The Ultimate Guide to Tikr Terminal: Top Stock Investing Tool

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Tikr Terminal Overveiw : Best Stock Investing Tools’ by Neil Denize

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
Ticker Terminal is an advanced application for investors offering in-depth financial analysis, comprehensive stock information, and tracking of investment gurus.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses an application called Ticker Terminal, which is suitable for advanced investors.
  • Ticker Terminal allows users to dig deeper into financial statements, run advanced screening techniques, track investment gurus, and provides access to over 60,000 stocks.
  • The video demonstrates the various features of Ticker Terminal, including watchlists, company overviews, financial statements, ratios, valuations, transcripts, ownership, and a global stock screener.
  • The application provides access to the last 20 years of financial statements for companies.
  • Ticker Terminal offers a clean and easy-to-use interface with customizable screening parameters for stock selection.
  • It also allows users to track investment gurus and their holdings.
  • The video provides a brief overview of the key features, but encourages viewers to check out Ticker Terminal for more details.
  • The speaker discloses their affiliate agreement with Ticker Terminal and mentions the availability of a free version with restricted access to some features.

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In today’s video, we are going to be looking at an application that I personally use, and that is Ticker Terminal. It’s a great application, especially if you’re a little bit more advanced in your investing journey and you’re wanting to dig a little bit deeper into the financial statements or run some advanced screening techniques to screen over 60,000 different stocks, to try and find some potential investment ideas, or even track the investing gurus. This sort of platform has it all.

Now, it’s probably not best suited to the beginner. If you’re just starting out in your investing journey and you sort of want to get the basics, I probably recommend sticking to something a little bit similar to use, and that is simply Wall Street. This is more suited to someone that’s a bit more advanced, wants to really dig into the financial statements a bit more, and just really sort of get a deeper understanding on a particular company that you may be looking at.

Now, in today’s video, we’re going to be doing an overview of the platform itself, just breaking down a couple of the key features in there, just so you guys have an understanding of how to work your way around the platform. I’m sure if you’re familiar with other platforms, this will become quite second nature to you once you spend a bit of time on the platform. But with that said, let’s jump on over and check out Ticker Terminal.

So here we are over on Ticker Terminal’s main homepage. This will be the first page you see when you open up Ticker Terminal. Just a very basic overview, what the market’s currently doing, and any positions you may be interested in down here, and then a wee news feed here as well. More importantly today, we’re going to be looking at this dropdown menu on the left. So let’s just jump straight into it here.

So we can open up my watchlist. You can create multiple watchlists within Ticker Terminal. I’ve just created a little list here today purely for entertainment purposes only. None of these are buy recommendations. We’re going to dive in and have a quick look over Walt Disney. As you can see, we’ve got four tickers here that I have currently on my watchlist. We have Meta, Disney, Google, and Berkshire. Then you just have a very brief overview here of those particular companies and a few of their latest price, the change over the last trading day, next 12 months total revenue, EBITDA, PE, free cash flow, and so forth.

So let’s just jump straight into the Walt Disney company here, and we’ll just run through very briefly what you get access to here when you’re looking at whatever company you may be looking at. Now one of the great features here on Ticker Terminal is we get the last 20 years, maybe even more depending on the company that you’re looking at, of financial statements, which is amazing. We can look right back to the GFC back in 2008 and see how the company performed through that downturn. I know we had the downturn in 2020, but that was soon as it was down, it was straight back up again, so you can’t really sort of judge that, which is also good to look at when you’re looking at businesses to see how they perform over the 10, 20 year time rather than just one or two, six months, or whatever it may be. Definitely good to look at the more longer-term how they performed overall.

Like I said, we can tweak this right out, so we’re going to look right out to 20 years, and over that time period, Walt Disney Company has returned 241%. So we get a very brief overview here, 52-week high of $160, 52-week low of $86. So we can currently see that Walt Disney is trading near its 52-week low. This is before we dig into any of the financial statements or anything. Great place to start, quick overview of the company here as well, any future events that may be coming up, past events that happened in the last few months, all just a quick snapshot here. Big news recently out of Walt Disney is Bob Iger, the former CEO, will be coming back to Walt Disney as the CEO. Currently reading a good book called The Ride of a Lifetime, which is narrated by Bob Iger through Audible, highly recommend it. I’m about

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Tikr Terminal Overveiw : Best Stock Investing Tools’ by Neil Denize