. Awakening allows him to use all the gold on his ship for his attacks
  • Eustace Kidd, a pirate captain, controls metal with the Jiki Jiki no Mi fruit. Awakening lets him crush targets with magnetic forces and immobilize them
  • Truffleguard D. Waterlaw, another pirate captain, can modify anyone or anything within his force field created by the Ope-Ope no Mi fruit. Awakening allows him to increase the size of objects and make them phase through targets
  • Douglas Bullitt, former member of the Roger Pirates, uses the Gasha-Gasha no Mi fruit to telekinetically disassemble and reassemble objects. Awakening increases his range and offensive power
  • Monkey D. Luffy's Goma-Goma no Mi fruit is actually the Hito-Hito no Mi, model Nika, a mythical Zoan fruit that turns him into the Sun God when awakened. He gains new combat abilities and can manipulate his body and the environment like rubber, placing him in S-tier

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In the world of One Piece, there’s a rare phenomenon of Devil Fruit awakening that only a handful of characters have managed to achieve. This mysterious process makes Devil Fruit users infinitely more powerful and grants them many impressive new abilities. So today, we’ll be explaining all 10 Devil Fruit users who managed to awaken their powers, starting with the strongest member in CP9’s history, Rob Lucci.

At some point in his life, Lucci ate the Neko Neko no Mi, Model Leopard, and despite it obviously granting him the ability to turn into a human leopard, this fruit also dramatically increased his physical strength. As shown when he easily threw Luffy and Zoro through a building across the whole city. Upon awakening this fruit, Lucci’s hybrid form undergoes a physical transformation where its size increases, his body becomes more slim, and a dark flame forms a mane down his back and arms.

Lucci mostly uses this fruit to make his Rokushiki techniques like Shigan and Ronkyaku more powerful, utilizing claws on his fingers and the strength in his legs. He also learned to use Seimei Kikan, which allows him to freely manipulate his body parts. Lucci mostly uses this to shrink and compress his muscles, transforming him into a smaller, more human form, in which he’s much faster than usual.

Although Lucci had incredible growth throughout the series and became much stronger, he ultimately proved to be no match for Luffy in his gear 5th form. And thereafter deserves to be placed in A tier.

Charlotte Karakuri is the strongest sweet commander of the Big Mom Pirates and the governor of the Komugi Island. His devil fruit is called Mochi Mochi no Mi, and it’s a special Paramecia devil fruit that allows him to create, control, and transform into Mochi.

Karakuri uses this ability in many unique ways, like transforming his leg into Mochi and using it as a weapon, creating thick Mochi and using it to entrap his opponents, and even enlarging his limbs to a gigantic size and stretching them to increase his attack range.

Karakuri’s fruit is pretty similar to Luffy’s fruit, as it allows him to extend his limbs. But one major difference is that due to Mochi Mochi no Mi being a special Paramecia fruit, Karakuri can also fully transform his body into Mochi, similar to Logia users. Once Karakuri mastered and awakened this fruit, it even enabled him to transform nearby material into Mochi, greatly enhancing the range of his attacks and allowing him to manipulate the environment to his advantage.

Even though Karakuri eventually lost his 21-episode-long fight against Luffy, it’s obvious that he’s an incredibly strong fighter and therefore deserves to be placed in A tier.

There are still eight more extremely powerful characters left to cover, and the next one is the Puppet Master, Don Quixote Doflamingo. Doflamingo is a former warlord of the CQA, Iro Iro no Mi, a Paramecia-type devil fruit that allows him to create and manipulate strings. Doflamingo usually uses this fruit by bending his fingers to move strings as he pleases and manipulates people like puppets. He can also use these strings to cut his targets and destroy their weapons.

Doflamingo’s defensive capabilities are also no joke, as he could cross his strings to form a net, slicing in half an asteroid in order to protect himself. Due to him mastering the power of this fruit, he managed to awaken it, which made him an even bigger monster. His awakened fruit allows him to transform the ground and buildings around him into strings and use them for his attacks.

When utilizing this new power, Doflamingo tends to stay on the ground, shaping his strings into sharp tentacles and unleashing them down on targets. In addition, these new awakened strings can also be infused with Armament Haki, granting Doflamingo even more offensive power.

Doflamingo was one of the strongest warlords in the series, and therefore B-Tier should be a fitting place for him.

Awakening a Zoan devil fruit can be a bit different than Paramecia Awakening, as it comes with the risk of the animal’s nature consuming the user. This can cause them to lose their personalities and become simple-minded beasts, which is exactly what happened to the next characters on the list, the Awakened Zoans of Impel Down.

These characters are Mino Z

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘All 10 AWAKENED Devil Fruit Users Explained!’ by Yeagerists