Top Asian Car Brands: Rankings & Reviews

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘I Ranked All Asian Car Brands from Worst to Best’ by Scotty Kilmer

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Asian cars sold in the US ranked from worst to best, with Suzuki being the lowest due to cheapness and lack of parts, while Toyota is considered the best due to reliability and longevity.

Key Insights

  • The video ranks Asian cars sold in the United States from worst to best based on the presenter's experience.
  • Number 8 on the list is Suzuki. The cars were cheap and underpowered, and their parts were hard to find.
  • Nissan is ranked number 7. It has had a decline in quality over the years due to various problems, including engine and transmission failures.
  • Mitsubishi is ranked number 6. The company has had issues with piston rings and overall lower quality compared to others.
  • Subaru is ranked number 5. They are known for their all-wheel drive, but have had problems with engine issues and head gasket failures.
  • Hyundai/Kia, including the Genesis brand, is ranked number 4. They have improved in quality over the years, but still have some problems and are now comparable in price to other mainstream brands.
  • Mazda is ranked number 3. The quality has been improving, and they have partnered with Toyota, producing better cars now.
  • Honda is ranked number 2. It has a strong reputation for reliability, but may require more maintenance, especially valve adjustments.
  • Toyota is ranked number 1. Known for their longevity and reliability, Toyota cars are considered highly dependable and have a good track record.
  • Please note that these insights are based on the presenter's opinions and experiences and may not

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One, two, three, four, rev up your engines. Today I’m gonna rate Asian cars that are sold in the United States from worst to best. Now, I’ve been fixing cars for 53 years. I can only talk about my experience. So I’m not talking about Asian cars that are sold in other parts of the world, just ones that were either sold here and no longer are or are continually being sold here.

Now, number eight on the list, we’re starting from the worst to the best, is Suzuki. Suzuki’s an interesting company. I had a 750 Suzuki motorcycle. It was a screamer, went 175 miles an hour, always started, didn’t leak oil, but their cars, not so much. The United States Suzuki cars were a massive failure. They were cheap little piles of junk that fell apart. And since Suzuki wasn’t really a big car manufacturer in the United States, you couldn’t get parts for them. People didn’t know how to work on them, but mainly they were underpowered garbage, especially with automatic transmissions. Now, when you realize 90 something percent of Americans now drive automatic transmissions, that pretty much finished it off for Suzuki. Couldn’t get out of their own way, broke, made noise, were rolling piles of crap for the American market, and they pulled out

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘I Ranked All Asian Car Brands from Worst to Best’ by Scotty Kilmer