Top 10 NTR Manhwa with Stunning Artistry

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Top 10 NTR Manhwa With Gorgeous Art-Style :- Best NTR Webtoon List!’ by Weeb Dyewell

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Video explores NTR in Japanese manga, listing top 10 with art styles, plots, opinions, and invites viewer input.

Key Insights

  • Key Insights of the Video:
  • The video discusses the concept of NTR (Netorare), which refers to cheating or being unfaithful in Japanese manga.
  • The video provides a list of the top 10 best NTR manga with a focus on their art styles.
  • Each manga is briefly described, including its main plot and themes.
  • The speaker mentions their personal opinions and feelings about the manga, including whether they recommend it or not.
  • The video concludes by asking viewers for their thoughts on the list and inviting suggestions for other NTR manga.

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You are here, my friend, you degenerated weebs, are here so that you can watch some boys and girls cheating on their partners. Damn. Anyway, as I’m making this video, I’m even worse than you, and I hope this video doesn’t get taken down. Anyway, if you are new into this manua world, you must be thinking, “What is this NTR?” The full form of NTR is netorare, the Japanese term for cheating or being unfaithful. So, the plot will be basically about cheating. In this video, I will be talking about the list of top 10 best NTR manuas with gorgeous art style. Before diving into this video, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel, as I post consistent anime and manga-related content on my channel. So, make sure to subscribe and like this video. So, if you are ready, I mean, of course you are, let’s just start with our video.

On the 10th number, the manua is “Fruitless.” In this manua, our main character is a girl whose name is Fate. She has very poor financial conditions at her home and she needs money to attend college, which becomes difficult for her because of her family situation. It’s not just that, but her grandfather’s health is not so good. He’s the one who helped her and cared for her since she was a child, and he’s always ill. Now, she also wants to treat him with medicines and make him healthier, but again, there are money issues. This desperation for money leads her to the wrong way in life, and in the secretive town where she is living, she gets paid enough to take care of him by sleeping with different old men. But will her life be okay from now on? The story is really dark from the first episode and shows us what people have to do in their lives to survive. This is a pretty good hardcore NTR manua, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you are interested in these kinds of plots.

On the 9th number, the manua is “Lady Long Legs.” Yun-Woo is a pathetic man. He is not good at anything in life and is living a miserable life for a long time. But one day, he gets an offer from a rich and extremely powerful woman. He needs to sign a contract with that rich woman, and this contract will make him like a slave for her for a particular period of time, and he will get a lot of money to do that. Yun-Woo thinks, “Either way, my life is worthless, then what’s wrong with being a slave and getting a lot of money?” He signs the contract and accepts the offer, but is his life really getting better? Lady Long Legs is a type of NTR manua where the MC is a wimp. I felt bad for this MC constantly as he’s played and toyed with, and I was hoping for some beta to alpha development, but he stayed beta till the end. But overall, it is a good read, so check it out at your own risk.

On the number 8, the manua is “Fatal Woman.” The female main character in this manua is very cool. A lot of people won’t like to hear this because of some sexist crap, but who cares? Just listen to the plot, and if you like it, just start reading it. The story goes on with a strong female main character screwing around with a married guy whose wife is f**king someone else too. So, it’s a win-win situation, maybe. I don’t know. Some guy from the past shows up and acts like he cares about the FMC and ends up hurting his current girlfriend, which was very stupid of him, and ends up with FMC, who is a friend with his girlfriend. So, it’s a pretty fun story to read as she does the thing with many different people in different scenarios. This could be the best choice if you love NTR. I love how the story takes a turn, and overall, it is a great NTR manua with an excellent plot.

On the 7th number, the manua is “Taming a Maid.” The MC’s parents return home from abroad, but upon arrival, they bring a gorgeous maid with them. Now, our scum MC is going to take advantage of her as she is going to live in their house forever. Despite its abusive themes and blackmail, this is quite an enjoyable read. Though I did find myself sometimes cringing and feeling uncomfortable with abusive scenes, but that ended in the maid’s arc to transition the second half of the story. At the core of the story, it is a love story, and this shines mostly in the second arc, which shows the longing for love of people who are being abandoned, and that anybody who is searching for love or dealing with loneliness would jump at every chance to be loved despite what it entails. Definitely a worth read if you are a big fan of NTR.

On the 6th number, the manua name is “Soothe Me.” Junghoon is our main character who is working as a freelancer novelist, and he just recently got married. Although he is newly married, his relationship is unsatisfactory for him. Then he meets Eunjo, the girl who lives next door. In this, the main MC that is married goes on and sleeps with his neighbor, and she is also married. And the first 10 or 20 chapters are about how they do it together at different places. They have this fetish that they want to do it outside. Somehow, MC’s wife gets the same fetish, and at the end, she joins them too. That’s like the first half of this manua, and also the entire story. The second part is just kind of normal. Even though many people don’t like the way it ended, it was okay by me. And also, it had no ugly bastards. They could have done male characters even better than this for sure, but I was quite satisfied with girl characters too. It was a good read overall.

On the 5th number, the manua is “Runaway.” Nayeon is Kitae’s wife, and she is beautiful and gorgeous. But her husband only cares about his work life and promotions. Once Nayeon wandered in the forest, and because of some situations, she lost her memories. Dongchul is a guy who is also roaming in that same forest, and he approaches her, and he tries to raid Nayeon. And because of that, Nayeon ends up making out with Dongchul. But is it going to end just like that? Definitely not. It’s going to take a unique turn on the story, which you will find out after you read this manua. Runaway is a wonderful drama filled with love, hate, and suspense. Although you see a mindless number of shag scenes in the beginning, the story gets more intimidating as you go through the chapters. And definitely, Runaway is worth a read if you love NTR.

On the 4th number, the manua is “Secret Class.” Daeho is a boy who becomes an orphan at the age of 13, and since he had no one who could care for him, he started to live with his father’s friend’s house. Now Daeho turned 20, and he’s still clumsy when it deals with matters that are related to girls and sleeping with them. He has never done it in his life till now. And is now getting his urges as he is in his 20s now. To make him an enlightened person about these things, the girls in the house decide to give him special education lessons on these things that he is not familiar with. Hence the name Secret Class. Probably, this one is what you call a sweet NTR manua. No ugly bastard, there is no disturbing plot, and you will at least find one good interaction scene in literally every chapter. It is definitely a good sweet NTR manua to read.

On the 3rd number, the manua name is “Once In-Laws Virgins.” Park Yong-soo has loved Jung Yong-kyung for seven years. He has not once looked or loved another girl except his love Yong-kyung, but she married to his brother Park Kyutae. But he still holds feelings for her and another girl named Da Bo-yong. So basically, MC is like, “I’m having an affair with my brother’s wife and a girl who I once had a crush on, but she had a crush on my brother. I am also living with three hot daughters-in-law that make my love life even more complicated.” This NTR manua features cheating with the sister-in-law, and you bet it has too many of the scenes. The artwork is great, and the story, in which you can’t expect to be a happy one, is a smart NTR manua and definitely worth the read if you are an NTR lover.

On the 2nd number, the manua is “One Room Hero.” After

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Top 10 NTR Manhwa With Gorgeous Art-Style :- Best NTR Webtoon List!’ by Weeb Dyewell