Top 5 Elden Ring Frost Builds – Best Builds!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Top 5 FROST Builds! Best Builds in ELDEN RING’ by Youwy

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The video presents 5 Frost-based PvE builds with unique weapons and strategies.

Key Insights

  • The video presents the top 5 PvE builds for Frost damage and status effects.
  • The first build is a Death's Poker build, utilizing a Frost-based Greatsword that has unique heavy attacks and Ghost Flame Ignition.
  • The second build is a Darkmoon Greatsword build that focuses on projectile heavy attacks and buffs, not requiring any spells or points put into mind.
  • The third build is a pure caster build with high intelligence and a staff of choice, utilizing various sorceries to deal damage.
  • The fourth build is a Rusted Anchor build that focuses on piercing damage and utilizing the Wild Strikes Ash to spam attacks quickly.
  • The fifth build is a Clayman's Harpoon build with two magic-based spears, utilizing Ice Spear as the main Ash of War option and Chilling Mist for additional frost buildup.
  • Armor sets, talismans, spells, and stats are mentioned for each build to optimize their performance.

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Continuing on with the top 5 PvE builds, we have already completed all of the stats. Now we are moving on to the damage types and status effect types. Specifically today, we have Frost.
Now with this list, I did try to cover a wide variety and not have the same type of Frost build. Also, don’t focus too much on the ranking side of things as they tend to be just as good as one another with these builds. I just went based on the ones I consider my favorite to run.
As always, please like and subscribe because I have noticed a lot of you guys have not subscribed. What’s up with that, huh? Why? That’s fine, you guys can do what you want. Anyway, let’s get into the video.
At number 5 we have a Death’s Poker build. Now, Death’s Poker is perhaps my favorite intelligence weapon in the entire game. It is a Frost based Greatsword that does get a unique heavy attack with some cool charge with upward cut. But the best part about this weapon is its actual Ghost Flame Ignition, which for 25 FP I can either leave this cool trail of fire along the ground, which does Frost and Magic damage, or I can just decide to explode the ball to do this very large AoE attack. Either way, for 25 FP, both attacks are definitely worth it. It does scale primarily off intelligence, and despite the descaling that it actually has in intelligence, it’s definitely worth leveling it up, hence why I have 50 points into intelligence. So being that the Ashe of War is really good, we’re going to spec all into that. So with our armor set, I have the entire Spellblade slot on because every single piece does increase the Ashe of War by 2% damage. Not sure why it does that, probably some lore reason. I didn’t really care. Anyway, as for the Talismans, the Graven Masked Talisman is going to boost my Soul Sweep, which I’ll get into in a bit. The Carrion Affiliate Crate Crest, which actually decreases my FP cost from 25 to 20. Gonna have the Dragon Crest Greatshield Talisman to boost my defenses. Being that I have lighter armor on, I’m gonna be pretty squishy. And gonna have the Shard of Alexander to further boost my Ashe of War damage. Now as for my spells, gonna have Glinstone Icecrack to just proc Frost at a distance. Swift Glinstone Shard to clean up kills. Magma Shard against enemies that are weak to fire. And then Rock Sling to hit enemies at a distance. As well as Night Comet, which is good against enemies that like to input read. Now all of these spells are going to be a secondary option because the Ashe of War is going to be the main part about it. You’re just going to keep spamming it over and over again until you win, essentially.
Next up, we have a Darkmoon Greatsword build. Now the special thing about this one is that it doesn’t require any spells or points put into mind at all. Now I do have some spells equipped here because obviously we are going to benefit, but they’re not required whatsoever. Now the main weapons of choice that we have here is one, the Darkmoon Greatsword, which is perhaps the best weapon in the entire game. You use its Ashe of War and your heavy attacks turn into projectiles. They do an enormous amount of damage, enormous amount of posture damage, and obviously don’t consume any FP. And in my offhand, I do have the Health and Steeple, which Ashe of War also buffs the weapon, but it just adds magic and frost damage. Both have very good intelligence scalings. The Health and Steeple does have a good strength scaling, hence why I have a little bit of points put into that. As for my talismans, gonna have the Shard of Alexander. Now despite the projectile being tied to the heavy of the Darkmoon Greatsword, it still does Ashe of War damage for whatever reason, hence why I have that one equipped. The Nodfrey Talisman is going to boost my heavy attack or my charge heavy attacks. Then I have the Claw Talisman to boost my jumping attacks by 15% because Power Stance jumping attacks are absolutely insane. Then I’m gonna have the Greatjaw’s Arsenal to boost my equipment load because greatswords can be a bit heavy. Now, as for the spells I am going to be using, gonna have Swift Glintstone Shard. Now this one is just used to pick off kills or like bait in enemies from a distance. Don’t really use it. Second spell is Terror Magicka, which leaves this cool magic pool on the ground, which when I stand in it, I do more magic damage. And then I do have Rani’s Darkmoon, which debuffs enemies and makes them take more magic damage for the next minute. So pretty much how this build works is that I’ll lead off into the boss fight, use Terror Magicka, use Rani’s Darkmoon to debuff the boss, switch to Health and Staple, buff that, switch to Darkmoon Greatsword, buff that, and then a spam heavy attacks and a spam jumping attacks until you win.
Number three, we have a pure caster build. Now the stats for this, 60 vigor, 30 mind, and it’s put the rest of your points into intelligence. Now, staff of choice is going to be the Lucite’s Glintstone Staff. Now this one does have the best sorcery scaling, however, it does consume the most amount of FP when using spells, so FP might be a little bit of a problem with this build. There are a couple of ways we can counteract this. One, you can just get a sword, like a straight sword or a curved sword, make it magic infused and just use it when you run out of FP. But what I like to do instead is just put more of my flasks to the Cerulean side. Just have a bunch of blue flasks, not many red flasks, and you’ll be fine. It’s going to be okay because you’re going to spam a bunch of projectiles

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Top 5 FROST Builds! Best Builds in ELDEN RING’ by Youwy