The Ultimate Pokemon Violet Team: Unveiling the Best Choices

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘The Final Best Team for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’ by MysticUmbreon

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Indigo Disc has level 65+ Mons; YouTuber seeks team suggestions.

Key Insights

  • Key insights from the YouTube video transcript:
  • The Mons in the Indigo Disc are level 65+ and do not scale with the player's progress in the story.
  • The YouTuber has created an updated team for the Scarlet and Violet main game and the Teal Mask.
  • The team consists of Skeleturge, Ludicolo, Kilowattril, Clawdzire, Lucario, and Weavile.
  • Alternate Mons for the Indigo Disc are suggested, including Metagross, Electabuzz, Lantern, Scrafty, Excadrill, Alolan Ninetails, Incineroar, Infernape, Blaziken, Cinderace, and Swampert.
  • Various movesets and strategies are discussed for each Pokemon.
  • Some moves can be learned through leveling up, while others require TM or Move Relearner.
  • The YouTuber welcomes feedback from viewers about the team and invites them to suggest changes if desired.

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Transcript Formatting:

“So, the Indigo Disc is out, and that means it’s time for a best team revolving around all the Pokemon in the Indigo Disc… is what I would say. But after doing some research, I figured out you could go to Blueberry Academy before beating anything from an Austin John Plays video, and some of you also pointed that out on a community post I posted.

But the issue is, it seems like the Mons in the Indigo Disc seem to be level 65+, even though you can go there. At least, I’m pretty sure this is the case. You can get the Mons, but you would have to breed them to make them lower levels. This is honestly annoying, and I wish all of the Mons would scale to where you are in the story, but it seems like that’s not the case.

So, I figured out a compromise. This team is going to be a more updated team that I actually like more than the previous teams I made for Scarlet and Violet, consisting of Teal Mask Mons and from the regular base game of Scarlet and Violet, up until beating the game and the Teal Mask.

Some of you recommended though, I could make a team just revolving around taking on the Indigo Disc, but I wanted a team that could do it all, and wanted to see if I could blend it all together for one giant run.

So I thought about it. Who says we can’t alternate Mons? So I will be choosing Mons from the Indigo Disc as well, specifically for that portion of the game. If you are somehow able to get them earlier, more power to you, because now the starters are available. So yeah, until you beat the main game of Scarlet and Violet, I will be providing an updated team for that and the Teal Mask. After I will suggest a few Mons you can take into the Indigo Disc. Sound good? Cool.

Also, if you want to see all the gameplay for my Indigo Disc playthrough, as well as other Let’s Plays I’m currently doing, you can check out MissMagius, my gaming channel. Link will be in the description below. And I’m also having a blast over there.

So let’s start off with the starter, which if you have seen the previous best teams, you will know it’s Skeleturge. It’s bulky, and it’s got great stats. The type combo it sports is pretty damn solid, and it’s got the great move of Torch Song, which raises its special attack by one stage every time it’s used. Yeah, it’s pretty good for a reason.

The moveset is the same as usual. Torch Song, Shadow Ball, Earth Power, and Will-O-Wisp. Torch Song is dope, Shadow Ball is for Ghost Stab, Earth Power is for coverage, and Will-O-Wisp is to burn and cripple opponents. Torch Song, Shadow Ball, and Will-O-Wisp can be learned via level up, and Earth Power can be learned as a TM.

The next Mon is going to be Ludicolo. One of you suggested this in the last best team I made, because it turns out Ambipom was a version exclusive to Violet. I like Ludicolo because one, it’s a ground resist, and two, it has the amazing typing of water and grass in one. I actually think Ludicolo is pretty underrated, and for in-game standards, having water and grass in one is a pretty solid type combo that comes in a lot of handy for a variety of the important battles. There are better water types, but I like the type combo you get with it, and I wanted coverage for other water types while also having a water type too. 70 base speed isn’t fantastic, but for in-game means you don’t have to be super fast, especially considering it might get random speed EVs throughout your playthrough.

The moves I chose were Surf, Giga Drain, Ice Beam, and your choice for a fourth move. All these moves can be found as TMs by the way. I had no idea what to do for a fourth move, so I’ll just let you guys take care of that.

Another Mon I think that’s interesting is Kilowattril. It’s an electric flying type, which means it has a ground immunity and can hit water types as well. It can be found in the East Province areas by Laventia, and all you really need to do is just give it T-bolt and you’re pretty much good. So that’s another option if you wanted to give that a test drive.

Up at the halfway point, we got Clawdzire. I chose Clawdzire because I really like the type synergy it brought to the team, and he is a bulky boy. Oh, and it can be found very early in the game too. Also helps on the fairy front, and even comes equipped with the ability Water Absorb so you have a water immunity on top of the Quad Resist. I actually used the Clawdzire on my first playthrough of Scarlet and Violet, and remember it being useful in quite a plethora of battles. I mainly picked it though because I figured out it could be handy in the double battles in the Indigo Disc alongside Ludicolo Surf. Just be wary, as it can be slow, and uh, yeah, watch out for ground types. And psychics. The moves I chose for it are Earthquake, Poison Jab, Megahorn, and Liquidation. Earthquake is STAB, and is definitely going to be it’s best attack. Poison Jab is also STAB, and is going to help out against the pixies. Megahorn can help out against the psychic types, and Liquidation is useful against ground types if put in a pinch. The first three moves are all learned via level up, and Liquidation can be found as a TM. Throughout the DLCs, random TMs can be found, and trust me, there are plenty of them out there. You just gotta look. I’m sure you guys will run into them eventually.

So, Clawdzire I mainly picked because of Water Absorb, like I said earlier. But to be honest, I would say you’re better off using Garchomp as your ground type. I don’t have to talk about how goaded Garchomp is. I know I’ve been kind of against it because of the level it evolves at for in-game means, but to be honest, it’s still really good. The cool thing is, Gibble can be found in a lot of places. And if you really wanted to, experience candies exist. Pretty much just run Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Iron Head, and Swords Dance, and it’s a wrap. All of these are TMs aside from D-Claw, which can

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘The Final Best Team for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’ by MysticUmbreon